This page contains affiliate links which means if you purchase or sign up for any resource through any links provided, I'll earn a small commission. Don't worry, I will never recommend anything that I don't use or anything that isn't beneficial to you.


Blog by Number
This ebook is for mommy bloggers, but there is a TON of resources for any blogger. the blog strategy in this book is nothing short of amazing!


Brand Your Voice: 30-Day Blogging Challenge

This 30-day brand your voice challenge will help you get consistent with blogging to grow your brand and page views. It has daily prompts to help you batch blog and promote your blog content. After you complete the challenge, start over by creating lengthier content!


Get a Grip: How to Get Everything You Want From Your Entrepreneurial Business

Personal note from Natalie: This book truly helped me organize and structure my business. It helped with my brand's vision. You should totally check this one out if you want to level up!


Make Money with Amazon Affiliates
This ebook is a lifesaver when it comes to Amazon's strict affiliate policy. It simplifies strategies to share on social media, your blog, and even newsletters although it's prohibited! Don't worry, the tips in this book won't get you kicked out the program. You should definitely invest in it!


Passion to Passive
The cafe's very own passive income ebook is for anyone who wants to earn on autopilot. It gives step-by-step insight on how to create a stream of passive income. It has a TON of valuable resources throughout the entire book.


The Power of Broke

This book is a powerful read. Being broke is the catalyst to many successes. Society tells you that you need to do certain things to attain success, but it's being broke that will drive you; keep you moving forward. This is an amazing business mindset book!


Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person

This book is perfect for anyone living in feel, but even more perfect for INTROVERTS! It has helped me become the person and business owner that I have evolved into today. If you are living in fear but you want more out of life, please get this book!



Need a sweat-free way to book clients online? Get Acuity! Allow clients to book themselves when they invest in your services! Block your schedule on your calendar and let your clients do the rest.



Create your very own affiliate program for very little per month. You can create affiliate links to your entire website and invite others to become brand ambassadors for a commission rate that you set. 



Animaker is great for video marketing with animation. You can present your business, a product or service, or teach with these videos. They are quite easy to set up and design! You can also create videos that compliment your brand!


Amazon Prime

Amazon is great for businesses. The best feature is the free two-day shipping. For example, if you need tech tools for your business before hosting a class online, this is the best resource ever! Not to mention, on a personal note, you can borrow kindle books, stream the latest shows and movies. Try it free for 30 days on me!



I use Board Booster for auto-pinning on Pinterest. It drives traffic to my blog. It also helps me build a following on Pinterest.



Canva has a free and paid version. It is very simple to use for anyone wanting to design DIY (do-it-yourself) style. Here's a guide on how to use it. It will help you design for social media and the web.


Creative Market
I love Creative Market! It's my "go-to" for any kind of design element, brand font, brand texture, or brand inspiration! I could not run my business without it!


Custom Scene
I decided to re-brand at the end of 2016. I wanted some cool and unique brand elements to represent a real business cafe. I found this brand and have been in love ever since. If you're a blogger, artist, graphic designer, baker or maker, you have to invest in these elements to increase distinction for your brand!


Free Conference Call

This is great for phone conferences and video conferences with up to 1,000 participants for FREE!


“Get Noticed” DIY Brand Visual Style Guide for Instagram
This visual style guide will teach you how to create a consistent Instagram page for your brand. It is a "from start to finish" style guide featuring Canva, an easy design tool for non-designers!



Did you know people judge you based off of your email account alone? A professional email account solidifies a professional company. Get rid of your gmail account email. Get an official email account ( It's only $5 per month to look professional. 



Grammarly is a life saver! It assists you with writing anything! Never worry about punctuation, misspelling anything, or the misuse of words. It will help you write effective blog posts, email responses, and social media comments on your desktop. 


Killin' it On Canva
This design guide will help you master business projects without the expenses of hiring a graphic designer using Canva, a super easy design tool for any business owner.



This quiz creator tool is great for interactive content on your blog. It can help you learn more about your audience while keeping them engaged.



This tool is perfect for online raffles. You can sign up for free. Your free account allows you to conduct unlimited raffles. However, the forms and integrations will be very basic and less branded than you'd probably like.


Send Owl
Send owl is a tool for selling your digital products, services, product bundles, and software. You can also create affiliate programs! This one is my favorite.


Sellfy is great if you're a new business owner who doesn't have a website. Sellfy offers storefronts so you can start business with a professional look. You can start earning from day one!



Shareasale is a popular affiliate website for bloggers and other content creators. It's one of the easiest ways to monetize your blog. Sign up to join your favorite brand's affiliate programs. Promote the brands in your blog posts to earn coins immediately! Get paid to recommend resources to your audience like the page your visiting now.



Shipstation can be used as a middleman to help ship your orders on autopilot. It integrates with Etsy, Amazon, Big Cartel, FedEx, Ebay, WooCommerce, you name it!


Shopify is a trusted site that offers a ton of perks to it's customers. Many people will shop with a website hosted by Shopify because they spend with brands they can trust.



Xero is a cloud-based accounting software that integrates with PayPal, Stripe, Squarespace, Square, and other payment systems to help you organize your finances and prepare you for tax season! Paperless is the way to go, especially if you are always on the move for your business! What I love about Xero is that it has industry based software for professionals with 24/7 access.

If you own a retail company, this version of the software is best for you. 

If you own an ecommerce company, this software works great with Shopify above and gives the best option for this kind of business structure.

If you own a creative business and deal with other contractors or freelancers, this version is best for you. 

There is a free trial. Try it for 30 days and watch it ease your mind!


Zazzle is a great marketplace for custom branding. It's best to have designs created, but it allows you to design on the website for almost any business accessory you can think of! For example, you can design coffee mugs, clip boards, t-shirts, USB chargers, calendars, post cards, business cards, mouse pads, and more!