7 Ways to Increase Web Traffic From Social Media + Build Your Email List

Systematic plans to increase website traffic and build email lists are an ongoing plan for most businesses. Businesses want higher website traffic in hopes to intentionally increase sales. They also want to build their email lists to increase more targeted sales as results of their marketing efforts. Since both of these tactics are apart of effective marketing plans, it’s important to know what kinds of content help heightened numbers for both areas of business.

7 Ways to Increase Web Traffic From Social Media + Build Your Email List

As a part of brand development, we must be adamant about increasing web traffic especially since we know most visitors will come from social media or a search engine. Sometimes people just stumble across our businesses online or social media accounts in search for something else. This is great because now we have about 10 secs to appeal to them. We have to make sure our businesses are in a position that appeals to customers visually and fulfills a need customers have or helps them accomplish a goal.

Most times businesses provide content for potential customers through different types of resources to help them accomplish their goals in exchange for one of two things: their email or their money. It’s the same strategy on a website as it is on social media. On social media, when you offer an incentive or resource with a call to action [Ex: click the link to get your copy of ______ ], it is possible to “kill two birds with one stone” with the strategy of offering resources in exchange for their email or money. You’ll either create a promotional photo with a call to action or you’ll have the information in your bio of how people will get what you are giving away or selling. Businesses create many resources with these two goals in mind by creating one or more of these 7 things:



Checklists is another form of a to do list for people who need help accomplishing something or to stay organized. Checklists are great incentives to use to increase website traffic or the number of people who subscribe to your email list. Checklists are one of easier types of content to create, but it better be good if you offer this as an incentive in exchange for someone’s email. You could create checklist to help someone complete a process. Great examples of checklists are checklists for posting a blog, publishing a marketing campaign, conducting a photoshoot, crafting a project, hosting a webinar or anything that someone would need in your industry.



A recipe is another form of a how to resource. If you are a maker, this is right up your alley! For example, if you are in the food industry, offering 30 fun recipes for moms on the go will definitely increase your web traffic and email list. You can use a recipe for other things besides traditional food recipes that tell the reader the ingredients and materials needed and used to accomplish a goal. It’s also a great sales funnel to have because collecting emails allow you the opportunity to sell to your email list. It’s a great way to build relationships through your email list as well.


Resource vaults

Resource vaults usually have all the goodies insides from free ebooks, checklists, how tos, places online to help grow your business, apps and other businesses that you’ll need to help you grow personally and professionally. Many bloggers and coaches offer resource vaults. You can create the same thing for your business. If you have a plethora of resources that you genuinely would like to share, create a web page that needs a password and encourage people to sign up for its access. Tell visitors that they can only access this exclusive vault by putting in their email address. Once you set up your access page, create an automated email that gives them the access code to enter. They’ll definitely love your brand and website as you update your vault. This is a great way to build your email list and brand.



Ebooks are great for having valuable content in PDF form. Think of some things that you can share endlessly from your expertise. An ebook can be super niche that caters to a specific demographic or audience. Or, ebooks can be for a general audience that has a need for the information you share in your ebook. Ebooks are great informational tools to help customers develop a skill. They are also great portable resources that customers can have on their phone or tablet. You can create ebooks in PDF format through any Microsoft application or the free software that I am dating, Canva.



E-courses can be in the form of series email, audio or video. You can create a free ecourse to collect emails through your email software or a website like Teachable. No matter where you host your e-course, you will teach your audience how to get things done and most times within a certain period of time. You could also collect emails for paid e-course too. Either method helps add visitors to your website and email list each month. Other courses can be found on platforms where courses are hosted, search engines or paid advertising online.



Workshops are more personable content because your audience will see you versus listening to you as they normally would during webinars. This is a visual form of content. Workshops are usually presentations that teach an audience an array of things. These workshops can show how a person creates a system for goal setting, how to cook, write blogs or a unique technique for marketing through writing called copy, or how to style outfits. Anything can be taught through workshops. Free workshops are a great way to collect emails and send attendees in the workshop back to your website at a certain point. Consider this option when you are completely ready to present useful information and have all visuals prepared.


Discounts for first purchase

This business model is similar to brick and mortar businesses that offer first time customers discounts in exchange for their email address. Consider many shopping experiences that you’ve had. You may have entered your email address for upcoming sales from your favorite online business. As time goes on, the business will email you about new products or services they offer plus exclusive discounts. Most websites offer first-time buyers discounts before they make their first purchase. Follow this same business model. Discounts help both parties win! The buyer is more likely to give their email address in exchange for the incentive and you are more likely to have a loyal customers with your email marketing efforts.

To increase website traffic is to also increase the chances of receiving higher sales as well as building a larger email list. Creating a call-to-action on your website and social media accounts are a great way to entice potential buyers to complete the exchange of their email address or money. Develop a great resource for potential customers to visit your website often and invest in your business with either their email or their money. Be sure to keep a consistent marketing plan to build in both areas at all time.

What are other ways to get higher web and email subscriber lists in your industry? Have you tried any of these types of resources to build your email list? Please share in the comments below.