5 Powerful Quotes to Help You Make It Through Your Journey

I have to have harsher pep talks with myself than I'd like to admit. I can be very cynical at times when I feel like I am not doing enough, despite the fact that I am doing all I can. Sometimes, I get so far deep into my thoughts that I lose sight of big picture. Ever been there?

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Sometimes we get so caught up in seeing the reward that we forget to embrace our process.  To keep myself on track, I've decided to get to gather 5 powerful quotes to help remind me why I need to stop entertaining negative thoughts and stay on track. I thought this could help someone reading this so let's get to it:


You're gonna die - Garyvee

This is fact. You're gonna die!

What the heck are you doing with your time? What are you doing with your thoughts? One thing I've learned in dealing with anxiety, juggling parenthood and a business is to remember this simple equation: thinking = feelings = behavior. 

In other words, what you think determines how you feel. Feelings come after thoughts. How you feel about a certain thing allows you to determine how you will react to it.

So my question is, what are you thinking? If you remember how important your thoughts are, you'll understand how important it is to spend your time thinking and doing something worth a damn. You will die one day. As harsh as that sounds it is the truth so again I ask you, what the heck are you doing with your time? 

In relation to business, how are you using your time to start or grow that business? Are you spending meaningful periods of time devoted to growing your business? Are you letting business woes get the best of you?

Live your life the best way you see fit because you will die one day. When you find yourself procrastinating, remember that you are wasting valuable time and you need to use it strategically.


Happiness requires struggle - Mark Manson

You can't want the reward without the struggle.

Wait, Nat. I thought happiness was a choice. Yes, it is. Y

ou have the right to choose to be happy no matter what happens, but happiness isn't the only emotion you have. You're human and you will not always be "happy" about the things that life throws at you.  

Yes, you can choose to be happy. But, life doesn’t work that way, and as soon as you accept that life can be a struggle you'll get through this journey a lot easier. 

You must realize that what you are chasing to make yourself happy isn't outside of you. There will be a struggle of some sort. There may be a struggle of letting the old you go so you can have an improved life. There may be a struggle of accepting a reality about your health before you choose to be happy about the new life you do have.

Engrave this in your mind: You can't have happiness without a struggle of some sort (mentally, physically, and financially).  The key is to be prepared for a struggle as much as you can. You can be prepared by practicing acceptance and staying proactive. Surely you can’t avoid all challenges in life, but accepting that there will struggle will make your journey a lot smoother.


You can't win if you don't play - Unknown

Telling yourself you can't win at something you've never played or gave your full attention is the reason why you can't win. How can you win something you don't play? On the flip side, if you are living in fear you are not living. You may have fear that you'll lose or fear that you'll win, but either way you gotta play so you'll know how strong you are. You have to continue to play to see if something will improve. You have to play to learn how hard you have to bend to get what you want.


Life will bring you pressure and so will that business of yours. Either play or get out of the way.


You are becoming - Will Smith

Dealing with perfectionism has been tough. This quote has helped loosen up a bit when it comes to acceptance and failures. Becoming is an action word. It is an indication that something isn’t here yet but it’s on its way, its evolving, or it’s being prepared.

Never stop learning. You'll forever be a student. You will always be "becoming" the person you want to be. Embrace the fact that you're growing and learning more about yourself as you "become" something you've never imagined.


You are always choosing - Mark Manson

It is not always your fault, but it is your responsibility to decide how you will react. This goes for business and personal situations. If things go your way, it is a good sign that you are making the right decisions and you must decide how you will move forward from there. If things do not go your way (your fault or not), you must decide how you will move forward. No decision is still a decision. 

When it comes to business, you are always choosing how you will react to your imperfections, your failures, your successes and even that evil client from hell who has no chill. You must decide. 

The #1 thing I've learned within the last 2 years is to practice acceptance. If I learn to stop caring about so many things that don’t matter and accept things as they are, the way I decide to react would be much different. Acceptance helps you shift values and place energy on things that are far more important than the things we tend to focus on these days.

This blog post is for someone who wants to keep going and can't seem to find the strength or a reason to keep moving forward. It's perfectly normal to want to give up, it is not okay to actually give up.

If you're reading this, there is more to come. This journey, good or bad, is preparing you for the person you'll never get to be (because you are always becoming a better you). Your mind can't fathom your capabilities because you don’t know how much pressure you can take unless you play. You always have to decide what's next even if what you're dealing with isn't your fault. And finally, you're going to die one day so let's make this shit count!