10 Ways to Create an Epic Customer Experience

If your brand values exceptional customer service, it will build a great reputation for it. So many businesses excel in this area while others fail epically. Businesses should always make sure it's satisfaction rates are well beyond its set goals. A way to understand what makes customer service exceptional is to listen to your customers and follow the lead of other successful businesses. There are several ways to create an epic customer experience. Learn how starting with these tips:

10 Ways to Create an Epic Customer Experience


Unforgettable Statements

Customers remember phrases, mottos, and statements that are catchy. Use words that uplift and compliment the customer. Even something as simple as a “thank you” shows a great courtesy to those who purchase your products and services. Think of Chick-fil-A’s customer experience. Every Chick-fil-A I’ve visited has had great customer service. When I say thank you, every location had employees to respond with “my pleasure.” Research ways of how you can change traditional phrases into something memorable. It could change someone’s day and gain you a customer for life.



Timeliness can make or break your customer’s experience. Hold times on the phone, responses to emails, calling customers or clients back, and response time to requests that solve problems all affect your reputation and brand. Always place yourself in someone else’s shoes and take their time into consideration. If there is a problem, do what you need to do to solve the problem while upholding your company’s reputation.


Offer Alternatives

Sometimes when customers inquire with our business, we may not have what they are looking for but can offer something similar or even better. Show initiative by referring them to another product or service if what they request isn’t available. They may not know everything that you have to offer. They may not know how your product or service can help them. You must inform them by simply telling them what you can offer them.


Customize It

A great experience for a customer is when they are involved in the process of creation and implementing ideas into their products. If you are a wholesaler or vendor and your customers are other businesses, be sure to offer products that they can customize for their brands. If you have individual customers, offer products that will keep them buying for themselves and others. Customization is great brand strategy and births loyalty!


Process Refunds Quickly

Businesses usually don’t like refunds, but they are sure to give them when they are needed. Refunding for product defects, damaged goods, etc. is important in order to resolve a customer’s unsatisfactory experience. Allow an angry customer to vent and express understanding to let them know that they have been heard. Make sure to reinforce their feeling that someone is listening to them by repeating their problem back to them as well as giving them a guaranteed resolution. Be sure to process refunds accurately and immediately. In addition to the refund, you can offer a discount on a future purchase in order to try to win their business back.


Website Functionality

When a customer visits your website, they expect to learn more about what your business has to offer as well as browse your portfolio or gallery. Each page, button, and link should take them to the page they want without weird formatting, error pages, and broken links. Websites that are easy to read, easily accessible, and functional create a great customer experience and welcome sales. Think about how many people give up on trying to find information or quit during checkout because of an error page or broken link on a website. It affects sales and the company brand. Be sure to audit every page and link on your website. Send yourself test emails, make test purchases, and test refunds (if you have automated refund functions). Your website should be functional on all electronic devices including tablets and phones.


Social Media Presence

Your presence on social media is extremely important. People are definitely watching and searching through comments. Be sure to keep a consistent and professional presence. Be sociable and respond to people. Audit your page regularly to make sure your posts are aligned with your brand: Are your business pages appropriate? Is your page inviting for investors or potential collaborators? Is your page private and if so, why? Private pages can affect your sales tremendously unless you are you selling adult or nontraditional items.



Packaging may not be as important to many businesses because the product is the golden prize. However, it makes a big difference when a customer receives their product with personalized or hand written thank You cards, discount cards, or promotional samples of other products. Packaging can come in recyclable or reusable containers or pretty paper wrapping. Trust me, people remember those eye-catching details. Be sure your packaging represents your brand. Think: Is my brand included in or on the packing? Is it packed with care? Are there instructions on how to take care of a product or how to use it? Every extra mile counts! 



Reasonable Shipping & Prices + Faster Shipping Times

Do you have reasonable rates and reliable shipping schedules? There are many times I have been excited about a purchase only to get to the checkout process and find that there are extended shipping dates and expensive shipping charges. Sale Lost! Do as much research in this area as you possibly can. Shipping can become expensive for the business and for your customers if you don’t research. Whether your business ships domestically or internationally, this step is very important to have reasonable shipping prices and the fastest, most efficient shipping time frames.


Send Gifts, Cards, and Emails

Handwritten thank you cards, birthday cards or Just Because cards can really make an impact on your customer. Birthday cards or emails with promotional discounts are also a great way to create exceptional customer experiences. Stay relational with your customers. Get creative. Let them know you care.