How to Make the of Best Your Limited Resource: Time

Many businesses fall short because of non-consistent business practices. Executing the small details that make a customer’s experience amazing is essential to every business. Responding to every email in a timely manner, providing exceptional customer service, and operating an ethical business will grow your business beyond belief!

How to Make the of Best Your Limited Resource Time


Limited Time but More Money? Delegate!


Build a Team

Successful people learn to operate businesses by getting other professionals involved. Hire a professional for business operations such as accounting, tax expense duties, ordering supplies, and replenishing inventory.


Hire a professional marketing company

Hire a professional or company to oversee and execute the marketing for your business. With these important tasks off your to-do list, you’ll be able to focus on your customers’ needs.


Hire a professional graphic designer

Hire a professional graphic designer to create your logo, business cards, product designs, and other promotional materials that promote your brand. I love the work of Bexclusives, LLC based in Atlanta, GA. They provide quality designs that fit with any brand personality. All of their designs look great on- and offline. Their designs are also great for printing on marketing materials such as t-shirts, laptop covers, phone cases, and coffee cups. Set yourself apart from the rest with these awesome branding ideas!

Use a printing fulfillment company

If you sell merch, delegate some of your orders to printing companies like Printful (my fave printing company). It's easy to earn more money and you don't have to do much work that will take up time since it's limited. In fact, hiring a graphic designer then using your designs to promote merch for your brand is best. It's a win-win delegating system!


Make Fiverr and Fancy Hands your BFFs

Use Fiverr for small, inexpensive projects

Fiverr is great for certain projects that you need to get done. You can hire someone to create videos, write for your bio page, create advertisements and graphics, and much more! Projects are as little as $5!


Hire an assistant with Fancy Hands for a monthly fee

These US-based assistants can get scheduling, messaging, purchasing, and even research done for you! They can also be helpful in scheduling your business flights and venue reservations, and can send reminder text messages to all of your appointments for the week. Whatever it is that you’ll need, they’ll get the job done for you.


Automate everything

Setup automated responses in your email 

Think about the frequently asked questions that you get from inquiries and insert those answers into your auto response. Consider:

Thank you for considering [business name] for your [what you offer/their need]. We will happily respond to your email within 24 hours. Please review our FAQs below. Feel free to include any additional questions upon receipt of our response.


Schedule your Facebook Fan Page posts

You should keep a consistent online presence with posting at least 2 - 3 times per day. Schedule your post in the morning when people are waking up, at lunch time, and in the evening when people are headed to bed. Take your time zone and the time zones of your followers into consideration when deciding what time to make your post live.

Schedule your pre-written blogs. If you have a blog on your website, make sure that you don’t abandon your blogging because you are too busy. You can use voice keyboarding to write for you as you speak while traveling. You can schedule your posts to go live one or two times per week. WordPress and other websites have a scheduling tool to keep you organized. Take advantage of it!

Take advantage of Hootsuite for all your social media management needs. You can get up to 3 accounts for free on your dashboard! Here you are able to manage and automate posting on your chosen platforms as well.

GetTakeOff for Instagram post scheduling and use the same posting strategy as your Facebook posting. There are apps for iPhones and Android users.

Everyone has a busy schedule when running a business. Busy people stay busy because they learn to delegate important tasks that take time away from operations and customer needs. Being available and performing effectively can reassure a solid customer experience. Hire the help you need if you lack the time needed to consistently grow your business!