5 Ways A START HERE Page Will Benefit Your Business

The most amazing feeling in the world is to find exactly what you are looking for online when you visit a company’s website. That is the feeling I get when I visit a website that has some kind of index or directory as an individual page. It’s even better when there is a simple navigation menu, a search bar and a start here page.

5 Ways A START HERE Page Will Benefit Your Business

When a visitor finds your website, they are interested in one of two things, or both:

#1: What does this company do

#2: How can this company benefit me.

Even if the visitor is knowledgeable about a company’s products or services, the visitor may still review the entire website to learn more about what the company does and/or has to offer.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been seeing more “Start Here” pages on websites. Granted, these aren’t needed for all businesses, but it sure does help with organization of a website. I can think of several businesses in different industries and niches that will benefit from creating a start here page on its website. Start here pages are great marketing strategies for business owners who want visitors to take specific actions. It is a sweet spot for the intended audience. It builds trust with new visitors, if well executed, and it is a professional look for the business. If you don’t have a start here page on your website, you should definitely consider creating one. Here’s 5 ways “start here” pages will benefit your business:


Immediately builds trust

The top and most important reason why a start here page will benefit your business is that it will build trust. We all know trust is a big factor in business. Start here pages produce a trust factor immediately when visitors discover the content on it. If you know your target audience pretty well, your start here page will speak to each visitor at their level. It doesn’t matter if they know about your business or if they are just visiting out of curiosity. Your start here page says that your business knows your audience and that your business is here to service them.

On my start here page, I speak directly to new business owners and emerging business owners. While the seasoned business owner could learn from some of my blog posts, my target audience are new and emerging creative entrepreneurs. My start here page gives them foundation in business. It starts with planning, branding and coping with the mindset of having limited resources. I also provide great articles for emerging business owners who want to increase influence and brand awareness.

Trust is such a huge factor with customers. If you can earn your visitor’s trust, you may earn a lifetime loyal paying fan, so start with an effective start here page asap!


Increases email subscribers and conversions

If you were wondering what’s the purpose of a start here page when you already have a navigation menu, this key point is for you. Having a start here page sends your visitors directly to your opt-ins. Even if you have a pop-up optin box, you can use your start here page to collect additional emails. You can have multiple opt-ins on this page besides your primary email subscriber opt-in.  You can have other opt-in boxes for your freebies such as free workbooks, ebooks, resource guides, video trainings and webinars. Be careful with how you present these opt-in options because you would want to avoid looking spammy. Your start here page is an awesome sales funnel for your visitors so this will be the perfect strategy to increase conversions with sales copy. It all depends on your business needs and preferences. I’ve seen freebies on a start here page and I’ve seen a combination of free and paid content on this kind of web page. Either way it’s a mutual benefit for your visitors and the business.


Creates a website that is easier to navigate

Creating a start here page helps your visitors find things easier. It helps your visitors avoid a long unnecessary search, especially if you have a website that has several options and categories to search through. If you are a business owner who offers several products, packages, or covers several areas of business within your niche, a start here page will be your BFF. Instead of having a cluttered navigation menu or sidebar, a start here page will allow you to simplify any categories or areas of business. Start here pages do the work for the potential customer and for your business as an organized directory. It’s straight to the point and it will help benefit other areas of your business.


Easily identify what your audience needs or likes

One of the hardest things about starting or growing a business is constantly researching your target audience. It’s an ongoing process because things and people change. Trends change. Technology changes. Needs change. There are several ways you could get to know your audience, but one of the easiest ways to learn about your audience is to create a strategic start here page that caters to the wants and needs of your target audience. Consider the purpose of your website and the goals of your target audience when they visit your website. Think about the audience members who don’t know that they need your products or services. Think about the people who know they need what your business has to offer.

Create a page that is so easy to gravitate to or revisit that you’re allowed to collect additional statistics from it outside of your normal weekly or monthly routine of reviewing analytics. While collecting emails and sales are totally necessary for our business, it’s equally necessary that we collect and analyze what our audience likes. We can determine what our audience needs and likes by what they sign up for, by what they purchase, and by the web pages they click on the most. A start here page alone can help us review and adjust the content on our start here pages based on the actions that visitors take on this page.


BONUS: Website looks professional

All of the useful content, easy navigation, and freebies won’t help if your website has way too many options and too many distractions. Visitors love convenience. Most won’t bother if a website looks unprofessional. Start here pages are meant to have specific areas of a website visited or specific resources or products downloaded through email or a purchase. Start here pages are intentional and they should be used effectively. Here are some awesome websites with start here pages:


Are you using a start here page to get the attention of your website visitors? If not, will you consider adding this unique page to your website? If so, how has a start here page helped you learn more about your business and customers? I would love to know in the comments.