3 Important People You Should Be Teaching With Content

Imagine being in an elevator with three other people and the elevator stops. I know this sounds like a terrifying thing, but hear me out. You are headed to a very important business meeting. You’re early and planned to go over notes from your presentation. But, the elevator is out of commission and you’re stuck.

The others in the elevator share your frustration as they are all headed to different places as well. After some time of waiting, you all begin to complain about where you need to be at specific times. You begin to exchange stories and information about what you do for a living. Everyone has presented their elevator pitch (except it’s more like an extended story about what you do since you all have time). Now, it’s your time to tell them what you do.

3 Important People You Should Be Teaching With Content

You tell them exactly what you do instead of your title like many people do when introducing themselves and their career. They are intrigued and want to learn more. One person knows nothing about what you do and have never heard of your niche. Another person has heard of your niche, but knows very little about it. They want to get a better understanding. A third person is ironically in the same industry as you and wants to learn more about you and your brand!

If you’ve noticed, everyone is headed in a different direction (whatever floor they were getting off of) but are in the same place at the same time (the elevator). You’ve now had the opportunity to explain what you do, who you serve and why you serve them. These three people in the elevator with you are now your audience and it’s up to you to educate and inform them about what you do. What a perfect scenario, right?

Let’s say the elevator is now social media and your website. These three people have found your website and social media pages. Does your content represent the pitch you’d give in an elevator? Would people be able to use and apply your content at their level?

When you are marketing your business, you should always keep these three people in mind. Any content you create whether written, audio, or in person should cater to these three people. I have taken the liberty to name each one of these people to explain how you should market to them, present your brand, and what you can do for them. These three people are called the Newbie, the Emerger, and the Expander.

These people should be extremely important to you because they are apart of your target audience. Let me officially introduce you to each one of them:

Meet the Newbie

This person needs to be informed. This person has no clue you can help them accomplish what they want/need for their personal or business life. They aren't familiar with your line of work. They don't know anything about you or your business. They aren’t familiar with the topics your content is about. The Newbie needs introductory content such as  "101 topics". If your brand and content is interesting enough to make them want to learn more, your content should be simple enough to explain, consume and comprehend.

It is important to always consider the person in your audience who is completely green to your business. Some people don’t know that they need you. They don’t know that you exist. They don’t know that you can help them. As a business owner, it’s your duty to always be prepared to have a well-rounded content marketing plan that caters to audience members at all levels. Remember the Newbie when you create content for your marketing plans.

Meet the Emerger

This person knows a little about your industry. They need to be educated. They are familiar with specific terms you use. They aren't sure if you can help them just yet, but your content is interesting. They want to learn more. Like the Newbie, they need some introductory content (101 and 102 topics), but they need to consume more of your information that’s useful and helpful to them.

The Emerger is the best person to connect emotionally with. This is the person who wants to grow and is hungry for more information that will help them better their lives. This is the person that you will definitely build trust with valuable content. The more they learn from you, the more they’ll connect with your brand. When you create content or market your brand, don’t forget the person who has started or who understands but needs clarity about you or your niche. Creating useful content will fulfill the need for clarity and will eventually build a long-term relationship for future business!


Meet the Expander

This person is well educated in several areas of their business. They are knowledgeable about what you do as well. They are in the same industry and have grown their business to a certain point. They want to learn how to take their business to the next level. This person could be where you used to be about 1-3 years ago. They aren’t green at all to the business. They just need better processes, creative ideas, better partnerships, and a streamline of systems.

Your content and marketing efforts should help any person who wants to take their business to the next level. If you are a service provider as well as a maker, your content should reflect that. For example, if you make jewelry as well as teach others how to have a successful jewelry business, not only should you be marketing the products you make, you should be publishing content that proves that you can teach others how to successfully run a business as well.

The point of it all is to teach at different levels, for different people. It's all about knowing who your ideal clients are and who your target audience is. Keep these tips in mind when you create content to market your brand! Someone in your audience is one of these three people. All of these levels can interchange. As your audience members grow with your brand, they will become the Newbie, the Emerger, or the Expander at their own level.

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I assume you’d want to know what happens after the elevator is fixed. Well, the truth is everyone will go along their way. The people or person you’ve made the biggest impression on will remember you and your brand. This person will be one of these three people which is more of a reason to consider each person when you create content for your brand and market it fearlessly!