5 Things I Do To Increase My Blog Traffic

One of my blog goals is to grow my blog to a blog that has a super engaged audience. My ultimate goal is to have get to 100,000 page views per month. I am definitely not there yet, but I am headed in that direction with the type of content I post and consistency. I know that there is a ton of work to put in. Most of us would like to start a blog that attracts several engaged readers who like to invest in what we have to offer. While I know it’s not impossible to get there, I do understand it takes some time.

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Blogging isn’t a huge numbers game for me, but I do focus on its growth because I genuinely want to help people in my niche. Plus, I am interested in earning enough passive income so that my family and I can travel the world. Therefore, blog page views have some significance although it is not the purpose of my blog’s existence.

I focus on the four large social media platforms that most people engage with: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. I also share blogs with my email list. Here are 5 things I make sure to do every week to increase my blog traffic:


Sharing posts in facebook groups

Sharing in several Facebook groups is my number one blog promotion strategy. My favorite place to share blog posts is The Blog Squad. In particular, there is a daily blog comments thread that I love.


Here’s how it works:

Submit the title of the blog post name along with the URL. Respond to 4 other blog posts that have been submitted with a genuine comment.

I do this every single day before lunch time.


Blog comments are beneficial for a couple of reasons:

  • When someone comments on your blog posts, you are able to check out their website and blog. Other readers are able to check out their blog as well. This works the same way when you comment on blog posts from other content creators. Leaving a genuine comment on other blogs may encourage people to look at your website. You will know where your traffic comes from by checking your analytics.

  • Businesses and brands can see that you have an engaged audience with blog comments. Blog comments will encourage others to comment or open the doors to collaborations or business opportunities.

This strategy has been highly effective for me. It’s one I see other influencers practicing so this strategy will definitely stick around. Facebook is the #1 referrer out of the four social platforms that refer blog traffic. I do post new and old blog posts in other groups when appropriate as well.


Pinning on Pinterest  + Pinterest group boards

I am still learning this platform, but it’s #2 out of the big 4 as far as blog traffic. I do invest in a monthly pinning tool, BoardBooster. I like to manually pin articles before bed. This strategy helps keep fresh content across my account. I did make a huge mistake with Pinterest when I learned about the platform. I invested in BoardBooster for the repin tool, but didn’t pin new content on a consistent basis. Now I have thousands of pins with very little followers as the tool kept pinning the same content. What a waste of money! But, it was a great lesson. I have corrected this mistake since I’ve realized it. Learn from my mistake. Always pin new content on a daily basis or pay for a tool to do it for you.

Boardbooster helps me repin old pins so that any new followers can pin my old content as well. Also, I’ve created a “Best of Strategist Cafe” board to pin only my blog posts. I have had a few people follow this board alone which excites me!

P.S. By the way, I am in a few Facebook groups that have Pinterest threads. These threads help me with pinning as well.


Sharing on Instagram

As of today, Instagram falls into #3 out of the big 4 social platforms. Most times I share a graphic on my Instagram account. I also share a live video recording on Instagram stories. Sometimes people will watch my stories instead of my visiting my account so I execute promotion on both.

Most times I get engagement on Instagram each time I post about a new blog post. The engagement is totally awesome! Also, it helps encourage new visitors when new people who find me on this platform. If they see a post they like on my feed, they can visit my website and search for the blog post they’re interested in. I usually only post once on Instagram when I publish a new blog post. This will change immediately. I will start re-posting the announcement of the blog post twice the week it’s published and but make sure I change the graphic for each post.


Posting on Twitter

I get the least amount of traffic from Twitter, but it doesn’t discourage me. Honestly, I don’t think I show Twitter enough love. It is safe to say that Twitter shows the same amount of love I put out (haha!). No shame. I just need to step my game up. I’ve gotten some traffic from Twitter so it’s worth sharing.

I’ve been tweeting about 7-10/day (excluding side convos and rants). Since doing a little bit of research, I’ve laughed at myself because no one really is seeing my content. From what I’ve learned, quite a few influencers recommend 20-30 tweets per day. Even larger brands tweet all day; so that’s double! I almost fell out my chair when I read that, but it is what it is. Out of the four big social platforms, Twitter falls into #4 for blog traffic.

Going forward, I will tweet more often plus use pictures and GIFs. I live for GIFs so this should be fun! Although Twitter allows GIFs, I schedule my posts 98% of the time with Hootsuite. To implement GIFs in my posts, I use my favorite website for GIFs, giphy.com.


Sending to my email list

I have a confession. I need to show my email way more love. I do share blog posts when I am discussing related topics. I need to change my email strategy like yesteryear (made that up). I have gotten some (very little) traffic to the blog posts I’ve mentioned. But, I have to admit that I’ve received traffic every time I shared a post so I can’t count this strategy out.

I failed to mention that I’ve done some guest posting which has contributed to my blog as well. To promote a new blog or if I want more love on an old blog, I implement these strategies each week on a consistent basis. My goal every year is double my traffic. So far, I am on the right track. I see progress every month with my efforts. I am sure the new strategies I’ve mentioned will boost my blog traffic quite a bit. I will be sure to write another post about my progress.

Remember that the more engaged readers you have, the higher your blog views will increase. The higher your blog traffic, the easier it will be to earn money from your blog (if that is your goal). Numbers matter, but there are some small blogs that are monetize *cough cough* and there are larger blogs that aren’t monetizing at all.

Whatever your goal is, always stay focused on and consistent with your growth strategy to see maximum results. What are growth strategies you’ve implemented to grow your blog traffic? I’d love to know in the comments.