8 Innovative Women Who Make Content Marketing Look Fun

So many people are lost about what to say, what to post and what to publish. They know they offer value. They know that there is a path made just for them, and along that path there are people who need what they have to offer. The confusion comes in when they don't have clarity internally so it hinders creative content creation for their brand. This confusion breathes procrastination, doubt and pause. Sounds familiar?

8 Innovative Women Who Make Content Marketing Look Fun

Inner clarity is present when you know exactly who you are, what you do, how you do it and why you do it. Inner clarity is also present when you understand how your existence could help people. Once you have clarity with you, you can begin to reach the people you intend to help.

When you are at the point of researching and learning everything about your audience and ideal clients, you'll be able to seamlessly create content that they can connect with on an emotional level as well as a logical level. Creating content is huge! No. Allow me to correct myself.  Creating useful content is huge! Many business owners know that killer content is key to encouraging an audience to take action. In fact, I've witnessed some of the greatest content marketing strategies published by these 8 amazing women:


By Regina

I seriously don't know how Regina creates such bundles of content at one time. It's seriously admirable. She encouraged me to start my business/blog through her content. Although I've never spoke with her personally, I'll be forever grateful for her knowledge and expertise. One of her best pieces of content is Infopreneur in 5. With videos and worksheets, it helps business strategists like myself get clarity on who they want to be, what they want to teach, and how they plan to teach it. Each email is a thorough lesson about each topic. I was blessed to take all 10 lessons when they were available, but if you are thinking about selling information online, that free course if for you!



Mattie is awesome at being the home girl in my pocket. That means I get to watch her brand grow through my phone on any channel or platform that I follow her on. She is awesome at breaking down content for any person in business and blogging in her audience. She keeps it real and will not hesitate to tell you why something isn’t working! She does monthly webinars that are amazing! You should definitely sign up for her mailing list and catch the next one. She also has an amazing podcast that is extremely helpful and motivating to any business owner at any level. Plus she has  bad ass graphics and aesthetics. Shout out to her graphic designer, the real graphic MVP!


Maya Elious

Maya, Mattie’s little sister, is very strategic with explaining content creation, branding, and aligning yourself with your purpose. My favorite platform to follow her is on Twitter! She isn’t afraid to speak her mind about any topic she feels is worth a discussion. Maya is awesome at breaking down information that gets business owners clarity. Here’s one of my favorite blogs, How to Decide Which Season of Your Business You Should Be In. This blog was so helpful to me because it helped me put into perspective where I am with my business and where to go next. It’s one thing to know where you are going next, but it makes it so much better when you receive clarity and confirmation. I am sure other people feel the same way as they elevate to different levels with their business. Read her blog (mentioned above) and get clearer about your vision now!

The Six Figure Chick

What can I really say about Cici? Cici knows her business, branding, marketing and tech stuff! I've coached with her. It was amazing! She is always someone I want to make proud. She'll tell you what it is and what it's not really quick. She will get your business on track! One thing I love about her is that she rocks Instagram so well. Her captions are meaningful and she is very conversational with her content.

Design Your Own Blog

I absolutely love the DIY (do-it-yourself) crew. It was how I learned the majority of things that I know now. Marianne at Design Your Own Blog is the best at explaining tutorials and helping new bloggers create the best blog presentations. I love her step-by-step blog posts. Plus, she shares awesome branding elements and resources that you could use for your business such as textures, fonts, and other design elements that would make designing easier and prettier! If you are someone who wants to understand how to design your blog the right way, head over to Design Your Own Blog and indulge!

Fearless Catherine

I found Fearless Catherine through a simple “like” that she made on my Instagram page. She creates amazing content that pushes women to the next level. She is true about her brand and is extremely passionate about the growth of others. I can see the transparency and authenticity with her brand which is extremely important to me. The thing that I learn constantly from her is that it’s okay for things to not be perfect and to just get it done! Period. This post, in particular, keeps me going and I hope it can be an inspiration to you as well:


The Coffee Date

Diana at The Coffee Date gives some really awesome tips for growing website traffic and email lists on her blog. Diana also shares amazing social media tips to help grow your audience as well. She is awesome at explaining each step and includes demonstrative pictures through her emails. I love how interactive her blogs are. They’ll keep you engaged with photos, worksheets, cheat sheets and more! You will definitely learn more than what you came there for.

Natalie Greagor

Did you really think we were going to discuss fun content marketing without adding myself? I thought about not excluding myself, but I will go ahead and *toot* my own horn! I love content marketing. I love thinking and implementing creative marketing to teach and entertain my audience and clients. It’s in my blood and I truly get a high out of all of this.

My marketing is very informal. It is compassionate, fussy, informative, funny, and educational. I infuse my personality in my content. I make sure my audience can use my content and apply it to their personal or business life. I make sure you can see the effort I put into my brand! I teach my best content creation strategies in my newest e-course, Content Overdose 2.0. My brand is conversational, youthful and most of all educational! My audience enjoys my content and that alone is what keeps me going!

This list is not only a list of women who I admire. There are too many to name. This list reflects direct change that I’ve had with all of the content these wonderful ladies consistently produce! All of these women have helped me and my business in one way or more. So in a way this is my public “thank you” as well. I've purchased from a few and have attended education classes from others. I'm almost kin to Mattie and Maya. They just don't know it. Cici is like the friend that will tell you what you don’t want to hear but has your back 150%. Marianne is highly resourceful to those who design themselves plus she is apart of the DIY (do-it-yourself) crew. Fearless Catherine keeps me on my toes. She keeps me thinking and pumped! Diana from The Coffee Date is an inspiration to me and has the best conversation about business and living life. I hope you’ve found my list of innovative ladies resourceful. All of these women will change your life! Promise.

Is there anyone who is totally killing the content marketing game? Comment below and tell me why you love them. Be sure to leave a link to their account or website!