3 Reasons Why You Must Brand Your Business Immediately

The best thing about owning a business, besides the money, is freedom. It is why most of us started our businesses. We obviously need money in the world we live in, but the ultimate fact is that we all just want to be free, right? Freedom is earned through hard work but the best part about freedom we have is the ability to “call the shots” with our brand vision. With your brand, you control every aspect, every detail and every campaign that is published.

3 Reasons Why You Must Brand Your Business Immediately


When you start your business, you must brand immediately. You must develop a brand plan to strategically position your business in your industry and in your niche. It’s imperative that you have a thorough understanding of where your brand is going and how it will increase awareness and build relationships. You must build trust before you ask for a sale. Branding will help build trust and help you get identified easier. Here’s 3 reasons why you must brand your business immediately:


To gain clarity for yourself and your business

Clarity is so important for you as it saves you time and money. Knowing who your target audience is, what their needs are, what direction you want your business to go and how you intend on delivering your brand message is the best clarity to have. It’s less stressful and a such relief. You should not launch your business without a clear strategy. Marketing and advertising without brand clarity is like marketing to no one. The audience that sees your products and services will not receive a clear message or you may be marketing and advertising to the wrong audience which will result in a waste of time and money.

Branding is a strategic marketing strategy that you use to connect what’s in your head and heart to the heads and hearts of your customers. To create a strategic marketing strategy, you must know who you want to reach, why you want to reach them, how your business will affect their lives, and much more. When you begin to brand your business, it will become clearer about the things you should do doing, when you should be doing them and how you should be doing them.


To create an emotional connection with your audience

When people see your business for the first time, they have to be intrigued by something. The designs, colors and content that your brand produces will most likely be the first thing they see. Once you gain a small portion of their attention, they will begin to watch your every move to see what your brand is about. With your interaction and engagement, you’ll develop an emotional connection with your audience.

Creating this emotional connection is the way you’ll build your community. You can only do this through branding by either sharing your story, offering an amazing experience to customers, collaborating with others, and being involved in your community. Being involved in your community doesn’t have always be physical. Being involved can be as simple as sponsoring a local event to get your brand in front of many people.

I always say, “If you’ve started a business, you have already started branding. You may be missing other elements of a brand if you haven’t taken it serious, but you have definitely started.” In other words, once you have publicly announced that your business is ready to take transactions, the moment you interact with a customer or potential customer is when they’ll develop a perception of how serious you take your business and how serious they should take you.


To develop a healthy perception of your customers and target audience

I’ll get to the point with this one. Customer perception is your brand image. It’s the result of how your brand operates in your customer’s eyes.  In your strategic efforts to interact and engage with your customers and target audience, your customers will develop certain thoughts and feelings about your business and they will tell people about their experiences. Branding, effective branding that is, helps groom a healthy perception in your customer's’ eyes when done the right way. Think about the reviews people put online about a person or company and how it affects your perception of them when making a buying decision. 

Let’s pretend you are a customer looking for artwork for your housewarming party and you have found a talented artist through social media. You email this person and they haven’t responded within 24-48 hours. You send another email and wait another 24-48 hours only to receive no response again. You are really anxious to buy so you go to the comments section on their social media page to try to contact them but you find other people complaining about spending their money and not receiving their product. How would you feel about buying from them now? Most likely you’d give up, right? Most likely you will not refer anyone to do business with them and you’d share your experience with the company with others going forward.

The same situation happens when your expectations are over exceeded, right? Let’s pretend that the artist responded to your email within 24 hours or less, received your order and expedited it to you before your housewarming party. It’s everything you’d imagine and more! You'd most likely send a review or comment on how much you love the artwork. You’d also tell others about your experience with the company and possibly refer others to buy as well.However the situation goes, you’d definitely remember their name and information.

A great impression lasts for a long time but a bad impression stays even longer. Building a brand takes time, it’s an ongoing practice. You have to be firm in planning out each area of your business for marketing. You have to have something that people can identify with and you have to have value. When you start your business, brand with your story, brand with your fonts and colors, brand by building relationships with customers and peers. With a solid foundation, your brand could become a household name and earn a great reputation for years to come!