How to Excel In A Non-Supportive Environment & Become Your Own Motivation

The worst thing about starting a business is feeling alone especially when you are in an environment where people aren’t focused on bettering themselves. Often times it’s hard to develop or keep a consistent relationships because you are simply on a different path. Many of us start our businesses around non-supportive friends, companions, and family. They are either too busy with whatever they have going on in their lives or they don’t want to hear what we have going on because they are not interested and they don’t understand. Some become jealous of the progress you make, the drive you have, and the things you’ve earned by putting in hard work so they disregard what you are yearning to share with them.

How to Excel In A Non-Supportive Environment & Become Your Own Motivation

I can relate completely because I have been there and although I have the support I have been praying for (for the longest) now, that feeling still comes every blue moon. I have stayed up countless nights working on different projects and things that I had to get done outside of how I felt. I have heard things people said about me during my journey but I didn’t care because my journey is not for them and the same goes for you! Your journey is not for anyone else, but YOU! People will be people no matter what title they have or the position they hold in your life. It sad to say or hear but don’t worry, I have three great solutions to get you through your journey without feeling alone.


Change your mindset

The first thing you need to do is change your mindset about those non-supporters. The issue is clearly not with you, it’s with them. You must understand this simple concept: when you are called to do something by your inner-being, you can’t always take the people you love and thought would be here for you. I’ve walked many journeys alone. Sometimes you need to be alone to focus, to grow, and to learn more about yourself. You may need to be alone if you are easily distracted. Being alone is not always a bad thing even if it feels like it. At the beginning of starting your business, there are many things you have to do like research, contact companies to set up accounts, get legalized, develop an actionable business plan and so much more. Use the time for being alone to mold your mindset in a direction away from your non-supporters. Use any negative energy to create positive thoughts. Combat any negative energy by developing a statement for the reason you’ve started your business in the first place and where you will be in the next 3 to 5 years (you have to claim it). Repeat it to yourself everyday.


Find support online

Believe it or not, there are several online groups and forums for you to find the support you need. The best thing about finding support online is that you will find others who are feeling the same way you do, who are in your industry, and who are on the same level with you. We are a digital world now. There are millions of people on social media platforms who are looking for accountability partners or just an ear to listen to their ideas and goals. If you need support, be supportive to someone who is relatable then watch how many people flock to you to support you. You can find online groups through google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and pinterest. Yes, Pinterest!

If you need more of a personal touch, you can also reach out to individual people who seem approachable and connect with them outside of social media. Tell them that you love what they are doing and would like to stay in touch. Also, tell them that you are looking to share ideas and share accountability. Whatever it is you need, search for it endlessly until you find the right fit for what you are trying to accomplish.


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Create the support you are looking for

In life, we are taught to go after the lifestyle we desire. This is the best teaching because we are afforded opportunities to create the life we don’t have. Apply that same concept to your feeling of being alone with your business journey. If you can’t find a group that fits your needs, create one. Create a group for supporters in your field and niche. This seems like another thing on your plate, but it’s a good duty to add. You could host an exclusive group on your website, you can create a facebook group (which is easier to host by the way), or you can create an entire website dedicated to individuals like yourself who need a supportive home. It doesn’t have to be a huge group, it just needs to exist.

Pay attention to what others are saying online during workshops, Periscope broadcasts, and comments on social media. Start an online conversation with others that you think would be great people to communicate with consistently and invite them to join your group. Your group can have a schedule for members to meet each week or month. It can be an ongoing thing as well. Create rules for your group, develop topics to each day of the week or month and start supporting! It really is just that simple.

By now you know that you can’t possibly be the only person feeling alone while chasing their dreams. You also understand that family and friends, even companions are not always supportive. So, as you are doing with your business, create the life you don’t have! Contrary to some of our negative thoughts, we have support. We have ourselves and we have a slew of others feeling the same way with their journeys. It’s up to us to stay positive, even if it hurts, and find the support we’ve been looking for. Business is for the consistent and hard working. It is not going to easy, but it can be easier to travel down your path with a supportive community of people who genuinely care about you and your success.

What are some other things that help you when you feel alone with your business? What do you do to keep a positive mindset to combat any negative energy? I have to hear these strategies! Please comment below.