4 Important Things Your Blog Headline Needs

If you asked me anything about blogging 2 or 3 years ago, I would have looked at you with the side-eye. Taking the time to write about what? I didn’t get it nor did I have the time because I was busy catering to my clients at the salon and building my personal brand in the hair industry. I didn’t realize it was the same as creating a diary online or some sort of journal. I didn’t realize it was a great way to teach an audience and share experiences.

4 Important Things Your Blog Headline Needs

After a few experiences of helping aspiring business owners through my Facebook inbox, I decided to create a digital home answering all of the questions I’d been asked plus give my expertise in certain areas of business. After some research, I realized that the thing I wanted to do had a name, it was blogging. Once I reached the defining moment of wanting to start a blog, I knew that it had to be the right way. I have to do things the right way, especially if my name is associated with it.

So far the journey has been exciting and bumpy as I learn more about the industry. As an emerging blogger, I’ve learned great techniques to create blog titles that convert to clicks and page views. I’ve learned so much about creating clickable blog titles from attending webinars with brands such as Mattieologie and Leadpages. The most important things I’ve learned is to create urgency, curiosity, and excitement in titles that evoke emotion and encourage people to click and read my blog posts. I’ve learned the 4 most important things a blog headline needs through continuous education and awesome direction from CoSchedule:


Words that build structure

A headline has to have common words that people can relate to. Structure provides the flow of the headline. Words such as a, and, the, you, your, or their, or what school grade kids call “sight words”, help us understand and interpret a blog post title better. Common words provide the  foundation of your header.


Less Frequent Words

What makes us pay attention are words that aren’t commonly used on a regular basis. According to CoSchedule, words like year, beautiful, baby or right are words that aren’t commonly used in blog titles. While I have seen a couple of these words in new year posts and posts that tell you how to do something the right way, it’s not too often that people use these words on an everything day basis to increase page views.

Mattie from Mattieologie loves to teach about using hyperbolic words or words that over exaggerate. Here are a few examples: Super Easy, Super Extra, Super Epic, or Extremely Incredible. I’ve found that these words fall into the emotional and powerful categories of the 4 things I'll discuss in this post. I’ve also seen more clicks with hyperbolic words or word phrases within my blog post.


Words that evoke emotion

Words that make people feel some sort of way will be extremely helpful in your blog titles. Urgency words such as immediately, quickly, within XX amount of days or months make people excited about learning whatever it is you are discussing. Examples of emotional words are brave, warning, damaging, limited or challenging. When these words are combined with uncommon words and an effective structure of common words, you’re sure to catch your intended reader’s attention.

In a Leadpage webinar, I was taught to create curiosity within a title. I’ve tried this as well and I’ve received more clicks and page views from creating curiosity within my titles. In the library on my site, I write about why my audience should stop doing something or what a business shouldn’t have. Both sentence structures create curiosity and encourage action. My experience with emotional words has been rewarding because I create curiosity!


Powerful Words

These words not only evoke emotion but unlike less frequent words that make people pay attention, power words demand attention. I use power words quite a bit. If you look in my library, you’ll see that I tell readers what they don’t get tired of, what they need to know, and how to accomplish things to get results. Other power words are edge, edgy, radiant, powerful, and unparalleled. Using power words increases excitement! No, it demands excitement and a need to keep reading or to learn more.

Urgency and curiosity are the two things I keep in mind when creating blog titles. I want to tell people what they want, need or should want or need with urgency. I also want people to be curious about certain topics that I post. When writing blog post headers, keep urgency and curiosity in mind for powerful headlines.

Creating consistent blog titles can be a challenge for new and emerging bloggers. But, it's a necessary challenge. Thinking of a blog title that your audience would want to click on is the most important thing when writing new content each week. It’s like the first impression when meeting someone new. That’s why I created quite a few cheat sheets to boost your blogging game! These cheat sheets tell you how to blog successfully, they give you words that convert to clicks and page views, and they a plethora of titles that you could use [Psst! It’s well over 30 titles!]. 

Download your copy, take advantage of the blog titles provided for you along with the tool to help you score the effectiveness of your blog header here. Although the meat of your post is what you want to present, you have to get people to click or visit your blog posts to begin with, the cheat sheets are your leading steps!