3 Easy Ways to Attract Clients On Social Media

Social media is such a great way to gain business and get exposure. Sometimes it’s hard to gain traction when you don’t know what you’re doing and social media seems to be a foreign digital space. It can be frustrating but don’t give up. There are ways to be seen. Sometimes you’ll have to get in front of your target audience’s face until they are forced to remember you. But, there is a certain way to do it without annoying people. We don’t want that!

3 Easy Ways to Attract Clients On Social Media

You have to know your ideal client so well that you could think their next thought before they do. To know your ideal client, you have to do thorough research. Starting with general demographics will help you determine who would buy your products or services. But, that is not enough! You have to learn more about their lifestyle and daily routines. The way to get this information is to be where they are. I’ll teach you how to thoroughly research in my content creation course, Content Overdose 2.0. Learn more about it here.

As I’ve stated, you have to know your ideal client very well to attract them. Knowing this will be one of the most important factors to your success. I like to think that most clients are who you were a few years ago. That thought doesn’t apply to every business, but for those of you who help others who are where you used to be, think back a few years ago and start there.

Next, use what they feel and who they love to attract them. The steps are simple:

Create a fun bio

A creative or fun bio will attract your ideal clients by stating what you do. Well duh, Nat! This is a no brainer. Welp, it’s not. Many people don’t make their caption about their ideal client. They make it about themselves and what they like. Your caption should tell your audience what you do and who you help or serve.


A lot of people don’t know what you do because you don’t tell them. Remind your audience or the people passing through what you do with periodic intro posts. Re-introduce yourself to your audience and state what they can benefit from by following your brand.

It’s all in the communication. Remember, communication rules the nation!


Answer questions

Facebook groups are a really easy way to gain clients, especially if you’re in groups that consist of your ideal clients. They are great because you can create content specifically geared towards them. I wrote a blog on how to create content from Facebook groups alone here.


Commenting on 3 to 5 Instagram posts on their page, per day, is another way to get their attention. Leave meaningful comments about their photo and/or caption. Make sure it’s a couple of sentences, or if you can be meaningful in one sentence, do that. This simple strategy invites them to click on your page to learn more about you. Keep a consistent routine with commenting on their posts! Get in their faces and make them remember you.

If your brand is on Twitter, join twitter chats. Now, this one can be a little more difficult to gain traction from but it’s not impossible. Brands on Twitter host Twitter chats to build community. They ask a handful of questions (maybe 6 to 8) to their audience and use a topic related hashtag to keep up with everybody’s response. Everyone who participates can see your answers. This makes it easy to find your profile and learn more about your brand.

For this platform, it’s important to reply and chat with other people as often as possible. Build a rapport with potential clients. Stay active! Here are a couple of fun chats that I participate in when I can:

#blkcreatives & #blogelevated


Use influencers in your graphics

Who does your ideal client love and follow online? Is it a famous reality TV star? Is it a popular chef? Is it an actress? What about a famous blogger?

Research the influencer that your ideal client loves. Find quotes from them or things that they’ve said to use as a quote and incorporate it into your marketing plan for social. If your brand uses people in its graphics, find some photos of the influencers and use a quote from them that is relatable to your audience and brand. If your brand does not use people in its graphics, create a quote from them, tag their name on the graphic and use the hashtag for their name. The goal is to attract the person who loves them, make them pay attention, then convert them into a fan for your brand.

There are several ways to gain clients, but the easiest way is to be present on social. Use their ideal client profile to get their attention. If you struggle with creating content that attracts the people who you want to buy, grow your brand with Content Overdose 2.0. It will teach you how to create intentional content that’s magnetic for your target audience; content that your audience craves.

It’s easier to convert someone who’s familiar with you and your work. Participating in Facebook groups and commenting on Instagram is great for first choice! But, if you’re not a FB person, implement strategies to engage whatever platform you’re on. Measure which platforms gain your business more followers, email sign ups, sales, and engagement. Platforms with higher responses to you are the ones you need to focus on. Additionally, you’ll need to focus on the people who are engaging with you to build relationships to convert.