5 Elements That Will Create Distinction For Your Brand

Every brand needs a distinctive look. Unfortunately, many brands, specifically in the online space, don’t know how to create a look that sets them apart. There is a misconception about online brands that use Canva. Many people think they all look alike. To some degree, this is true but I doubt that brands are intentionally duplicating each other’s look. There may be a lack of knowledge about the kinds of resources that are available to them or how to marry cohesive elements to develop a unique look.

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With so many new businesses launching online, it’s imperative to create distinction for your brand. There are several ways to create unique brand visuals and still use Canva. The best way to separate your brand from the masses is to invest in elements that set your brand a part. You can do this with Creative Market. It’s brand distinction heaven! I highly recommend incorporating these 5 things in your brand visual strategy:

unique accent font

Accents fonts are styled typefaces created by other artists. They come in all shapes and sizes. Canva has a variety of fonts, but there are a handful of accents fonts for creatives. When many brands use these fonts, it’s easy to tell where their graphics were created. The same goes for brands who use Microsoft fonts like Comic Sans and Courier New.

Finding an accent font that compliments your brand’s message, tone and personality will help your audience with brand recognition. Think about Chickfila. The brand font is unique and easily recognizable. Brand recognition develops trust. Trust develops relationships and builds loyal paying customers.

Create a look that helps your audience recognize your brand any on and offline!

Fonts listed in photo:

Hello Sunshine Font Duo

Malisa Script

Rastenobda Script

Madina Script

Just Lovely

creative icons

Find creative icons for your website and social media channels. They will create distinction for your brand immediately. Icons are great ways to communicate when you don’t want to use words. Several businesses use icons to compliments their procedure and home pages. Icons can be used in combination with words or in place of words. For example, two fingers can also mean peace or represent the number two.

Choose icons that compliment the feel of your brand style. There are a ton of icon bundle options on Creative Market. Take advantage of them! Use them on your website, in your newsletters, and on your social media platforms.

Icons in example above:

1530 Unique Icons

6000+ Icon Bundle

280 Web Design

professional stock photos

What you post will determine the kind of people you attract online. If you want quality leads in your tribe, you have to post quality photos. If you aren’t taking your own quality pictures, invest in photos that aren’t being heavily used online. There are a ton of free stock photo websites without any license restrictions. I a fond of a few, but I am careful of how I use them because I aim to stay on brand and away from photos that are circulating heavily on the internet.

There are 3 options you have to incorporate professional stock photos in your brand:

  • Conduct a product photoshoot by hiring a professional team.
  • Hire a product photographer who offers this service to business owners such as yourself.
  • Purchase professional photos staged with your brand colors from Creative Market or other websites that sell stock photography like the examples above.

Either one of these options will successfully set you apart from other brands online.

Professional stock photos in example:


niche design elements

Niche design elements are specific elements created for your niche. There are blogger elements, fitness elements, cooking elements, etc. to help you create realistic brand visuals according to your niche. Find niche design elements that you can use to develop a different style than what others have in your industry. You can use these kinds of elements in combination with professional stock photos and more!

If you're not familiar with Abode programs, choose elements that include isolated PNG files with transparent background. This will allow you to upload files in Canva to design your brand visuals.

Examples above:

Black & White Scene Creator

Kitchen Scene Creator

Iron Gym Scene Creator

patterns & textures

Patterns and textures will immediately differentiate your brand from any other brand online. There are a ton of textures to choose from. Just like your brand colors, you must choose textures and patterns that compliment one another. You can choose a single texture like the rose gold or pure gold foiled textures in the examples above. The same goes for patterns. Patterns can be polka dots, paint swatches, abstract designs, and more! Use patterns as backgrounds for your graphics and products. Use textures with your fonts and graphics to create a delightful look for your brand!

Before you purchase anything from the creators at Creative Market, be sure to read the license restrictions. Some items will have standard and commercial or extended license options with one purchase. I recommend purchasing the commercial license when using things for your brand, especially in paid products. Protect your brand at all times. As I've stated, once you purchase all the elements that make your brand stand out, upload them to your computer and to Canva. You can literally create anything that’s “outside the box” with the help of Creative Market.