3 Undeniable Things That Will Build Trust With Your Audience

I am an information addict. I literally research my ass off! I stalk accounts, comments, blogs, articles, anything that intends to inform or educate. I admit this, but one thing that I continue to see are the same questions from business owners who have started their business but need more engagement, traffic, and followers on social media and their websites. The main three questions I see are:

1. How do you get people to follow you?

2. How do you get people to buy what you are selling?

3. How do you get people to engage with you?

3 Undeniable Things That Will Build Trust With Your Audience

I love that people are taking the initiative to ask the right questions to grow their business! No seriously, it amazes me how many people had wonderful ideas, took the time to birth their business and are still doing everything they can to upgrade in every area so kudos to everyone who is on their legendary journey! #endtangent

I believe I have the answer to those questions. You have to first build trust then people will respond to you! There are three incredibly important things that you must remember as business owners: Offer value that can’t be denied, evoke an emotion that makes customers think, “I need this,” and reciprocate! Now that I have your attention, let’s keep reading...


Undeniable Value - your why and how!

Value is what it’s all about. We know why most businesses are in business (money, duh!) but it goes beyond that. You can build a great following, platform, fan base, or customer pool by how you add value to your customers! Take care of them, stay relational, stay relevant, form relationships, and offer alternatives when things don’t work out the way they need. Be helpful and resourceful while remaining professional! Many people skip this step. They dive right into sales and push the agenda of what they “think” people want. It’s not about you! It’s about adding something valuable to every customer and every experience. There are other companies that do what yours does. How is yours different? What makes your business so unique?

Honestly, it can be many things such as your personality or your products. I remember being in cosmetology school and learning why some hairstylists gain a large clientele and why some don’t. “It’s all in the client experience”, my instructors used to repeat. People go where they feel good, are accepted and are satisfied. I find this to be true. When I first entered the beauty world, I always wondered why the stylists who were not as skilled as others always had their books filled for months out. It was because they were different. They offered a different experience. So, that's it! Offer something different! Offer something people can trust! Will you offer a better price with better quality? Will you provide a free service or free education for your customers in addition to what they paid for? Create value then give that value to your customers.


Incredible Content - you must evoke an emotion!

Incredible content inspires, entices, evokes and educates. That’s the big picture. The small picture is the types of content you share on your platforms such as your website, blog, and social media pages. For example, if you own an online store, post different looks for inspiration. If you own a coaching business, post testimonials from clients or show examples of your work. If you own a car garage, post before and after pictures of makeovers or repairs.or post a video of you working. Thoroughly explain the problem and what you are doing to fix it in the caption.

Great content that provokes an emotion helps people understand that you are human and that you relate to their problem. It also confirms that you know what you are talking about, you stand for something and you’d love to help! Here are a few foundational ideas for content:

  • Quotes - Create quotes that your target market can relate to.
  • Questions that require a response from your audience - Ask open-ended questions that evoke an emotion in your audience to get them to write a response in your comments section or to take an action on your website.
  • Facts about the company/industry- Write facts about the company and industry to educate your audience.
  • Trend Alerts - Stay up-to-date with trends so you can remain competitive and provide what’s in demand. This lets your target market know that you are paying attention to what they need.
  • Mock-ups - For inspiration, create mock-ups or ideas that your market will love!

Post quality content. Remember: Value is what you need. You must show your personality. Show that you solve a problem. Show your expertise in the subject or subjects that relate to your brand! 


Reciprocation - give before you get!

Many people want to receive before they give, but that is not how things work my friends. You must grow your audience before you receive anything. What's great value and great content if you are not leading on the giving end? Reciprocation provokes an emotion of gratitude with your audience! Offer a free checklist, product, service, guide, ebook, calendar, lookbook, course, cheat sheet or anything else that will help create and build trust. People gravitate towards your why and how, they watch you for a while before they participate in anything you are offering or giving, and they will reciprocate with your consistency in giving. To reciprocate, you can:

  • Repost quality content - Repost pictures [with credit to owners of the content] that are aligned with your brand and relate to your target market. Reposting also shows your support of the other business as well. It also creates engagement for your business with the owners of the content you are reposting.
  • Help a related business [no strings attached!] - You are probably wondering why I am suggesting that you all be helpful to another business with no strings while talking about giving to get. Let’s be clear here. Genuinely help people and their businesses without intentionally expecting them to do something for you in return. So yes, help with NO strings! Your blessing will come back to you for helping another way. You are simply paying it forward. My friends, the way it works is that you have to give to have more. Many people don’t understand this concept but I am a witness to this! It’s very simple, if you need help begin by helping others without wanting a single thing in return. When you put that in the universe, it will come back to you in ways you’d never expect!
  • Cross-market with related businesses - this could be on- or offline. You’ll expose a business to your following and they will do the same for you. The exchange of followers help with the awareness of brands. Business can be in the same industry as you but not necessarily offer the same things as you. For example, if you own a graphic design business, you can cross promote with your clients, printing companies, or software design companies.

Building a nice platform with actionable customers takes a little time. Some time frames are slower than others but if you consistently use these techniques: create and deliver undeniable value, deliver incredible content and reciprocate by becoming the giver first, you’ll be sure to develop a wonderful fan base for your brand!