How to Know When It’s Time To Give Up

Normally I wouldn’t tell anyone to give up. It’s not in me to tell someone that, but let’s be real for one second. Sometimes for our own sanity, we have to let some things go. We can listen to all of the passionate and successful business owners who tell us that we can’t stop. They tell us that giving up is for losers. They tell us that giving up is for cowards or whatever else they compare giving up to. The reason why some of us give up is not always because we are losers, cowards, or weak. We let things go that no longer serve us and if we are being real here, sometimes it’s a business.

How to Know When It’s Time To Give Up

Sometimes we just need to let that shit GO.


Everything is not for everyone. We know this. But, sometimes things that were once for us are no longer relevant to where we have to go to grow. When we've reached this point, it doesn’t mean to give up on our dream lifestyle. This means to give up a certain part of business or a business all together that doesn’t serve us anymore. Saying that, here are 3 major signs that tell us when we need to give up.


When passion has left

Before I began my online marketing business, I was a hairstylist in a salon. I always knew that I wanted to do hair for some time before I’d step foot in a salon. Three salons later and after a short period in the salon life, I was over it. I was over the routine, the constant reinforcement of salon policies and rules that people didn’t want to respect, the repetitive speeches about timeliness and more. I knew I loved styling. It was therapeutic for me. What I didn’t like was the constant hand holding I was doing with some of the clients that I had. I didn’t enjoy the repetitive services. I wanted to be creative. I wanted to travel, move around more, and most importantly, I wanted clients who were going to pay me my worth so I gave the salon up.

When I left, my passion for it left with it. Things that used to relight my fire didn't work anymore. Usually if I saw a fellow stylist doing amazing things in the salon, I'd be inspired. But, I felt nothing. It didn’t mean that I hated styling. It meant that side of the business was not for me. Styling for routine clients became more of a “job” than something I can honestly say I loved to do. Long story short, I shifted to bridal beauty only and have been the happiest ever since!

The point of all this is to tell you to be true to your gut. If you are in business and it no longer allows your passion to thrive in an environment or business setting, then it’s okay to give that area of business up. It doesn’t mean you are a quitter. That area of business must not be your lane.

If something drains the fun out of what you know is a passion, let it go and shift!


When you’re no longer BEING fulfilled

To be fulfilled is to be 100% satisfied with every area and detail of your career, including failure. When you are fulfilled, you feel as if you are doing your part on this earth. You have fun with what you do and helping others is an amazing journey and service! Being fulfilled means that you enjoy developing your character and skill in your niche. It means that you’ve accepted the terms and conditions your business comes with.

If you no longer are fulfilled, it’s okay to give that area of your life up. Let’s use teachers as an example for this point. Some teachers are better at administering, organizing and structuring systems than they are at being a teacher to 30 kids. They are more successful at a principal level. After teaching for years, a teacher may decide to give up teaching children and grow into a different setting. A great example of someone who used to be a teacher but rocks social media education is Caitlin Bacher. In her case, we have two different industries with a different setting. She didn't give up education. She shifted. She still teaches, but her audience has changed.

When something no longer satisfies your need to be a great service to the world, let it go and find what works for you!


When there was never passion to begin with

Let’s face it, some people go into business for the wrong reasons. There are some people that many of us have probably questioned or thought, “why are you in business or why are you here?”. You know those people who seem as if you’re bothering them to get help or serviced. We’ve all seen it.

If you don’t have passion as a foundation for what you're doing, chances are you’ll never enjoy it. And, guess what? People can tell that you don’t enjoy your career.

The truth is if you’re in only in business for the money, you'd probably will tire of what you do fast, you'll give up faster,  or you'd possibly be a disservice to yourself if you solely make your business about money. The reason why passion has to exist in a business is because people need relationships. They need to see and feel value from businesses. Businesses need to collaborate with other businesses that are as equally passionate so all brands can grow and be profitable.

If you lack passion, search for something that you would love to do whether or not you get paid for it. Once you find that passion, monetize it. When people can tell that you are in business for the wrong reasons, it is time to give that business up and find something that fulfills you.

Giving up isn’t always about being weak or a loser. Giving up negative, non-fulfilling things in your life is the quickest way to a life that you’ll be proud of. It is the quickest way to do your duty on this earth. When you lose passion or fulfillment in one area, give that area up and shift to the next passion and fulfillment area of your life. As a whole, when you are in business for the wrong reasons, try different things out and learn more about yourself until you can identify your calling on this earth.

It’s so worth it when others can see and experience you in your best light and line of business. So, when someone tells you not to give up, I’ll usually agree unless you fall under one of the categories mentioned in this blog post. You have permission to give up. Give up all the things that don't make you happy and learn to SHIFT!

Have you given up a part of your life or business that no longer served you? How did you know when it was time to let go? Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.