How to Marry Canva & Squarespace For Better Design

If you love DIY design like I do, you’re going to love this post about the love affair between Squarespace and Canva! Who knew how two amazing platforms could mesh so nicely? Squarespace is a super easy content management system that provides beautifully design templates to its users. Many people use the site for personal and business purposes. I’ve been using Squarespace for about 5 years and I absolutely love it! Canva, is one of the easiest design tools available for non-designers. Although professional designers can use it for quick projects, it’s user-friendly editor makes design life easy for anyone. If you are apart of the DIY (do-it-yourself) crew, you’ll be pleased to marry the two and birth a beautiful new website for your needs.

How to Marry Canva & Squarespace For Better Design

Although Squarespace gives you a beautiful template to work with, it’s important to remember that the same template is being used by hundreds of thousands of people. In order to stand out in your industry and niche, you should aim to be different and well branded. Create your well branded Squarespace website with custom designs created in Canva. Marrying these two will keep costs low while giving you maximum results. There are 5 things that you should use Canva for to easily customize your website:


Create custom icons with Canva for Work

Icons are used to communicate and demonstrate certain information. They are important for your website, especially if you offer services. You can use custom icons on any page in Squarespace. Usually businesses use icons on home pages, services pages, FAQ (frequently asked questions) pages, and portfolio/work pages.  


Example: The photo below is an example of custom icons created in Canva for a music company. These icons could be used on the home or services page.

How to Marry Canva & Squarespace For Better Design

With the paid version of Canva, Canva for Work, there is an option to download designs as PNG files with a transparent background. Design icons that represent your brand and use them all over your website.

Custom icons can be used to replace words or in conjunction with words. They can also be used to demonstrate what you offer or they can be used on your services page to describe client processes.


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Create custom icons with your brand colors, download them with a transparent background, and upload them as an image or grid in the menu block options for the perfect services page!


Create temporary logos with Canva

Just like custom icons, you could also create a temporary logo in Canva. I said temporary because you’ll need to hire a professional designer or make a vector logo yourself in the future for other projects. The difference between creating a logo in Canva and getting a vector image is the quality of your logo at different sizes. Canva will produce your temporary logo by pixels. At different sizes, your logo may appear blurry or you may see small squares (pixels) at larger sizes which makes the logo poor quality when enlarged. A program that produces vector images will allow the quality of your logo to remain consistent at any size. Your logo should be the same quality at small and larger sizes. Vector images make this happen seamlessly!

Let's pretend that you're ready to launch your new website, but you need a logo and favicon (the little icon logo on your browser tabs) to get started. Use Canva to create logos for your brand and upload them to your Settings and Design pages in Squarespace! I created the wordmark logo for my brand and when I was able to pay for a quality vector image, I replaced that image and no one knew...until now! I provide a step-by-step tutorial for a logo in my DIY Brand Style Guide created in partnership with the Womeneur brand. To download your copy, click here.



Create mockups with Canva

It doesn’t matter if you’re a product based or service based business, mock-ups are needed to entice your potential buyers. Mock-ups can be used as lookbooks, past client services, future client ideas and more! Again, Squarespace allows you to design your website according to the template you choose. If you ever feel like a template restricts the look you want, “holla” at Canva!


Squarespace has amazing grids and wall-style design frames for photos in its menu block Gallery section. It's design options for those galleries may be limited depending on the look you're going for. Use Canva’s Grids and Frames albums to create collages of your work.

You can also use custom dimensions to create graphics with your brand fonts and colors for different portfolio designs of your work. After you've created designs in Canva, use the mockup graphics to entice your visitors on your services page, your blog, or your start here page.


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Create small graphics specifically for decor

Although you should have most of your photos ready to upload, it's important to keep consistent branding throughout your entire website. For example, if you're a blogger, you could create 1x1 cropped graphics to use in your sidebar. You could also use photos of your design to create a path for your audience to follow. These photos can be uploaded as single images in specific pages or in a grid in the Gallery area. For example, I created buttons in Canva, uploaded the images in Squarespace inside a grid on my “Start Here” page. My audience can now choose which subjects they want to read instead of endlessly searching for topics elsewhere on the site.