5 Lies Most People Believe About Starting Their Business

When I created my personal beauty brand, Natalie Greagor Bridal, many people asked me who designed my website, who created my visuals, and who taught me how to do my marketing. Many people are usually surprised that I have “this much” business knowledge, as they say, when we are talking about business and being successful. The number one comment I hear starts with an “I wish”. I wish I had a talent. I wish I had money to do that. I wish I had more time to focus. I’ve heard it all.

5 Lies Most People Believe About Starting Their Business

There are so many excuses that many of us make before we even begin to think about putting in the effort to start our business. We complain about our daily lives yet we don’t do anything about it. It all starts with our mindset and what’s in our heads. Here’s 5 lies that we have to stop telling ourselves and demand what we want from the universe with our mindset:


They don’t have enough money

Money can solve a lot of problems, but as my old professor told my class, “if money can solve your problem, you have no problem”. In other words, you can have money and still be sick or have other problems that money can’t solve. Money can’t remove all sickness from your body or your mind if your destiny says otherwise. I agree with this statement which is why this is the #1 lie that we tell ourselves. We don’t have enough money to start a business.

There are many talented people in this world who are doing nothing with it because they believe that they need $XX amount of money to get a business started. I am a living witness that not having money is one of the poorest excuses you can have, no matter how big your dream is. Over time, I’ve found ways to get past this limited mindset and began to see how powerful every small step was. I found ways to make money to get me to the next steps. The small ways I made money added to the bigger plans. Although it takes longer to reach the bigger plans, each step helps me reach my ultimate goal.

There are plenty of people who had nothing before their business was successful They’ve forced the universe to succumb to their needs and wants through action. They didn’t give up! Take the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness: here’s a guy going from hotel to shelter to public bathrooms with a child to make his dream come true. There was a tenacity within him to keep going, to keep trying. Stories like these are there to help us push through! You may not have the money right now, at this very moment, but there are other things that you could do that will get you closer to your next step. When you don’t have money, you have time to research, you have time to learn what you don’t know, you have time to create and innovate. Embrace the times of not having money because it’s when you’re most innovative. Use your time of not having money to create and plan to move forward towards your big goal.


They don’t have enough time

If you don’t have enough time, you better have money to buy time from others! If this is not the case, you need to make a decision of how bad you want your dream to come true. Is your dream worth shifting some things around so that you can begin your journey? Whatever you need to do, do it. If you have more money than time,  think about how you can invest your money into other businesses and people who can truly execute your vision.

There are so many successful people online who have virtual assistants or independent contractors doing small or big tasks such as email marketing, social media management, sales copy, Facebook Ads, graphic design and more. Invest your money wisely when investing in yourself and others. Not having enough time is another lie we tell ourselves. We make time for what we want. Period. If you want it bad enough, there’s always time because you’ll create it!


They don’t know enough

I used to be the person who questioned if I was giving enough to my audience. Should I give more? Do I make sense? Who am I to tell people what to do? I fight with imposter syndrome when I learn something new, get results, and feel my audience would benefit from it.I hesitate to share certain information because I need to test longer. Then longer often times becomes never because of this imposter syndrome. There are so many of us who are experts in our own way. I grew up learning the saying, “we are all teachers”. It sticks with me. Everyone knows more about a certain subject than the next person. Therefore, they can teach someone a full lesson on a subject, based off of their knowledge and experiences, to another person who may be completely green about that specific subject.

Not knowing enough is quite simple to attack. Either learn more by studying and researching your industry. Learn to fail quicker so that you can succeed at the same rate. Gain all the knowledge that you can about your passion and learn how to monetize it in a way that you enjoy! Being fearful of starting a business because you feel like you don’t know enough is just another lame excuse to stay in your comfort zone. There a ton of free resources that you could use to grow into the person you’re supposed to be. It’s all a matter of wanting it that bad then committing. Being shy only goes so far, find a way to be successful in a way that works for you!


They're not important enough to tell someone what to do

Self-doubt kills more dreams than anything! I am sure you’ve heard this saying before. Mindset is everything. You have to know that you deserve everything you’re dreaming of before the universe sends it your way. Or, you’ll lose what you are not prepared to keep because you didn’t believe that you deserved it in the first place.

You have to have it in your heart before it comes to the awaken life. You are good enough. If this is your mindset, I encourage you to write positive affirmations on a daily basis plus create a list of gratification every day. Get a journal and write what will happen. Don’t write a long drawn out “to-do” list. Make a “will happen” list. You could write, I will make $XXXXX per month by XYZ. This means that you are willing to do the necessary work to make things happen in your life so that you’re able to experience your dreams and business.

Tackle your self-doubt with research and education to build your confidence. Test different methods and strategies to see what works for you and your business. You can start a business and you deserve to now go make it happen!


It has to be perfect

I am a recovering perfect Patty. I have the worse perfectionism when it comes to anything associated with my name or my brands. I used to be worse. I literally had to force myself to launch Strategist Cafe or I would have been waiting until never with every tweak, photos, text, product, etc. that I wanted to create. I’ve noticed that there are so many other people who are like me. It’s so important to get it out there as it is and adjust later. You can always go back and add or subtract something. Honestly, things may never be perfect because technology changes, trends change, your audience’s hobbies change and much more. Waiting  to promote or tell people about your business because your website isn’t perfect or a blog post isn’t perfect is wasting time. 

Nothing has to be perfect. It does have to make sense to your audience. It does need to be clear for your and your vision, but it doesn’t have to be super perfect.

Wasting time is the worse thing we could do to ourselves because it is our most precious asset. We all have experienced lies that others tell us or that we tell ourselves, but it’s up to us to get our business in line. Although we may feel like we don’t have “it”, whatever it is, we have to find ways around our limiting mindset.

There are numerous of stories about people all over the world who have had less than some of us who are highly successful in their niche businesses. Surely if they can get past limiting circumstances, so can you! Now go make something happen!