10 Powerful Qualities That Every Business Bestie Should Have

I’ve never really heard of the term “business bestie” until I started this business almost a year ago. What I did understand was there are people in the same niche as me who understand exactly what I am going through and know how I feel. I just didn’t think that I’d get to know many of them. I knew that some of my closest friends and family wouldn’t understand or care about what I was passionate about. I also knew that I couldn’t do this journey alone and that I needed support. Honestly, I didn’t know if or when that support would come.

10 Powerful Qualities That Every Business Bestie Should Have

If you aren’t familiar with the term “business bestie”, it’s basically a close friend in the professional and business world. This person understands areas of business and how it affects the personal life like none other. This person, sometimes more than one person, is there to support as you are for them. They are your best friend in business and quite frankly, I think that all business besties are sent from the universe.

When I started this business, I was my own support. I did everything in the book to stay positive, trendy, and productive. After some time, when I needed to vent without someone thinking I was complaining or being lazy, I found two amazing women with indescribable support: Stephanie with Soverve and Amber from The Amber Dee.

These women are the epitome of a supportive tribe and community. They both possess amazing qualities and could push anyone going through their journey! I never thought I would feel such support during my journey but these two women confirm that I am not alone.

There are a ton of super talented people who are going through their entrepreneurial journey and need or want support. I urge you to allow relationships to blossom into business bestie status. It will change your life! Before you build a relationship with others in your industry, note the 10 qualities every business bestie should have:



Everyone has something that they are dealing with in their personal or business life. You may not understand how a person feels or thinks. Someone else may not understand how you think of feel. A great business bestie may not know what your situation feels like, but they can surely imagine and empathize with you. This is important because there will be some periods when you’ll need support, even if it’s an ear. Depending on your relationship, your business bestie can be there to be to support you.


A Giving Spirit

A giving business owner is one who receives abundantly. There’s an unwritten rule that you must give to receive. It’s something about a giving spirit that attracts others who want to help you succeed. When you give time, support, information, resources to help others and build your influence, you’ll build a community that supports your mission. A business bestie is there to genuinely listen to the things that you have to say, give feedback, and receive feedback from you. There is a mutual respect of skills and knowledge.


Mutual Respect

Of course you can’t call someone your best friend if there isn’t a level of respect that you have for them. Respect in business is just the same as any other area of life. Treat others how you want to be treated. A business bestie respects you as a business owner. A business bestie will also respect your ideas as a creative and yours thoughts as an individual.



Peers who hustle together grow into bigger and better things together! It’s important to be surrounded by people who share the same work ethic as you do. When you can collaborate with business besties to expand brands and audiences, the feeling is amazing! It is also great to hear about current and upcoming projects for their brands. A business bestie should be just excited about your current and upcoming projects as you are about theirs!



What’s a bestie without confession sessions? Let’s face it, business isn’t 100% rainbows and unicorns. It is tremendously helpful to know that when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, that there’s someone on the other end who is over it as well.

Everyone gets tired. We need breaks. A business bestie is there for your honesty. They are there when you need understanding, when you fail, when you are tired of being a superhero for your industry. There will be some things you genuinely love, but you’ll need to be unplugged to stay consistent in all areas of business. Your business bestie should definitely participate in confession sessions!



A business bestie will hold you accountable for the things that you say you’re going to do. They will question why you haven’t completed tasks. They will provide productivity tips and motivational hacks for your success. This person is your accountability partner, your ride or die in business!



Someone who knows plenty about the importance of systems and processes, even if they aren’t in your industry, is very valuable. You should be the person who gives helpful resources to your business bestie as they should be to you. Resources are what keeps you and your business bestie afloat.


Community Driven

The term “community over competition” is a great way to build relationships with other brands in and outside of your niche. Being a leader that is community driven is a way to grow with the help of others. I recently read a statement on Snapchat that said, “if you don’t help others on your way to success, you have failed”. I can’t remember which account this quote was on, but I heard and listened to it with my heart. A business bestie shares the value of taking others along with them.



A business bestie will not only inspire you, they will challenge your creativity and drive. We are not talking about the cliche’ motivational quotes we see online. We are talking about the questions they ask that you’ve never thought to think of [that totally made sense in my head]! It is super important to have positive energy around you as you go through your journey! A friend that is motivational and inspirational is the best thing. How does your business bestie push you?


A steadfast voice

Someone who stands firm in their beliefs but can respectfully disagree or respect the way others operate, think and feel is someone who can respect differences and be of good value to a relationship. Business besties aren’t there to hold your hand and tell you everything you want to hear. They are there to have their own voice with you and with their brand’s audience. A consistent voice matters in all relationships because it builds trust. Trust is one key factor in a business bestie relationship.

When or if you feel like you have no support while building your empire, remember that there are other people in your industry who are waiting to build with you! There are genuine women and men in your niche who want you to win just as much as they want to win. There is a reverse reciprocity to give before you receive that will attract like-minded business owners to your brand. Before you befriend anyone, be sure to evaluate the qualities and beliefs of a brand so that your relationships can be mutually beneficial.

Do you have a business bestie? What other qualities should a business bestie have? Comment below.