How to Create the Best Content For Your Audience

The difference between information and great content is how useful it is to your audience. Useful content means how relevant it is, how helpful it is, and how meaty it is. In other words, is it great enough to save, share, comment on, praise or purchase? Creating content takes creativity. It takes consistent effort because there are so many people who are creating content without a lot to go off of. They leave you with the “what now” curiosity. Don’t be that person.

How to Create the Best Content For Your Audience

What you want for your brand is a tribe, a community of people who love how you teach and connect with them. You want a brand that raises awareness about the things you represent. You want a brand to be able to learn the next steps and fulfill that “what now” curiosity. There are 4 important things that you should always keep in mind and practice to make your business shine through the crowd:


Teach your audience

The best way to set yourself apart from the crowd is to first, only create high-value content for your audience. That means be transparent and show your audience exactly what they need to do to accomplish a goal. There is a lot of BS content out here that will tell you why you should be doing something. While that content is fine, it should be used with a combination of actionable, thought-provoking information that helps your audience learn more about what they are interested in.

Secondly, get creative with the content you publish. Learn how to re-purpose everything so that teaching becomes easy to you. Remember that you have different audience members on different platforms. There may be some people who keep up with your brand across the entire digital space, but there will always be different people who need to learn different things from you online. Your audience on Instagram will not be the same audience on LinkedIn, therefore you have to understand the best ways to teach specific audiences across different platforms. The message will be the same, but the presentation will be different without deviating from your brand personality. Once you get your teaching strategy down, you can begin to connect with your audience.


Connect with your audience

Connecting with your audience is really simple to understand. It’s basically a one-on-one conversation between you and your audience. Depending on the personality of your brand, you can determine how formal or informal that conversation will be. When you present your content to your audience, your personality MUST be infused in your text, videos, and audio content.

Your voice is a non-negotiable necessity that is needed with your content. Without it, it’ll be extremely hard for your audience to detect authenticity with your brand. We all know fakeness (my made up word) will get you nowhere fast, so aim to connect with your audience with your personality. Be opinionated. Express how you feel about certain things that are happening. Be assertive and connect with your audience through content that has personality to entice them to do business with you.


Entice your audience

You’re a business. You aim to make money and to be extremely successful. We can’t discuss content creation for your audience without talking about money because that’s ultimately what a business aims to make, right? Once you’ve taught your audience, you’ve connected with them in a way that you’ll create content before they tell you they need it, you’ll entice them to take action. When your audience takes action, they express that they are interested in what you have to offer. They express that they want to learn more. Action can be something as simple as signing up for your email list or making a purchase.

Once you learn what your audience likes, you’ll make more of it to keep their attention. When you have their attention, you can take them on a journey that will lead them to your paid products. This is not a rush process. This is a process that takes time and patience. Entice your audience with high-end free content that leads to life-changing content. I am talking about the type of content that shows them how through steps and not just tells them how, like this blog post you’re reading. When someone is enticed, they are more likely to convert into long-term paying customers.

Convert your audience

Converting your audience members into long-term paying customers takes time. It’s won’t take a lifetime if you commit to teaching and connecting with them consistently. Teaching your audience creates an awesome first impression for your brand. Your content should be so juicy that they’d want to learn more at first sight. To convert your audience, they have to go on a journey with your brand. Teach them. Connect with them. Entice them with your free, high-value content then ask for the sale. All of these strategies lead to conversions. But, here’s the thing with conversions, the content you create and publish for your audience must be relevant to what they need at the time. If you are creating content that your audience doesn’t need, it’ll be difficult enticing them with your free content which ultimately discourages from buying from you.

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