3 Powerful Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

There are so many talented, creative business owners in the world who make the most amazing things such as ornaments, blankets, decorated wine bottles, custom wigs, custom socks, or whatever you can think of. Many don’t have a blog for their business. Some business owners think that they aren't great writers or they don't have anything to blog about. For those that have a blog, listen! If you don’t have a consistent blog, technically, you still don’t have a blog because people will forget about you if you don’t post often. Besides, blogging adds to your social media content calendar so why not?

3 Powerful Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a Blog

If you have a business, I am sure you intend to market it. Therefore, every business needs a blog because a blog is another form of marketing; to be specific, it's content marketing. It helps your audience understand more about your business and helps connects your target market with your brand. There is no way around this people! I don’t care if you sell rocks, nails, or paint brushes, you should have a blog! Here are three super powerful reasons why: it will build your brand, establish authority, and build trust (including trust with Google)!


Brand development

Building a brand takes time. As creatives, we have to do everything in our power to maximize almost every platform possible. I say “almost” because you can spread yourself too thin trying to manage platforms alone but make no mistake, you should definitely maximize most of them. Effective brand development is important because it creates an image of your business in your customer's eyes. Using a blog to build your brand is an awesome way to develop a voice and personality for your business.

People who identify with brands often become loyal customers. So, if your brand is conversational and resourceful, people who possess the same traits will gravitate towards your brand over the brand that is more formal and prestigious. If your brand is glamorous and pretty those who possess the same characteristics will be attracted to your business and style and will be more prone to pay attention to what you have to offer.

Creating a voice and personality for your brand creates distinction because you are able to share your story with the world. Your blog will be another way to communicate your story with your website visitors and customers. Blogging is just another building block for your brand and business.


Establish authority

In order to build a great audience, you must establish trust, especially if you are a new business owner. People must connect with you through their pain points, their aspirations, or their similarities through experiences with your brand. Blogging can help you show your expertise and knowledge in your field. There are so many ways you could use your blog as a platform to show your expertise. You can literally blog about anything that relates to your business, the industry, updates, materials used to create products, or how to’s. Connect with your audience by establishing an image of being knowledgeable about the problems you can help them solve and what you have to offer.

Another way to establish authority in your field is to write in detail about the products and services you offer. Take your readers through the process that your business has through your blog. Blog about myths in your industry that will help educate your target audience. Blog about different materials or products that help customers do things better and more efficiently. Show your readers why one thing is better than another in relation to what you have to offer. There are many ways to attain your visitor’s attention with your knowledge and expertise. Use what you know by teaching others through your business blog.


Build trust and relationships

We all know if you don’t have trust, you don’t have anything. This truthfully applies to many things in life but for the sake of the topic here, we will stay on course with business! When you build trust with your customers, you build customer loyalty and free marketing. Each person that converts into a loyal customer will tell people about your brand, blog, and business without the need for you to do it yourself.

Your blog is free content that builds trust with your readers and website visitors. It can also build trust with peers if you guest blog with other bloggers and businesses to exchange and share audiences. Mentioning other business owners in your blog shows great support that could possibly get them to do the same for you. Not to mention, blogging builds trust with Google. The more you blog (length and consistency), the more Google will notice your content and view it as trustworthy content when you include the right keywords and key phrases.

As you can see, blogging is a pretty important thing to do to help build your brand! It will create more traffic for your website if you stay consistent. I've created blogger cheat sheets for business owners who are just getting started or has started but need an effective strategy.  Download them to skip any guess work!

If you aren’t sure that you’d be a great writer, use a voice-to-text tool such as Google’s voice recognition tool, “Speech-to-text,” along with the Hemingway Editor to help with grammar and sentence structure. Or, you can hire a proofreader or editor to help you create wonderful posts for your blog. Y

If you want to take a step further, you can also do blog videos, podcasts, presentations or any other visual content to educate and inspire your audience!

Don’t lose sales or sleep over this wonderful strategy of marketing. Make the decision to start a blog or update the one you have immediately. It really is beneficial for everyone! Blogging can bring traffic to your website, when executed effectively, create useful content that helps the readers in one way or another while building your brand and creating authority in your field.

If you have a blog, how does your blog help your business? How does it help people? If you haven't started a blog yet, what are some questions that you have about starting your blog? What would you blog about? Leave the comments below.