How to Create Useful Content As A Fashion Designer Content Creation Mini-Series [Part 2 of 3]

Creating content is an old marketing strategy but has been the millennial online brand’s game changer across the digital space. No matter what niche you’re in, you have to diversify your content to serve your audience. Because everyone has a different learning style it's important to create more than one format of content. Part two of this content series will discuss content topics that fashion designers and fashion store business owners should create outside of their portfolio, product lists, and behind-the-scenes work.

Fashion designers, like many beauty artists, have a great strategy for entertaining and enticing their audience. It's understandable because most of their products are visual and they need to attract the right customers to their online stores, events, and local brick-and-mortar businesses. Most fashion designers and/or online boutiques consistently showcase their products, product numbers, and customer review as a great way to appeal to the imagination of their audience. However, there are many people who aren't sure if certain pieces or outfits will look right on them. They aren’t sure which accessories compliment their skin tone and wardrobe. That's why informing and educating a targeted audience is equally important as showing items the brand has to sell.

There are three things fashion designers and boutique owners can do to educate all members of their audience online as well as in person. Before we get started it’s important to make sure you identify your ideal buyer. Your content will be intentionally created for this person. For example, an ideal corporate baby-boomer is not the same as a younger millennial corporate woman. Just as you would communicate with both ladies differently, you'd would create content in their language to communicate in the same way. Once you’re clear on your ideal buyer's demographics and needs, you can create content to attract this person.

Why should fashion designers use content marketing as a marketing strategy? I’m glad you asked! There are three reasons:

  • To educate

  • To inspire

  • To build

Always remember, there are members in your audience who have fashion sense and members who lack it but need to find a business that fits their needs, lifestyle and preferences.

There are three things fashion designers and fashion business owners should consistently share with their audience to not only promote their products but to educate members in their audience. Let’s jump into the slideshow for the tips:

Diversified content that successfully serves your audience is key in developing connections with your audience. Because fashion is so visual, you should definitely implement creative content marketing using professional photography and video content to promote products and build your brand. Informing your audience about the topics discussed in the slides will immediately build trust with your audience. When potential customers trust that you are knowledgeable about their needs and provide quality products to fulfill those needs, they will become loyal customers!

Creating content should be fun no matter what niche you’re in. If you find it difficult to create for your creative niche and need an effective content strategy for your fashion business, let's work together. Branding your business as one of the top influencers in your industry is essential to your success. Let me help you stand out. Schedule your session here.

Please note: This is a content creation series geared towards specific creative entrepreneurs. Here's part one specifically for beauty artists. Subscribe to the blog to see if I cover your industry!