3 Easy Ways to Discover Your Purpose and Talents

Many people don’t know what their passion is. They don’t feel passionate about much but are very skilled at many things. Most don’t know what they should be doing. Other people have a ton of ideas but can’t get started on one great because all of them seem great. What all of these people have in common is an unidentified gift that they should focus on and monetize but need help with finding what that gift is.

3 Easy Ways to Discover Your Purpose and Talents

Sometimes it’s best to look at internal factors to find similarities of what you enjoy doing. Sometimes external factors and people will tell you what you do well or identify what you do well. That’s how and why I started Strategist Cafe. People would ask me for business advice all the time so I finally decided to put my knowledge in one digital space. I never had an intention of monetizing what I know until I found out that my knowledge could be monetized. Who knew I would love doing this? Now I monetize my knowledge through passive income. You can do the same with your knowledge once you find your “thing”.

It’s important to think hard about the things and people around you because your environment and hobbies will tell you a lot. Be open to learning more about yourself as we explore 3 things you can do to help you easily discover your purpose and talents.


Identify habits and hobbies

What do you know a lot about that you enjoy? What do you find yourself doing over and over again? It could be as simple as furniture shopping or closet organization. What you enjoy as simple pleasure could possibly be monetized if there is a demand for it.

Your gift can be very simple, yet so powerful and effective for other people. If you are a budget shopper for luxury clothes, you can surely teach others how to be stylish and save money. If you are always catering events or baking for events, you can teach someone how to plan and execute their events. Everything that you do by habit or hobby can be taught to earn passive income for you.

If you can’t readily identify these things, track your schedule during a 7 day week for one month. You’ll find something that you enjoy doing simply by habit or for fun. Don’t downplay any simplicity that you find because there’s a strong possibility that you can help others do the same and monetize that.


Write your life story

Everyone has an interesting life story. Maybe you enjoyed art or making up stories when you were a child. Maybe you had a huge imagination and could build things beyond belief. I had a friend who used to draw outfits all the time when we were little. Now she constantly shops and dresses very well. She could seriously teach others how to style their clothes with what they have in their closets and earn herself passive income.

Writing your story may help you identify similarities as well as help you discover gems that you can use to monetize those experiences. You may find that you are a counselor or a great cook today from participating in events during high school. You never know what you’ll find!

Write your life story and try to break it up into growth years. For example, childhood ages, preteen, teenage years, early adult life, 20, 30s, etc. Each stage should be thoroughly written to identify key points to help you learn more about what you are called to do.



Sometimes we get “ah ha” moments when other people ask us to do things or for our advice. Normally, when people ask you to do something repeatedly, it’s because you do it well. What other people ask you for or about means that they value what you do or have to say. You can also ask your closest friends and family what your best talents or strengths are. You’re not asking them to decide your destiny. You are asking them to help you find your purpose.

If you have an idea of what you are great at, another thing you can do is research the topic of your craft and see what other people are doing in your niche or industry to get ideas for monetization. Hopefully, this will spark your imagination to create something that fills a gap in that industry.

The only way you’ll discover your purpose or talents is by taking the time to find them. They could be as simple as compliments for wardrobe at your 9 to 5 or as simple as being complimented for your poetry. You have to explore your options to learn more about yourself and discover those talents.

Once you discover that one thing that you can make money from, you’ll be able to earn from it passively, with little to no effort. Sometimes we know what we do well. We just don’t know how to monetize it. Other times we don’t know what we do well and we have to explore many different things to find our calling. Or better yet, other people tell us what we do very well through their actions and responses to us. What you do very well will not only lead you to financial freedom, it will help you gain several streams of income.

One of those streams should be passive income which means that you create one or more products teaching your knowledge and putting it in a place to earn while you sleep. Did you get that? You will be able to create a product only once, market it effectively, and earn from it while you live your life and create more money to reach your goals!

I’ve experienced the benefits of earning passive income and it has changed my outlook on life. It has pushed me harder because there is so much money to be made. Because of my experiences, I am teaching my exact steps on how I earn passively each month from products I’ve created one time and marketed them. There’s nothing like waking up to extra cash, right? In my e-course, Passion to Passive, I will teach you

  • Exactly what passive income is

  • How to discover products that fit you and your skill

  • How to research and plan for implementation of your products

  • How to design and outsource before launching

  • How to set up payment systems and tech support

  • How to brand and market your products

  • How to resolve possible challenges that come with marketing and earning passive income

After completing this course, you will be able to create, market, and earn passive income to get closer to financial freedom. Are you ready to add or replace an additional income stream to your life? Grab a seat in the course and get started!