5 Impactful Reasons Why You Should Take a 30-Day Content Creation Challenge

There are many things that can be missed when running an online business, but mastering content is one that shouldn't be put on the backend of things. A lot of us do not drill deeper into our ideal customers and clients enough to get to the mastery part of content marketing. We already know we're educated and skilled. However, many of us do not know how to deliver what we know in the best way to reach the right people.

We must take time to study the people we want to do business with. We know who our products and services are for, but we must figure out how to get their attention and keep it. On a consistent basis, we need to know what they like, what they don't like, and how they feel about the subject that directly relates to what you're selling (tech term: your business concept).


Don't get comfortable thinking that you know your audience. Your audience will evolve. You will evolve. You have to constantly keep up with the process of creating content that they want and need. So, in essence, your content will and should evolve. It's your duty to stay on track and identify creative strategies as your business grows.

If you aren't familiar with the word "content", it is a buzzword or industry term for useful information that your audience can consume and apply. However they (your audience) decides apply your information (content) is related to their personal or professional goals. For example, someone who wants to master wood carving to create custom cutting boards would read the information you post to learn more about the necessities to get the job done.

Over time, they'll become familiar with you, your brand, and how you can help them learn the things they need to meet their goal. After sometime, they may or may not invest with you right away but they will remember your brand because of the information you taught them.  Once they begin to trust you, you'll earn their business.


Now granted, the formula is not that simple. The process described it a simple one on paper. But, executing this process is another monster in itself. Before you can create good content,  there are a few things that you need to have in place before people will take you seriously like awesome visuals and presentation (but that is another blog for another times!).

When you know who your audience is, it's time to create content for them to test and finalize your content strategy. The big question that most people have is what do I post, what do I say to get people to buy?


The simple answer is to build trust. You can do that by posting important information on a consistent basis but let's think a little deeper here. To build trust, you have to share your story, show your face, be authentic with the things you do not like and not be fearful of opposing opinions.  

Your goal is to attract a community that raves for your brand and wants you to win. That's why a 30-day content creation challenge will help your thought process, brainstorming strategy, creative structure, intention, content creation system and more. I am not talking about a boring take a picture of yourself and post it challenge. I am talking about a create and design, blog/vlog, give and teach, inform and entertain content creation challenge.

I've developed a system that rotates the strategy of meeting the needs of every ideal client and target audience member during my 30-day content creation challenge, Content Conqueror Challenge. There are 5 impactful reasons why you should take the challenge:




Test your skills as the expert

A challenge will definitely measure your skill no matter what niche you're in. If you're an expert at something, you should definitely be able to deliver your knowledge in several ways to reach many people in your target audience. Even if you're not the best person in delivering your knowledge, my challenge will teach you how to do that effectively so that you can reach authentic engagement on social media and your blog.

Note: My challenge is gear towards Instagram users and bloggers. However, the prompts can be transferred across other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, depending on strategic you get.


Batch create

If you are not batching creating content, you are truly misusing your time. Batching means that you create multiple pieces of content ahead of time before scheduling, marketing, and posting online. If you know you need to market online each day, you know you need content each day. Taking time to only create will help you save time in the near future. This very simple, but slightly time-consuming and rewarding process will help you stay ahead of time. BUT, you have to finalize what you're going to create and keep an ongoing schedule based on your business goals before batching works.

Good News! I've created your daily prompts for you to teach you what to post. You just need to customize your content from there.

Feedback from other creatives!



A well-structured content strategy will help you research who's in your audience (ideal customers/clients and competition) by simply posting a CTA (call-to-action) that encourages them to engage with your content. This strategy is one of the most important strategies when publishing content. Because no one likes to waste their time posting to crickets, creating posts that help you research your audience is best. Also, some things you post may invite competitive business into your space. This isn't a bad thing. If you pay close attention, you get to watch and observe who's watching you! These kinds of posts are included in the challenge.


Well-tailored Content

Post with purpose. Each piece of content should have a goal and a strategy to go with it. As the challenge progresses, you should be paying attention to every response or action your audience takes. When you discover what your audience responds to the most, definitely create more of that.


The Content Conqueror Challenge is perfect for any online business owner who wants to use their voice and personality more authentically, increase engagement and blog views as well as position themselves as the expert and/or influencer in their niche. Often times, people haven't discovered their signature style as the content creator. They haven't discovered what their audience likes. But, they know their industry very well and just need direction with delivering their brand's message.


Content Conqueror Challenge will deliver what you need!


By the way, this isn't a post and go challenge. There is critical thinking involved and also content curation strategies to help you build your community and lighten the load when more time-consuming strategies are present.


Accept the challenge here.