5 Things Your Audience Should Feel When You Post Online

I don’t know about anyone else but I love when business does not have to be so serious! Don’t get me wrong. I am very serious about the health of my business. I just want to have fun and enjoy what I am doing, which is helping people grow their brands, while earning the lifestyle I’ve always dreamed of. I don’t want to do business and be “oh-so-serious” that the fun gets taken out of what I love to do. I am sure some of you can relate!

Saying that, I love when I create content that my audience can use and apply to their lives and businesses. Creating content should be fun for business owners! It should be very fulfilling because your business is helping someone with a certain area of their life. But, how do you know when the content you’re posting is resonating with your audience? How do you know when your audience is interested in what you have to say?

5 Things Your Audience Should Feel When You Post Online

Engagement is a dead give away, but let’s think about the people who never comment and who never share your posts. Does that mean they don’t like or understand your content? Absolutely not. You may leave an impression on your audience without them literally telling you that you've left one. When you post content on social and web, your audience should feel one or more of these 5 things:



Your audience should feel inspired by your content when you post online. Inspiration can come in a broad range of format and distribution (ex: written or audio format distributed through a website or social platform) but it should be aligned with your brand and the things that your audience can identify with. Your audience can be inspired to start a business, buy products from your store, create a share-worthy piece of art, etc. Creating content that inspires them to take action no matter what that action is, is the beginning of a good thing. It could be one of the first things that connect you with your ideal clients and targeted audience.


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Content that motivates someone to take action, to start something, to adjust something, and to create something is what people crave! They also crave clarification, they crave confirmation and they crave acknowledgement of some sort! Have you ever had someone speak to your soul at a seminar, meeting, school, event, or church and it encouraged you to go out and take over the world? It’s like the person knew the exact thing that makes you tear up, the things that make you say “hell yeah” or say “forget those people who don’t support me when I need it the most”. Your content should not only tell a story, it should be geared towards your audience to motivate them and make them feel stronger with their journey!



Your content should make your prospect feel convicted or guilty, but not in a condescending way or to make them feel like horrible people. It’s purpose should be to evoke emotion to encourage them to act. This is where you authority comes into play. Sharing myths with your audience will definitely catch the attention of your ideal clients. Maybe someone thought that they could accomplish something by doing the exact same things that everyone else tells them to do. Your content will clear up some beliefs they have or put their bad habits on blast to encourage them to take action!

Again, this is not a suggestion to belittle anyone. However, it is a suggestion to speak to people’s struggles. Some of us are band-wagoners. Some of us are taking short cuts thinking we’ll get results faster. Some of us are not being consistent with our businesses, yet we want others to take our business seriously. Some of us are better at coming up with ideas but we are not good at transitioning those ideas into goals and then executing them. Use your content to force people out of their mindset and comfort zones to encourage them to act!


Connection through similarities or empathy 

You know those little stories you hear about how someone used to work at a certain job and they were unhappy or overwhelmed so they explain what they did to change their lives? They may go on to explain all of the feelings they had due to lack of support or money. They may even take it a step further to tell you their inner most deepest fears before they took their leap of faith. All of these stories grab someone’s attention. They connect with the storyteller, the marketer, the brand, in some way. You never know how your story can help someone through their tough times and inspire them to start something new. Your content should connect you with your audience in ways they’ve never thought of! Build that rapport through storytelling. Someone may not need you today, but they will surely think of you and your brand in the future because of the content you publish!



Before we make a purchase, we have to decide if it’s going to be a great investment before we dish out any of our money. The same buying decision and process goes for everyone else. An informed buyer will most likely understand why they want or need what you have to offer. An informed buyer will also understand when they may need your product or services. Each person that visits your website or your social media page is NOT a prospect but, they may know someone who is or may need what you have to offer at a later date. The whole idea of creating and publishing informative content is to develop a perception that you know what the heck you are talking about, you know the kinds of ingredients and materials in your products and that you know your services will give proven results!

Not only do you have to diversify the types of content you create, you have to diversify the topics of content that you create. In my content creation course, Content Overdose, I teach how to develop content that strikes emotion using all of these important factors. This e-course will help you stand out from others in your field, it will help you gain clarity for your brand, and it will help you develop a strong content strategy to market your brand more effectively. If you are tired of wrecking your brain with creating content on a consistent basis, ease your mind here.

Study your industry and your niche consistently. Study your audience to see what they like and dislike. Marry what you do well, what you know, and what you’ve learned with the goals of your brand to speak directly to the right people through your content. Focus on creating content that evokes emotion to encourage your audience to act!

What are some ways you use content to connect with your audience? Have you captured the attention of your audience through any of these techniques and strategies? Please share and comment below.