5 Super Easy Ways To Immediately Monetize Your Blog

Earning as a content creator is an amazing accomplishment especially if you’re a blogger. Many people want to monetize their blog as soon as possible. Whether the goal of monetization is a small or large goal, it’s a great feeling to be able to create share-worthy content and get paid to do it. Earning money online can be a challenge for many online business owners and bloggers when starting out. If you’re new and are still building traffic, like myself, earning the amount of money you want every month on a consistent basis can take some time. The goal is to get started no matter where you are and stick with building an amazing blog so that monetizing comes easier.

**This post contains affiliate links which means I'll earn a commission if you click and purchase or sign up for anything I recommend. I will only recommend products I use or believe would benefit you and your goals.

Several content creators don’t believe earning at such an early stage in blogging is possible. They think they need 100,000+ page views to earn. Depending on your goals, this may be a legit thought process, but it’s not true for all bloggers. While higher page views lead to higher payouts, monetization is easy if you market effectively. Your income will grow as long as you stick to providing valuable content that your audience can use and apply. There are a ton of ways you can monetize your blog. Implement these revenue paths into your blog strategy so you can start earning from your blog today:


Affiliate Marketing

At this time, affiliate marketing is less than one month old for me, but I have earned since I’ve joined the following programs: Share-a-sale and Commission Junction.

Both are easy ways for new bloggers to start earning from their blog. Programs like Share-a-sale and Commission Junction are easy affiliate networks to get into. They are perfect for content creators to promote brands they love and invest in.

Share-a-sale has some really popular brands like WPengine (this is great for those who want to host and optimize with Wordpress). There are other brands we all recognize and use as well. It is one of my favorite affiliate networks. The key to earning anything worth discussing is to recommend products that an engaged audience would use; products that you genuinely want people to know about. An engaged audience means that people comment, share and subscribe to your blog because they love your content and are committed to telling others about your brand.

Commission Junction is another program that you can start marketing for other brands. I’ve earned higher payouts from blogging with this program. But, there are fewer programs that I’ve joined and are familiar with as far as business goes. This network is perfect for fashion, beauty, food, artistry, and photography bloggers. The key is to find what works best for you. Higher payouts in exchange for less promotional efforts is the goal.


Bonus Insight

You can also sign up for industry related affiliate programs from other peers. For example, if there is an amazing ebook you’ve invested in, see if the author has an affiliate program for the ebook. Do the same for an epic e-course you’ve taken. Refer your audience to the product in a case study or review of your experience. Earn a small commission when they purchase. It’s a win-win!


Affiliate Linking

This is also affiliate marketing but without much effort. You don’t have to promote brands with images and videos. You can simply link everytime you mention the brand’s name. There is a tool called VigLink that automatically inserts affiliate links for the brands you mention on your blog. It could literally be the brand name like Sephora or product from Kate Spade in a casual sentence like the one you’re reading now. The tool will notice it, link it, and allow you to earn commission when people click or purchase something (depending on how the merchant is set up). If this isn’t the easiest way to earn, I don’t know what is!

Sign up with my affiliate link (which means I will get commission for referring you) and upload the code onto your website after you sign up! Write. Earn. It’s that easy!

P.S. You can refer the program just like I did and earn more that way too when others sign up using your referral links.

Digital Templates

Focus on “done for you” products that give your readers a jump start on their goals. The habits that you think are simple may be difficult for someone else to grasp. What you use as a business process can easily help someone else who can’t get organized to their liking.

Digital templates can be social media graphic templates, contract templates, resume templates, ebook templates, and much more. Think outside the box! If you’re great at designing websites, create website templates and sell them!

Not only can you create digital templates, you can create digital and physical products to monetize your blog. I teach several ways to earn from digital products in my passive income guide. You don’t have to create templates alone, you can create recipes and other products that people need and will pay for. Learn what’s in the guide here plus get 45 new product ideas by niche when you download it!


Sponsored Posts

I’ve been getting quite a few emails from brands that want me to “mention” their brand or product in a blog post. At the time, I am not honoring these requests as I take pride in referring brands that I have personal experience with or that I know and can backup my referral. However, I do plan to accept sponsored posts sooner than later.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that there are several brands that request a mention or a post without compensating the blogger or mentioning a budget. I am all about collaborating, but this is not something (free work) that is beneficial to the blogging community. Sponsored posts are very popular among bloggers, so these requests shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Bloggers should be compensated in one way or another for posts that contain product requests. Whether it’s commission perks on any business referred or monetary payments, there should be mutual benefit. If you’re getting requests based on good favor, please watch what you say “yes” to. I encourage you not mention anything for free unless there is a clear mutual benefit. Be certain that you’re sure the brand has a great reputation with products you believe in. Your reputation is on the line too!



Coaching Services

The first thing I did to monetize my blog was to add strategy services to it. When I first started this blog, I was only charging $50 bucks for email coaching. I gave a solid email plan to clients who have drive and need a written brand strategy to reference over time.

There are other ways you can offer services. If you’re a great blogger, you can offer blog audits. Blog audits can be an amazing way to help others build a profitable blog, email list, and online presence.


Writing Services

Services are one of the fastest ways to meet your money goals and monetize your blog. If you’re an epic writer, you could sell articles or sales pages for brands who need to stay consistent with blogging, email marketing and/or converting sales from a page visitors land on (also known as a landing page) that entices them to purchase or sign up for something.


Monetizing your blog can be a challenge starting out, especially if you have very little traffic. But don’t worry. You must remember that an engaged audience is better than thousands of visitors who don’t care about your brand or the content you write. You should aim to build your audience and traffic. Post useful content on a consistent basis. Start monetizing your blog with affiliates. And, stick with it! If you love helping people, add these resources and tools to increase your money menu and watch the coins ring in!