3 Things DJ Khaled Does That Will Teach You How to Expand Your Business

Hate it or love it, DJ Khaled is a humbled, winning machine! I’ve watch numerous interviews of DJ Khaled sharing his journey, his beliefs, and his gratefulness of all that he possesses. We are not talking about material things alone. Those things are privileges of his hard work. We are talking about his experiences and his will to hustle harder than many other people in the industry. In many of his interviews, he expresses himself as the best, but he never leaves without talking about positivity, hard work and what it takes to do what “they” say you can’t do.

3 Things DJ Khaled Does That Will Teach You How to Expand Your Business

If you aren’t familiar with DJ Khaled, he is a hip-hop and R&B hit record producer, he is a DJ sensation, he an executive producer, he is an artist of musical sound plus more! I can’t find words to rightfully describe his presence and hustle, but to say the least, he has earned everything he has! He has produced records with several popular artists and musicians such as Chris BrownLil WayneNicki MinajFutureT-PainAce Hood and more. He has demanded the attention of many with his music and personality. He represents a well-rounded personal brand by consistently doing these 3 things effectively to grow his empire:


He collaborates with amazing artists

DJ Khaled is extremely talented with creating tracks featuring favorite artists in the hip-hop and R&B genres. He creates music for ladies and gentlemen within his fan base plus attains the fan bases of all other artists who contribute to his projects. He is successful with many collaborations because he knows his audience and he knows the markets he wants to reach. 

How can we apply this to our business? First, we have to know our audience and their lifestyle. Understanding why and how other industry professionals around the world can teach and lead our audience with their personality and their style is key. That’s how it works. If we know our audience, it would be easy to collaborate on projects with other industry professionals. It’s massively important to know who to present and how to present to your audience. It's important to know which audience you would love to capture and cross-market to.

Collaborations are important for business because it creates massive brand awareness for business owners and it increases sales. One thing we all can learn from DJ Khaled is that collaborating with a diverse group of people will help our audience learn and grow from different points of their life and/or career journey. Each contributor has their strengths or specific things that they bring to his projects. Whether it's from singers to rappers, from a rock style to a jazz style, from a street style to transitional talent, DJ Khaled knows exactly who to collaborate with per project. If we adopt the same thought process when marketing our business, our brands can reach more people because of strategic collaborative efforts.


Lesson #1 recap: Diversify collaborations by thinking of your audience first and understanding the strengths of contributors when creating new projects.



He remains authentic and consistent

There are not many people who sound, talk or look like this talented record producer and it’s because no one else can collaborate like him. Much respect to others in the same line of hustle, but I’ve watched DJ Khaled for a long while. I’ve listened his brand voice and beliefs. Both are unwavering. He is his personal brand and that’s why I love him. Not because I am this die heart fan who wants to meet him one day. I seriously love his hustle and consistently learn from it. The music is second.

His brand personality takes his business to higher levels. The same should happen with our business. Thinking long term with your brand will help people get to know you as you authenticate your brand. Speak your mind. Stand up for what you believe in. Be transparent. Speak about your journey and share your experiences with your audience.

If you truly feel like you can help someone avoid a place where you’ve been, or if you know you can be a blessing to someone through your business while monetizing your gift, you must start by being yourself. Be authentic. DJ Khaled shows a great deal of transparency with everything he does. He is consistent. We can adopt these practices, but we can’t fake being someone else other than ourselves. And, we surely can't fake consistency.


Lesson #2 recap: Have unwavering faith in what you believe is for you. Remain authentic and consistent.

3 Things DJ Khaled Does That Will Teach You How to Expand Your Business


He effectively uses Snapchat with storytelling

I’ve been hearing from so many people say that adults over 30 should not be on Snapchat. Who made this up? If you own a business with an audience who consistently uses Snapchat, that’s where your business needs to be. Since Snapchat only holds content for 24 hours, DJ Khaled effectively promotes his projects through daily habits such as eating healthy and staying clean. He is epic at content marketing! Not only does DJ Khaled market his brand well, he shares a lot of life gems, behind the scenes of his life and career, and a boatload of fan love on his Snapchat.

With so many actions, he teaches us many ways to “Bless Up”. “Bless Up” is a popular term coined by DJ Khaled which means higher favor, keep your head up, send blessings up, be blessed and other nice gestures that include being a blessing to someone and staying strong.

When you see him, DJ Khaled will always show you these 3 things that will grow your business: the benefits of collaborating, the importance of remaining consistent and authentic, and how to effectively market your business through storytelling on Snapchat.