3 Myths to Stop Believing About Earning Money Online

With so many scams and fake people online you don’t know where to start or what to believe. I get it. Social media seems to be overly saturated with coaches and consultants for every part of business. My question to you is “what does any of what it has to do with you?”. Seriously, take a second to think about how irrelevant the things that other people are involved in online are and how being worried about what “they” are doing causes you to leave money on the table.

3 Myths to Stop Believing About Earning Money Online

One important thing that you must realize and accept is that you are uniquely designed to make an impact in this world. There is no one else like you. There is no other person with your story. These facts will help you make money online. We all hear how people are easily making money online. Some of us are immune to hearing it. Others are skeptical. Feel what you want, but you have to make moves to make money so you don’t stay in the same place. Many of you want to earn more, but you’re allowing fear to become larger than your belief that you can be successful online. There are 3 repetitive myths that many people believe that I want to debunk today:


You don't have anything to sell

This is one of the biggest myths that people believe about themselves. Each person on this earth knows something  so well that they can teach others how to do what they do or know what they know. One thing you will always have is your education. Selling knowledge is a great way to earn online.

There are many people who are successful who don’t know it all, who don’t have a degree and who aren’t experts in everything. If you think about it, they are successful because they found a way to monetize their knowledge in one or a few particular areas that they know really well.

Let’s consider the owner of Airbnb (Air Bed and Breakfast). This company was founded in 2008. The owner most likely had an idea of creating a community to have people all over the world rent out their own properties for a fee. The community allowed the landlord’s exposure and the opportunity to make more money online. The company is extremely successful because the owner had an idea and a belief that the company would be successful. There are several private bed and breakfast locations nationwide; many ways before this business launched. That factor didn’t stop the owner of Airbnb from starting its business.

You have habits, hobbies, knowledge, skills, and talents that are waiting on your to either discover them or monetize them. You have something to sell (your knowledge). Earning online is the way to go!


You can't earn in a saturated market

I always tell my audience that there are literally billions of people on this earth. You won’t be the first or last person in an industry or niche to be involved in a particular business area. Thinking that your industry is saturated is an opportunity turn your thinking from challenge to an opportunity to be creative and innovative.

A great way to solve this problem is to think of ways to serve your audience and the people who are making your market saturated. Provide solutions to the people who crowd your market. By doing this, you’ll be able to fully apply your creativity and innovation as well as create a niche area that is not popular. This will give you leverage within your market!

Don’t allow discouragement and negative thoughts to live in your mind because others who had a dream has started before you. There is room for you because you are unique and have talents and knowledge that the world needs. Remember, if you think your market is saturated, research the areas in the industry that will help you think of products to create for the people who are making your market saturated. Become their problem solver.


You think learning how to earn is a scam

Sure, there are plenty of scammers online, but there are plethora of successful online earners who can teach you the most efficient ways to earn without investing a lot of money upfront or without taking large, unnecessary risks.

I take pride in teaching my students how to earn online from their talents. I take pride in the fact that I used to be one of those scary people desiring bigger things but not knowing where to start and having the guts to figure out how to earn online. I’ve figured out how to earn consistently online by teaching what I know about business, branding, marketing, and passive income. There are several ways to earn online, but the best ways to earn are to teach what you know. It’s the cheapest method of earning most times and there are several ways to earn online without high expenses.

There are 10 steps that I take to earn passive income each month. These steps happen whether or not I create new products or update my old products. There are products that can be created and re-purposed through DIY (do-it-yourself) brand design or outsourcing and marketing with various methods. I teach all steps in my e-course, Passion to Passive. This course teaches you ways to earn passive income online from your skills and knowledge.

If you are ready to move past your fears regardless of the myths you believe, this course will change your life. As the perfect student, you’ll be able to take the strategies I teach in my class and create an impeccable strategy to earn passively online. There are a ton of resources and tutorials to help you develop insanely valuable products that are needed in your market!


Are you afraid to earn online? Why? How will you monetize your superpowers; your skills, knowledge, and talents? Let me know in the comments.