How To Get Out Of Your Feelings And Get Ish Done

Yes, this is actually my title. This is not a rant post; just some tough love for all of those people who seem to find every excuse in the book of why things aren’t working. This may even be a motivational post with two scoops of tough love. Either way, someone needs this!

How To Get Out Of Your Feelings And Get Ish Done


Know that you are epic

Okay y’all [Texan thing!], if you had this grand idea and you even went so far as to research it and start your business, you’ve shown initiative in your own right. Just because things are not unfolding as you planned doesn’t mean that things aren’t going right for you. There is a lot of trial and error in business. Some of the vets still make mistakes. We are all still learning so lighten up! You have to keep going. You have to figure out what’s working and what’s not working - and WHY!

So what makes you so epic in a saturated industry? You - duh! Maybe it’s your personality or ability to help others. Maybe it’s your style in design or your finishing touches that gives your poise. Whatever you do well makes you special so embrace it! No one else has your story, your personality, your dreams. No one else can do you like you! There is something so special about you that you need to share with the world and no one else can share your story like you can so get to it!


Know that things take time

You don’t want things fast. Regardless of what you think and feel, trust me. You don’t want things to come too fast, including success. You want success to come when you are ready for it. You want things to happen and unfold as you build muscle in certain areas to handle certain situations. Why pray and ask for something that you are not prepared for? You won’t know how to manage it or keep it.

Take your time with building your brand and grow with your audience. As you grow, you will learn new things about yourself and develop skills that are stronger than they’ve ever been. Take the time to do things the right way. Pay for courses, do the research, reach out to people for help, and use your God given talent to develop and grow your business with dedication every day.


Make a clear plan and implement it

This is where a lot of us fall short. We don’t plan well or stick to the plans we create for ourselves. I am surely guilty of this one. I am a planner, but my attention span is that of a 6 year old sometimes and I stray away from my entire plan some days. Judge me less! Most times, I make a plan and I go down my list checking things off as complete because I have to get ish done.

Create a plan from the highest priority to the least. Divide the to do list in reasonable time frames. This could be a to do list for the week, per day, or a 30-90 day to do list. Give yourself no more than 7 items per day. 7 items is pushing it, but give yourself time to get things completely off your list. Stay proactive with things that you have to repeat over and over again such as posting on social media,your blog, and emails by creating templates for yourself. Templates help you systemize yourself, your business and your to do list. Anything that is repetitive, make a template for it!