25 Positive Affirmations For New Creative Entrepreneurs

It’s so easy to get discouraged when starting a business as a creative. There’s so much industry noise and unintentional comparison that your head could easily get bogged down with what everyone is doing. I've gather 25 powerful positive affirmations for entrepreneurs who are just starting out. Keep this blog for those days when your cup is not half full. This blog is for those who lack support and who feel overwhelmed with their new business.

25 Positive Affirmations For New Creative Entrepreneurs

The best way to combat negative energy and thoughts is by training your mind to think positive. Thinking positive comes with speaking positive words into your life. Here’s 25 positive affirmations that will lead you down a path of optimism:

I approve of myself

Self confidence gets the engine started and keeps the engine going! If you approve of yourself first, it won’t matter what everyone else is doing.


I am dedicated to succeeding in business

What freedom looks like to you maybe different from others. Remember why you started and stay dedicated for those reasons.


I believe in my ability to be successful

Talent is natural. Skill is like having muscles. The more you workout, the more muscle you'll have.  The more you practice, the more your skills develop. Believe in your abilities!



I am driven to excel in everything I do

Find ways to stay inspired and driven. Once you understand what fuels you, keep it close to you. You will excel with it!



My service is a gift to this world and I feel compelled to share it

No one else can teach the way you can. No one else can create like you can. No one else provides customer service the way you do.  There’s a student waiting to learn from you as the teacher. You’ll find them or they’ll find you. It’s inevitable.



I create daily opportunities for growth for myself and others

The best blessings come from blessing others. If you need help, help someone first so the universe can send help your way!



My failures have made me a better entrepreneur

Failures are your friend. This friend stings, but it’s the best teacher in business! Fail fast to succeed faster!



I attract my ideal clients and customers with my energy

The best thing you can do for your business is to be yourself. Your energy will attract the right tribe and the right clients.



I possess all that I need to be successful

There is no lack. You have everything you need. Learn to make what you have work for you!



I will succeed no matter what

Find every way to succeed no matter what life throws your way. The goal is to never stop!



Every small effort is being counted towards the bigger picture

Your efforts will not go in vain. Anything is possible and you’re building your empire each day.



Dedication comes naturally to me

Make a commitment to stay dedicated even on days you don’t feel motivated or successful. The hustle has to happen even when you don’t feel like it.



My business adds value to my community

The community you are growing needs what you have to offer. Period. Your experiences, your education and your skill set is important.



I deserve to start my own business

Who says you can’t grow a successful business? You deserve everything you’ve ever dreamed of...that includes starting your own business.



I get everything I want by first helping others get everything they want

Give then get. Keep that first. Avoid being needy. Bless others to be blessed.




Success and growth are inevitable outcomes of my business

Do I need to say anything about this one? All of your hard work will result in success + growth!



I attract success and prosperity with all of my ideas

You’re ideas are epic! In the words of Mark Cuban, “you only have to be right once”.



Prosperity and success is my natural state of mind

Both are natural because you speak positivism in your life consistently. Train your mind to speak positive and your outcomes will follow.



There will be a massive demand for what I have to offer

This is the best feeling ever! Those clients will chase you down and you will offer your best to them!



I will build healthy business relationships with clients and other business owners

You will build with others to expand audiences. This will grow into stages of business you never ever thought of!



Others will be naturally drawn to my business

Your energy will speak before you do! Embrace the magnetic energy you’ll have. This will be fun.



My business meets and exceeds my needs and my family’s needs

The results from your hard work will reward your family beyond their needs!



I easily learn how to promote my business online

Soon it will become a conversation and less uncomfortable. Promote yourself with confidence!




I am building a successful company every day

Every. Day. Say this before every project!



My work makes a difference in this world

You’re a blessing to us all even if we never cross paths! You are unique and creative. Your tribe needs you!

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