7 Blog Posts Readers Never Get Tired Of

Often times businesses that want to start blogging don’t have many ideas or know what to blog about. It’s important to develop a very good understanding of what the needs of your target market are. It is also important to understand the lifestyle and values of your target audience. Once you begin to understand these things about your audience, you can create content that they would like to read in relation to your business.

7 Blog Posts Readers Never Get Tired Of

Think about their pain points, what they struggle with, where confusion lies, and ways they can save time or money and use those subjects to create content for your business blog. Here are a few questions you could ask yourself when thinking about who your audience is:

  • Do they like reading?
  • Do they like audio or things that they can listen to that don’t take up much of their time?
  • Are they visual? Do they like pictures to guide them through a certain process?
  • Do they love inspirational photos such as outfits or home decor ideas?
  • Do they love planners or organizational stationery?

Whatever they like, start there. If you aren’t a great writer, don’t worry, you can start a podcast, a video blog (also known as a vlog) or another kind of audio format that allows you to speak and your audience to listen if you they are the kind of audience that stays on the go. However you choose to blog, get it done!

Start your blog with a resolution by solving a problem your target audience has or by helping them accomplish a goal. Invite them into your work area or work space. Teach them how to do something or provide the essentials needed to grow their business. Show them different uses of the products or services you sell. There is so much to talk about on your blog, you just have to get in the heads and hearts of your customers. I’ve decided to use a few examples from my content ebook: 30 Ways to Create Content for Social Media and Business  (ya might want to grab a copy!)


How to/DIY Blog posts

How to or DIY posts grab the attention of your audience immediately. When people see a “how to” post from a creative person who makes awesome things or has a bomb ass portfolio, they pay attention! How to posts show step by step processes that will allow your audience to replicate something they love themselves. They get a better understanding of the time and attention that goes into the production or creation of something. Make sure you add as many pictures of the steps as you can. Use simple terminology and stay away from terms that aren’t frequently used by your target audience. You may also want to include a few checklists for your audience to keep for their records as they follow your guided blog posts. How to and DIY blog posts help you establish authority.


 Essential needs for _____

Posting tools and resources for your target market is also a great way to help them run efficient businesses or great lives. Essential needs posts can be used for any audience. Again, this goes back to who your target audience is. If you sell art, your blog post could be “7 essential needs for artists who are beginners”. If you are a virtual assistant, your blog post could be “13 ways a virtual assistant could change your entire business operation for good”. Whatever will help your readers operate their businesses and lives better, write about it. You could even post essentials for becoming a full time ____. Whatever you want to help your audience accomplish, post it!


Different uses of products

Let’s say you sell a product or service with multiple uses but your customers only seem to use it one or two ways. Here, you have an opportunity to address a need your audience doesn’t know they have or, you can show them what they are missing out on by doing things their conventional way! Let’s say you crochet scarfs and also have a lifestyle blog. Your blog posts could give options of how customers can wear the scarves you create and how to incorporate those looks into their office attire and dinner attire. You could also give the idea of using the scarf for an interior design project in the home by maybe wrapping a naked pillow with it, adding buttons to the pillow and turning it into a decorative pillow, (Idk if that is possible. I am just throwing ideas out there!) Giving ideas about different uses of products is extremely helpful and your audience will thank you for it!



Reviews can be done for products, materials, services or anything you can think of. If you are trying out something new to incorporate in a product you are creating or a package you are putting together to sell, you have now created content that you can write about. Reviews are to inform your audience on the things they need to know about. With reviews, you are helping your customers or other peers with their research process. Be sure to include the how, when, why and what in your blog posts. State the beginning, your thoughts before you purchased the product/service and your predicted outcome. Also state the outcome and your afterthoughts after your purchase and experience with the company, material or whatever you are reviewing.


New products/services

If you are creating a new product or service, make a post about it! Blogging about new products and services is great content marketing. But please, don’t be all "salesy"! Start with WHY and HOW. State why your product or service creates and adds value to your customers. Start with how this problem will solve all issues or complete a process. Tap into your reader's imaginations if you sell nice home decor or any craft products.  Let your readers know that you are creating something to ease their pain and add value to their life. They will stick around to check on the progress of your new product and they will be excited when you launch it!


Case Studies

Have you done something so special or significant that it gave you exceptional results? Guest what, people want to hear about it! There are other people who are in the same place you were in before you got the results so share the news! This could be how you made $2k in 2 days or how you got people to join your mailing lists. You can share what worked and what didn’t to help people learn or eliminate things they probably were thinking of. Case studies are not to brag about what you get or how you are living, they are used to motivate and help others aspiring to gain those same benefits so don't hold back.


Behind the scenes : A look inside your business and how you operate it.

People love behind the scenes photos especially if you have a highly visual brand. Personally, I love when photographers, sticker makers, artists, fashion designers, hair stylists, and makeup artists share videos of how they work and who they work with to make their magic happen! My advice is to follow suit. If you have a process in which you create your own stock photos or how you create your own promotional campaigns, make a blog post about it. Involve your customers in the process.

These were just a few ideas to help you create the content for your blog that your audience would love. To have a successful blog, you must remember what interests your target audience has and what they value. Keep the content on your blog fun and informational. Remember to add pictures and provide content that helps or entertains your audience.

If you need additional ideas of what to post about, use the Blog Title Generator from IMPACT for blog title ideas. Simply enter a subject of your choice and it will generate great topics for you!