10 Calls to Action That Will Increase Social Media Engagement

There is a hot topic about the importance of social media for businesses, especially if they are online. There is truth behind growth in business from the use of social media. I’ve experienced growth by sharing my knowledge and personality with my audience and it has been nothing short of amazing!

10 Calls to Action That Will Increase Social Media Engagement

As most of us know, social media was created for participants to be “social” and share their worlds with the world. It was created to stay connected and build. No only has it been great for businesses primarily online, it has helped local businesses as well. Besides consistency with posting every day, businesses must build relationships with others in their niche for expansion. They must build relationships with its potential customers as well to create a positive brand image. To do this, engagement is a must. Developing an engaged audience is key.

Don’t worry about just starting out if that’s where you are. Continue to be consistent with your content each day and work on building relationships with your audience. There are 7 things that you can do today to increase engagement for your business:


Ask an open-ended question

Open-ended questions help you get to know who’s in your audience and what they like or don’t like. Three tips for open-ended questions are:

Choose an option

Give your audience options. Ask them which one would they prefer and why. This will create a great “ice breaker” for you, your audience and other followers who care to chime in on the discussion!


Ask for a preference

This is similar to giving options, except you’ll ask one question and allow them to tell you their preference. For example, if they could work anywhere in the world, where would it be. This is also a great conversation starter. At the time you get answers, ask more questions and converse wisely.

The Amber Dee does an amazing job at engagement posts that grows her brand! Her content is always well put together. Her post below is the perfect example of the strategy in discussion!

10 Calls to Action That Will Increase Social Media Engagement

Ask for help - This is helpful for research and ideas. On my social media account, I asked for Inspiration Tips. My audience responded. Not only did I get my own inspiration tips, but I understood what my audience did as a hobby and how they stayed motivated. Some read books, some prayed, and others exercised. All of this information turns into research for me to provide better content to them.


Ask to comment below

Commenting below can be used as a call to action. After you ask a question, you can tell your audience what to do next. Comment below to share their thoughts on a specific topic. You don’t have to ask a long drawn out question. You can share a current trend or event and ask your audience what are their thoughts on the topic. Sweet and simple.


Click the link/Go to [Destination]

This CTA is most popular on social media. Click the link in the bio, click the link provided, go to [insert where you want your audience to go] are all great calls to action to increase web traffic, sales, and email sign ups. If you have a blog or podcast, sending your audience to a specific link of a post or episode is great for relationship and audience building. Use your caption to build curiosity or urgency. This will surely give valuable content to increase brand awareness. It will also encourage action immediately!


Invite readers to your online events

Many business owners have several things going on at one time. It’s important to keep your audience “in the know”. Invite your audience to attend your online events. This will create a more intimate relationship between you and your audience. You’ll be able to show your expertise and possibly create an emotional connection with your audience.


Fill in the blank

You can create a combination of any of these CTA prompts in this post. Ask your audience to fill in the blank of a statement. A brand that totally rocks this CTA and engagement strategy is Womeneur. They create the ending of a sentence and ask their audience to fill in the rest. Personally, I love these posts! I get to see what people are into and are working on!

10 Calls to Action That Will Increase Social Media Engagement

Double tap

This strategy is pretty darn effortless. It takes no time for your audience to double tap on your photo to show you some love. It takes no time for you to create content that prompts them to do so. The point of this strategy is to increase the number of people who will see your content. The more likes you receive, the more people will see your post. For example, Instagram has a notification section that allows you to see the photos that the people you follow “like”. This is one reason why double tapping on a photo is effective. You can repost a photo that matches your brand visuals or create your own and tell your audience to double tap!



Sharing is caring! We all learned this growing up. Asking your audience to share things like photos for an incentive will definitely create engagement. You have to be careful with giveaways, though. You must strategically create rules that will attract people who are in your target market. Otherwise, you’ll get a lot of people who only wants free stuff. Outside of giveaways, you can ask your audience to share your content if they agree or if someone they know could use the message or information. They can share your content this by retweeting if on Twitter, sharing on Facebook or reposting on Instagram.


Use hashtag

Many businesses use custom hashtags for their businesses. They also create custom hashtags for their audience to use for events, classes, discussions, and networking. Prompt your audience with any of these CTA strategies and tell them to use hashtags to be found or to network with other business owners. If you host a giveaway, event or course, you need to use a custom hashtag and tell your audience to use it as well so everyone can stay on one accord.