How to Create Content That Your Audience Craves

New and emerging business owners who have a hard time finding what to post online have a tendency to procrastinate or stop being consistent with their presence altogether because they don’t know what to share with their audience. They hear this term “content” but don’t actually know how to create it, especially content that their audience will engage with.

How to Create Content That Your Audience Craves

If you are a business owner, content should be in your vocabulary. You should understand it or try to understand it as best as you can. It should be used in your marketing plans, and you should be consistently creating better content as you and your business grows. Content marketing helps connect with your audience on an emotional level. It encourages your audience to take action. Relevant, useful content is necessary when establishing yourself as the top influencer niche. Therefore, it is everything you need to build your brand!

Many people post content online just to be posting, but here’s the thing, you can have all these ideas about what you think content is, you can post what you think you should be posting, but if you are not creating content intentionally, strategically to get your audience to understand how you can help them, you are doing yourself a huge disservice! There are a few things that you could do to create the content that your audience craves. Here's how:


Make your target audience your bestie

The number one issue I see a lot is that people stop listening to their target audience after some time. They forget that their audience shifts. You can post content all day, but if your audience has shifted interests in other parts of your business, you should follow. A great way to stay on top of this is to make your audience your best friend. Look at the things they post online. Research the pages that they follow. Understand what they like and what makes them tick! Ask them questions like where are they from, what industry are they in, and what they do. It’s an easy way to get them to market their business as well as help you learn more about the people who follow you. Once you learn these important details, creating content that caters specifically to them is much easier.


Have a conversation with your ideal client

Do you have a client that you think would be great for your brand? Follow the same steps as you did with making your audience your bestie. This time it would be a little more intimate. Comment, meaningfully, on their posts. If you like a picture, tell them that you do and why. If they ask a question to their audience, respond with a well-thought out answer. Stay connected. Once you build a small rapport with that person, begin to ask them questions about their life (respectfully) and business. It’s simple, natural conversation. Use it to the best of your ability by creating tips, and blogs to help them accomplish their goals! It works.


Consistently deliver value every time you post

Even on those days when you think you don’t have anything to post, you must always post valuable content. A good way to post value when you don’t have any fuel in your tank is to curate content. Curating content means gathering valuable content from other content creators, organizing it in a way that your audience would receive it best, and publishing it with your own spin on it (with credits, of course). A great example of content curation is posting the funniest client reviews, reposting client or customer photos of your products, posting quotes that other industry peers have said in their content, or sharing inspiration created by others on your social and web platforms. For blogs, you could create your top 10 favorite ___. Gather the information and the credits you'll need then market your socks off! Not only will your audience love your transparency, the people who get credit would appreciate you as well.


Use a Content Calendar

For those of you who have a hard time staying consistent with content, you have to use a content calendar to stay on top of your game. It won’t steer you wrong, I promise! A content calendar is great to write all of your posts out in the order you want your audience to receive it. When I use a content calendar, I include an entire month’s of work to help business owners streamline and organize their content creation process. Content calendars save so much time and it will keep you on track! You could use a regular monthly calendar for your content calendar. Decide what types of content you will post, the times you will post it, and write them down so you to follow and stay on track.


Scratch what doesn’t work

Many of you are confused about why you are not getting the traction that you want with your business. You are posting consistently. You are posting what your audience needs to know. The truth is, marketing yourself is an ongoing practice. Therefore, testing the market is an ongoing strategy. When you test the market you are seeing what your audience responds to the most. You are evaluating and determining what your audience needs based off of the content with the most engagement. From those points, you will be able to create content that the audience craves! The key here is to find out what works, scratch what doesn’t get a lot of engagement, and keep pushing!

Creating valuable content is not only the key driver to success and profit for your brand, it is necessary to build a tribe that sees you as an authority! You can learn how to create valuable content from scratch and present yourself as an authority after you’ve completed my e-course, Content Overdose 2.0. It breaks down the importance of clarifying and organizing your skills. It teaches you to understand your ideal client by dissecting their lifestyles. It teaches you how to create content based on the lifestyles of your target audience. It also teaches you how to fill your content calendar and free more time for your business! 


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