3 Simple Things To Do With Blogs That Get No Traction

You know those “black sheep” blog posts that we’ve written that get no love? We need to and should not let those blog posts rot. Maybe there was a gap in promoting it before people knew who you were. Maybe the headline sucked. Headlines are everything! In fact, there are a few important things needed in a headline to make people click. People need to find interest in the title before they’re encouraged to click. Maybe we’ve written a ton of fluff and no one cared. It’s hard to swallow that pill, but everyone has a slip-up.

3 Simple Things To Do With Blogs That Get No Traction

The thing about old content is that it get’s left to rot when no one is paying attention to it. Or, like I stated earlier, we’ve grown too busy and don’t promote it well enough. There are a ton of gems in our old content, we just need to take the time to find those gems and re-purpose them. By gems, I mean new content topics, new posts to promote, and new product/service ideas.

Let’s say you have about 100 blogs and you only promote the newer blog posts. The other blogs that were written months ago still get page views, but you have some blog posts that people don’t seem to care about too much. Or, in my case, people don’t know about because you wrote the blog posts when you were just starting. In other words, they didn’t see it because they didn’t know about you at the time. Or, maybe your business had grown so much that you don’t make time to promote the old blog posts. If any of this sounds familiar, I have a solution for you!

If you’re just starting your blog journey, these tips still apply to you. You may have to put them in the archive until you need them. But, definitely don’t dismiss them because they will save you a ton of time!


Anyway, the other day I realized that I was not too far from 100 blog posts. I didn’t realize that I was getting that close, it just hit me when I looked at my tracker! I shared the spreadsheet I keep my blog posts in on Instagram as an Instagram story.

One of my supporters saw it and told me that she wanted to delete her old blogs because they weren’t getting much traffic.

ME: “Oh no you don’t. We don’t waste content”.

3 Simple Things To Do With Blogs That Get No Traction

Now, I can say this to her because I know her content is great. She’s taught me a lot about nutrition and health. She is in the first few years of business and needs to attract more people who belong to her tribe; people who love her brand.

Here are 3 tips I shared with her:

Add more content + value

Re-read your old blogs out loud. Add more content to your old blogs by adding a checklist or mini-workbook. Combine shorter blog posts if you have to. Many of us forget to go back and link the new blog posts to the old and vice verse. Don’t forget to link all related posts!

Reading blogs out loud will teach you how your blog post sounds when other people read it. It is also great to have second eyes on your posts, but that’s not an option sometimes so I get that. Reading out loud will help you find several grammatical or punctuation mistakes.

Add a freebie to entice people to click and read your blog. A freebie will help express key points or lessons discussed in the blog. It will also help you build your email list. That’s a two for one! Not only are you getting more page views for the blog, but you’ll collect an email along the way.


Change the name of your blog titles

If you know your blog posts are fire aka well written and useful, this step is simple. Change the name. Perhaps in this case, the blog was so old and no one knew about you, so it needs to be promoted better. I can hear some of you saying:

But what about the people who’s already seen my blog?

What about them? If they love your blog and you, they won’t mind a repeat especially if your blog was super epic! Trust. Other people need to read, consume, and apply the information that you have to share. To be completely transparent with you, I've re-purposed my old blogs with no shame to re-word and promote them again. Guess who didn’t have to write another blog that week? *raises hand*

The reason why I re-purposed this blog was because I didn’t think the old name complimented the content I wrote. I thought I could create a better title, so I did. I re-read the blog, added text (where needed), and changed the date to re-promote.

Change the name and graphics of the blogs that need to be revamped. Don’t forget to change the date of your new blog. You should be able to backdate any blog post with your content manager platform (Squarespace, Blogger, Wordpress).



Promote like new! If needed, give an excerpt of the new blog post on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Since Twitter’s platform has a short life span of posts, you can promote your blogs about 3 times per day if you wanted. I recommend spacing those posts out and including posts from others to avoid looking spammy. It’s all in preference. Decide what’s best for you and promote!

Also, take advantage of Facebook groups that have special days for blog promotions. These work wonders too! Sometimes others will promote your blogs on their social accounts. More shares could equal more readers. It’s important to remain consistent in promoting these old blogs so people can get well acquainted with your expertise.

Blogs are excellent pieces of content that we’ve crafted so don’t let them go to waste. There will always be blog posts that do better than others. Revamping and reposting the blogs that don’t get traction is like refinishing old furniture. Once you take the necessary actions to make it like new again, tell everyone about it!

Have you neglected your old blog posts? If not, what did you do to make like new again? Comment below.