7 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

It seems like the hottest trend in marketing is creating loyal customers by boosting social media accounts. However, there is a lot of hard work. For starters, building an audience takes time. There are certain actions you must take to conquer the social media beasts. Below are 7 social media marketing tips to help you grow your social media accounts:

7 Tips to Boost Your Social Media Marketing - Strategist Cafe

Tip #1: Consistency

Popular accounts post often on social media accounts. For example, most businesses post a minimum of 3 times per day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Posting consistent content and at consistent times will help you gain recognition. Earn credibility by staying engaged with your audience with quality content.  Facebook is a great way to share other content to help your audience with different areas of their life and/or business.  Instagram is more of a visual platform that allows your audience to connect with you through visual content. Engagement is more direct on Instagram. Therefore, you must be intentional with your posts.                                                                                                            

Tip #2: What to Post/Repost: Kinds of content

There are many kinds of posts that you can deliver to your audience. Make sure your post relates to and represents your brand. According to The Content Marketing Mix infographic created by Smart Insights, posts can be:


  • Quotes
  • Information about products/services
  • How to’s
  • Trend reports


  • Reviews
  • Mockups (Created Photos/Models to show features)
  • Inspirational stories
  • Endorsements

Entertainment (Quality entertainment that is!)

  • Humor posts your audience can relate to
  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Challenges


  • Calculations
  • Demonstrations
  • Price Menus
  • Ratings

For more content ideas, download my content ebook, 30 Ways to Create Content for Social Media & Business, right here!


Tip #3: High Quality Images

When a customer visits your social media pages, they should see what you are offering immediately. The photos you post or share should be clear, vibrant, and clear of distractions in the background. Any items that take away attention from what is being promoted should be cropped and removed. If you are taking your own pictures, make sure they have great lighting. For beauty photos, natural lighting is usually best. Don’t be afraid to use filters. Many people criticize using filters, but everything we see visually is filtered. Magazines, photoshoots, commercials, or news shows are all filtered in order for the photo to have maximum impact with their audience. The goal is to use filters with moderation in order to remove shadows and highlight areas where needed. Contrast filters help with color enhancement and brightness filters can be useful for moderately dim photos.


Tip #4: Engagement Post

Engagement posts get your audience commenting, sharing, and reposting your information and posts [Psst! Watermark everything you post.] You can post:

Questions for audience opinion:

  • What are your goals for 20XX?
  • What does success look like to you?
  • Describe your brand personality in one word.

Fill in the blank posts:

  • I am happier when I ______.
  • The best thing about owning a business is ______.
  • My monthly follower goals are ______.

“Caption this” posts:

  • Crazy face post
  • Baby doing something hilarious
  • Pet doing something hilarious

Tip#5: Hashtags

Why are hashtags important? Hashtags are used to discover content information, products or services. Here are some tips for using hashtags:

  • Use related hashtags according to your industry, professional, and topic of content you are posting. Think about how consumers will search for your business.
  • Use singular and plural words when posting. [ Ex: #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs]
  • Use hashtags on apps like Instagram and Twitter.


Tip #6: When to Post: Best and worst times to post

I am a fan of choosing platforms that work best for you in relation to where your target market is. For example, there are so many platforms for social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, etc. Don’t get overwhelmed in trying to utilize all of them at first. From my experience in the corporate world, companies hire an individual who solely manages their social media marketing. However, there are a few resources that you can use to help you determine when and what to post. I suggest searching "social media tips for ___" on Pinterest.

Make notes of the best and worst times to post for these platforms according to the graphic. Next, review your own results by using Iconosquare. Iconosquare gathers information and analytics about your account. It will generate the popular content you post, your posting habits in comparison to the engagement you get, the most engagement posts you have, and what hashtags you are using that are effective. The analytics will help you with what to post and when to post it.


Tip #7: Scheduling Posts

Automation is the best thing since sliced pie! It is amazing how far technology has brought us. Automate everything that you possibly can! Your day will go by so much faster and smoother. Use Hootsuite for free if you have 3 accounts or less. You can schedule your post across different platforms. Squarespace has a scheduler embedded into its blogs and Facebook has a scheduling tool for posting on your business pages.

Social media marketing can be very rewarding if we take the time to really dissect the information or communication we get through interactions or lack thereof. We must look at the statistics of our businesses. We have to determine what is best for our brands and our businesses. Measuring our performance on many levels will help plan our social media marketing plans efficiently. Once we catch the rhythm of the wave of our target market, we become somewhat of a social media marketing pro!

Let's chat. Have you used any other these tips before? What methods have you all been using to grow your social platforms? Comment below.