How To Build A Stellar Brand Identity And Attract Your Ideal Clients

I’ve realized how much I loved design about 6 months ago. Not how often I use design but how much I truly love to do it. I’ve always had to do almost all of the branding and marketing materials for my bridal business, so I never really thought about how much design I do and how long it takes me to get things done. After reading so many comments on other folks pages and my own social platforms, I’ve discovered a trend with emerging business owners. Some had the concept of branding down packed, but they lacked the “How to” when incorporating the visuals in their brand. Visuals are a big part of branding because it could determine how people judge and perceive your business.

How To Build A Stellar Brand Identity And Attract Your Ideal Clients

Think about some of the things that you see online. Some pages are beautifully organized, others “say” they do one thing professionally and you think to yourself, “where?”. I know looked on a profile with this thought a ton of times and I move right along to the next best thing on my timeline. This is not the reaction we want people to have when they visit our digital platforms. It’s so extremely important to catch the attention of a person who stumbled onto our pages and for that reason alone, it’s a must that we learn how to build stellar brands!

Branding is so delicious when it’s done the right way! I mean, people really thirst for more when they love what you’ve done in their world and in the communities you give back to. Branding is an ongoing relationship with a company or person and its audience. It nourishes itself as it evolves and it nourishes the people it serves as it evolves as well. There is a big difference between creating a brand and creating a stellar brand! A stellar brand has 4 specific elements that differentiates it from others in its industry. It holds human characteristics that people can actually relate to and visualize themselves being friends with it if it was a real human. Here are 4 things you should do to create a stellar brand for your business:


Create a tone and personality for your brand

The main thing I look for, besides value, when I read someone’s content is any similarity that we may have together. It could be something as simple as the way their personality shines through their writing, their words, or their slang, but it still helps me determine if I would like the company or brand going forward. It’s very important to create a tone of authenticity for your brand. To create a stellar brand identity, brand your personality (if it’s a nice one of course!). Branding your personality will attract your ideal audience. The people who love your brand will fall in love with your personality which in turn develops a love for your brand's personality.

Brands that lack personality risk ruining the chance of an emotional connection with your target audience which is the foundation of customer loyalty. When you share your story, your experiences, your knowledge and expertise, use your tone and personality when you do so. Understanding the importance of these two elements will help you create a stellar brand identity.


Develop a cohesive color pattern for your brand

Choosing colors for your brand should be strategic. You would think that choosing colors for your brand would be easy, and it is, but choosing colors that have meaning is best for you and your ideal clients. We may not speak about how we view colors, color patterns and different variations of color out loud, but we do have certain thoughts about certain color combinations and color patterns. For example, most of us view neon colors as vibrant, lively colors. We may also view neutral tones (browns, greens, tans) as soulful or earthy. Think about the colors you have chosen (or will choose) for your brand and why you may have chosen those colors. Take a moment and think about how they affect your brand:

  • Do these colors look good together?

  • Are you consistent with your brand pattern across all platforms?

  • What do these colors mean to you when you see them?

  • What do these colors represent in your life?

  • Do these colors remind you of something soft, bold, vibrant, fun, pure, etc?


Now think about what these colors mean to your audience.

  • Do you think that you share the same views with your audience about the colors you’ve chosen for your brand?

  • Do they think your colors look great together (You’d know when someone tells you they love your website, social media pages, business cards, marketing materials, etc)?

All of these things are great to think about whether or not you’ve chosen brand colors or you are considering brand color patterns for your new business. The best way to build a stellar brand is to find colors that mean something to you and your audience, create the perfect patterns for your digital platforms, and consistently use them on across all platforms that your business can be found on.


Use a complimentary font pair for your brand

Fonts also play a huge role in your brand identity. Choosing brand fonts can be super easy, but you must always think about the personality of your brand. Think about the perceptions people have of different fonts. Some fonts are fun, some are hard on the eyes as they are hard to read, some fonts look great together, and some fonts look horrible! The best rule of thumb to use is “opposites attract” rule. Think about fonts that truly represent what your brand is about. If you have a polished look that has airy colors such as whites and golds, you may avoid using a font that is fat and school grade like. If you have a whimsical brand, those kinds of fonts may be better for you.

While you’re considering your font pairs, always choose one font that has easy readability. For example, all of the body text in your content should be a simple, plain font that doesn’t scare your readers away. Busy fonts or fonts that are too fancy for body text discourage people from reading your content. Remember to always consider your brand’s tone and personality when choosing your brand fonts and be sure to choose fonts that vary but have easy readability.


Remain consistent on all platforms

While choosing cohesive brand colors and fonts are essential to building an impeccable brand identity, you must include your tone and personality in your brand and remain consistent on all platforms that your business is on. Remaining cohesive lessens the chance of creating confusion for your audience. You’d want to avoid using one color for social media, another color for your blog, and a separate color for your website. Be sure to choose a certain style and color strategy before you start posting across your digital platforms. If you’ve already began developing a relationship with your audience and you don’t have a cohesive look, I want you to stop what you are doing right now and go fix it! Make a plan to create a consistent look for your brand and allow your audience to remember your brand at first sight.

Creating a strategy to build an epic brand identity can take careful thought and planning. Once you’ve developed a clear brand identity strategy, your audience will immediately develop a closer connection with your business because they will remember the look  of your brand anywhere. This is a step that you absolutely can not skip!

Creating a stellar brand is so important which is why I created an epic brand identity e-course to show you exactly how to choose brand colors, fonts, and styles for your brand. You’ll also learn how to create cohesive graphics using a super free design tool. Plus, you’ll learn how to create a stellar website using Squarespace which requires no coding experience! You'll be sure to walk away from the course with knowledge about your brand and the ability to create consistent digital homes for your business. Want to learn more about this e-course? Click here.