How To Increase Brand Awareness With Little To No Money

Okay so you’ve started your business with this awesome idea, you have a slammin’ brand plan and now you need to get your business in the eyes of your ideal clients and target market? Sweet! Increasing brand awareness takes dedication. Increasing brand awareness is intentional. It can be done with little to no money or can it be done with investments in advertisements. Getting your brand in front of the eyes of your target market can be fun and viral!

How To Increase Brand Awareness With Little To No Money

If you are ready to take your brand to a higher level, here’s four ways to do it:


Showing Up Consistently

Do I really need to say “show up" everyday to business owners? Well, I think I do because there are some business owners that aren’t consistently posting on social media as they should be. They are abandoning their email lists. They aren’t consistent in their marketing and more. You have to show up everyday, including the weekends. Showing up is not enough, you must consistently show up. You must show up on the platforms where your target market hangs out the most. You have to stay on their minds and continuously give value to them in order to increase your brand awareness.

These people will tell their friends and family about you and how helpful you are. But, you must stay consistent or you risk people creating an unhealthy perception about your business. The thing about not being consistent is that people begin to think that you are not serious about  your business. They forget about you until you finally decide to post, show your face, your work or anything business related. SO, in order to increase brand awareness, you must be there. You must show up everyday. for your business and for your customers.



In my experience, giveaways are really great for brand awareness because you’re able to invite your audience to participate and interact with you and one another in hopes of earning your free offer. Giveaways are just what it says. You give away something of great value with stipulations of  rules. These rules can consist of asking your audience to repost a photo, tag your business page and use the hashtag to be found. You can also ask your audience to tag friends on a specific photo to gain exposure as well. You set the rules but make sure your audience doesn’t have to work too hard for the giveaway or you will discourage people to participate.  Also, it is wise to set the rules according to the value of the free product(s) or service(s) you’re giving away. If you are giving away something that costs you very little money and time, ask your audience to tag 3-5 friends on your promotional posts. If you are offering something far more valuable in time and money, ask them to repost your photo, tag your account and use a certain hashtag provided by you so they can be found during the drawing.

Giveaways can be huge. The participation can grow large as well. For example, asking participants to post or repost a photo and get XX friends to sign up as well grows your brand beyond belief, but again it must be something far more valuable to your audience to encourage them to participate in your giveaway. Think about something that your audience would usually have to pay for but needs. Think about the efforts that you would have to put forth to guarantee that you will be able to deliver on your promise. Make sure you plan your giveaway thoroughly before promoting it. Make it fun and memorable!



I am always preaching about blogging no matter what business you have. Some may think that I am biased but I know it can bring brand awareness plus establish authority for your business. The things you should blog about should be the things that are always asked or are always a concern for your audience. Sure, you can switch things up a bit and be informational with how tos and case studies, but blogging for your business adds to your content calendar for social media, it helps the major search engines find you, and it increases traffic to your website.

Promote your blogs on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to increase website traffic and brand awareness. Create a blog schedule for your business and stick to it. I typically like to post once or twice a week, but my main posting days are Wednesdays. I will publish the next post on a Friday or Saturday. It’s important to create a voice for your brand. You can accomplish this by starting a blog for your business and promoting it across all of your digital channels. Remember, the more you blog, the greater a chance you’ll increase web traffic and brand awareness. If you need any additional ideas of things you can blog about, download my content e-book: 30 Ways to Create Content for Social Media and Web. It'll help you plan your blogs better, promise!



Collaborating is a fun project that increases brand awareness. You don’t have to collaborate with any and everyone but collaborating with the right people will increase the awareness of your brand tremendously if you do it the right way. Choose someone that you’d like to work with that is in your industry but masters something different.

For example, if you are a graphic designer, you could collaborate with content creators such as authors and bloggers. You could do a webinar or workshop together. As the graphic designer, you would be able to cover brand identity and branding. The blogger would be able to cover content marketing and brand awareness. There are other ways to collaborate such as creating a master e-class covering various topics that create a helpful solution for students. Be sure to collaborate with someone who has a similar audience as you do or an audience that needs what you both are offering interchangeably.

If you want your brand in the heads and hearts of your target audience, you must intentionally be in those places. There are several ways you could increase awareness but staying consistent, doing giveaways (within reason), blogging for your business and collaborating with other business owners can help you accomplish this with little to no money.  

What are some other methods that you use to increase awareness for your brand? Please share in the comments. I'd love to hear!