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Hey! Natalie, here.

I won't bore you with a super "official" bio. Let's get to it:

I'm an infopreneur [information + entrepreneur] who teaches creative entrepreneurs how to get noticed and paid online.

I absolutely love teaching creatives how to start and grow their business through tried and true content marketing and passive income strategies. 

I want anyone who's starting their business to do what they want and not what others tell them they should do or what they see everyone else doing.


-Natalie Greagor

With my strategies, you are guaranteed to develop a cohesive digital space, identify your brand voice and personality, and keep a consistent online presence.

I want you to have a simpler, guided process to start and grow your business, so I offer step-by-step guidance as well as DIY planning materials like digital templates, templates, workbooks, guides, plus on-demand courses! 

I provide the most value to the online business owner who needs clarity with their business, who is frustrated from not getting results, and who wants to take their branding and marketing game to the next level!


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P.S. I studied Business Accounting with a concentration in Auditing/Forensic Accounting so I am a tad bit obsessed with strategy and analytics. I also started my own business as a hair and makeup artist for weddings. I am most energized when I am acquiring new knowledge and mastering new skills. I love independence, diversity, plenty of intellectual stimulation, and the opportunity to generate ideas!