How to Make the Best Your Limited Resource: Money

The most frustrating part about getting started or staying consistent with business operations are the limited resources. Time is the most important resource, but sometimes we have more time than the money needed for our business (or vice-versa). No matter which resource you lack, one intensely affects the other. Showing up and being productive, no matter the situation, is essential to a healthy business.

How to Make the Best Your Limited Resource Money


Limited Money but More Time? Do-It-Yourself!


Become the person you would hire.

Create your own fonts and colors for your brand

Purchase a script that isn’t easily accessible. Avoid popular fonts that other businesses are using. Creative Market, Dafont and Hypefortype have some really cool fonts for sale. Be sure to read any license disclaimers for permission to use for commercial purposes.


Create your own marketing materials

Templates are your best friend, especially if you are not skilled at designing. Moo and Zazzle have a large range of pre-designed branding and marketing products that can be customized to your business needs.


Create your own website

There are several websites that have customizable templates for your website. There are several platforms such as Squarespace, 4ormat, Shopify, and Big Cartel that are great starting points to creating a website on your own. The main goal is to pick a template that best suits you and manipulate the hell out of it so that it doesn’t look like other businesses that chose the same template.


Stay Proactive

Complete research for your business

Research according to your business goals, potential challenges, alternatives that can help keep costs and expenses low, and costs for promotions you plan to have in the future and industry trends.


Pre-create templates

Pre-create templates for hashtags [words or phrases preceded by a # sign to search different topics or for people]. Copy and paste appropriate hashtag lists with each post on your social media pages. You can also pre-create promotions templates, blog post templates, and product mock-up templates. When you're ready to start posting on your website and social media platforms, you’ll have pre-written hashtags and designs ready to promote yourself and your business.


Learn a New Skill

Take a class that enhances your skill set and expands your knowledge in your industry or relatable industries. For example, if you are a fitness coach, nutrition classes would be ideal to complete to help clients with health goals according to their body and health levels. You can take classes online at places like  Skillshare and Lynda or at a community college to continue education. You could also read more books or implement what you use in guides you've invested in. One skill that I've learned is how to earn passive income from my blog and popular pieces of content I've created. I've created a guide on how you can do the same here.


Get Your True Supporters Involved

More hands are better than your own when it comes to preparing mailings, completing projects, and passing out flyers. Ask your friends and family to help support you by assisting with all these things to help promote your business. They can also comment, share, and like everything you post! Any help that shows their support and promote your business will be productive!

Don't have support? You must be your own support  by staying motivated and completing tasks to develop and growth your business. There are many ways to stay motivated when you have to do many things alone. The goal is to not use that challenge at a crutch. Instead, use that energy of frustration to push harder!

Most new entrepreneurs don’t have money to fund their business ventures and ideas. We must remember that many successful professionals and businesses started with a dollar and a dream; some with only $500 or worse, some homeless. Everyone has a story! It is up to you to determine how the future chapters will be written and how you will write your own ending!