How To Quickly Build Your Email List With Quizzes

Buzzfeed dominated the marketing game with interactive quizzes that anyone could relate to. It was fun, free, and easy to share with others. Those quizzes helped you learn more about yourself and others in a matter of seconds, plus they helped solidify things you probably already knew about yourself. The same thing happened when Facebook allowed different companies to generate interesting quizzes. The fun started all over again and you became curious about your own results.

Quizzes are very important in building and connecting people. They are highly beneficial to business owners in the digital world. Not only will they connect people in your community, they will connect people with your brand. Furthermore, if you use them strategically, they can help you earn more money!

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Quizzes can be used to build your email list, an integral part of marketing in business. You’ve probably seen many businesses that offer all kinds of free incentives like a 25% discount off a first purchase if you submit your email, or free products with a cost of shipping. You’ve probably seen free ebooks or templates offered in exchange for your email. The great thing about quizzes is that they can work the same way as the examples mentioned here.

Idea of using a quiz to build your email list is brilliant! Quiz takers can give you their email address in exchange for their results. The difference between your quizzes, Buzzfeed quizzes, and Facebook quizzes is that your quiz would be more than just entertainment. Your quiz will build grow a mutually beneficial relationships in a matter of minutes.


Eager to see how this works? Let’s dig a bit deeper.


Why is email list building important?

If you’re unfamiliar with why email list building is important, here’s the short version:

  • Proof of expertise with an audience who’s interested in learning more about you and your brand

  • Higher conversions

  • Relationship building

  • Relationship nurturing

  • Community building outside of social media (protection in case a social platform goes down/away)


Building your email list will allow you to generate income from a specific group of individuals who showed interest in your brand and its content, products, or services.

It will also allow you to build a relationship with the people who sign up for your email list as you give them more free information, content, and inspiration each month. With an email list, you’re able to prove your expertise and get intimate with an audience who’s interested in shifting to the next level in their personal and professional life.


Why quizzes are best for email list building?

As stated before, quizzes are fast, fun, interesting, and convenient for your audience. They build  curiosity because people love learning about themselves. They connect people with the same results while bringing awareness to your business.


Now that you have a better understanding of how quizzes can be beneficial to your business, let’s create a quiz together!


How to Create a quiz

The best tool I’ve used to date is Interact. I love Interact because you can create multiple quizzes to help build one list within 4 easy steps. I am extremely impressed with the engineers who built this tool because connecting questions to related answers are mind-blowingly simple. it is end user-friendly. It’s not overwhelming nor overly complicated. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and that’s build your list while entertaining your audience.


Before we get to the quiz building steps, there are preliminary steps you must take before creating the quiz. This is called the pre-work.


2-Step Pre-work

Before you can actually create the quiz, you need to have your content ready. You need to create the questions and results for the quiz. I recommend creating the results first. Trying to create the quiz without your content will make creating the quiz 10x harder.


Step One: Create your results

Create about 5-7 different results. Think of the results you want quiz takers to get receive. What is their takeaway? What do you want them to know about themselves? What do they want to know about themselves?

Remember, you want to make the results a relevant topic to the email content they’ll receive for signing up to get their results. Also, their results need to be relevant to any paid products you will introduce to them in the future. Keep the topics consistent.

Next, make the results long enough to keep the attention of the person who receives it, but short enough to not take away the excitement of the quiz. No one wants to read a novel, right? Be sure to develop a concise explanation of their results.


Pro tip: You can use the quiz results page for lead generation as well. It allows you to use links. Use the link option to your advantage by linking your landing pages, sales pages, and more. There are multiple ways to gain leads and generate sales through quizzes.


Step Two: Create your questions

Create about 5-10 questions. Ask your audience to select the best choices that describe them or to answer a question that will help the tool decide which result to assign them to. Keep your questions and the answer choices short and to the point. Make the questions easy and convenient to answer.


Pro tip: Use photos and GIFs to make your quiz interactive and lively.

Now we can get to the actionable steps of creating the quiz with this amazing tool!


Choose a path: use a template or create a custom quiz

From your dashboard, select “create new quiz”. The tool has a ton of quiz templates you can use. I recommend previewing 3 of them to get a feel of what you want to create for your brand. The examples cover a broad amount of niches, but if you don’t see your niche, find one that is close.


Once you select which kind of quiz you’ll create, the app will launch and you will see a screen like the one below:




Add your results

This method is a copy/paste method since you’ve already completed the pre-work. Create each set of results until this step is completed. Be sure to use pictures in your results, even if you use your own. Interact allows you to use stock photos that are free for personal and commercial use in your quiz. If you choose not to use your own, use the photos available to you.


To add photos:

  • Select the “edit” button
  • Select “Start over” (the trashcan icon)
  • Search for the topic of that result.



Add your questions

As you add your questions, you’ll see why you have to add the results first. Each question will have a button at the top of the window that allows you to connect a specific question to a result. This is called a correlation. The process is very simple.

Complete your question with the answer choices or options that relate to the questions. Select “Edit result Correlations”. Once you're in the new window, select the question and one or more results that go with the question.

How to build your email list with quizzes - Strategist Cafe 4.png
How to build your email list with quizzes - Strategist Cafe 5.PNG

Repeat the steps for each question you enter.


Set up your email integration

This tool connects with so many wonderful email list management systems such as Mailchimp and Convert Kit. After your quiz taker completes the quiz, they will be prompted to give their email address. I recommend removing the option to “skip the step” before receiving the result and putting the disclaimer for signing up for your email list at the top of the opt-in form.


Make sure the fields that you choose for your opt-in form match the form you set up in your email list. For example, my email list was set to get the subscriber’s first name and email. When I set my form up, the fields mirror the setup form I created in Mailchimp.

Be sure to insert a disclaimer before the opt-in form to make sure they understand that they are signing up for your email list.




Brand it

After all of your content is put into the tool and you have your email connected to your quiz, brand and style your quiz to reflect your brand’s identity across the internet.

Add your logo to the quiz. The dimensions are 250px x 150px. Make sure it’s visible enough to get noticed when people share it online.

n the “Style” column, there is an option to change the font. There aren’t many option, but there are options to get it as close to what you’re using for your brand font as possible. Also, make sure to update your brand colors by change the HEX color codes to your own.


After you’ve completely all the steps and above and publish your quiz, you’ll watch your quiz spread like a wildfire with the right marketing in place.

Make sure your sales funnel or sales journey is in place before you launch your quiz. Your goal should be to build an email list with a sales journey and nurture strategy already in place. Avoid publishing a quiz without either one. If you need don't know how to build your sales journey, download my Sales Journey Playbook for Creatives. Not only will you have a content strategy to help you attract leads, you will also have a nurture strategy to help you nurture your email list as soon as they opt-in. Learn more about the playbook here.


I bet you’re thinking of a ton of fun ideas to create! The options are endless. Develop quizzes that compliment the topic(s) of your paid products. Make sure to keep your quiz short and engaging. Promote your content all over social media, your current email list (without the opt-in integration) and encourage them to share it.


Note: When your email list shares their results, Interact will make sure the result has the original link to the quiz that will add new email subscribers to your list.

How to build your email list with quizzes - Strategist Cafe 12.png


Start building your email list with Interact. The monthly fee is super inexpensive. There is even a free version to help you get acquainted with this amazing tool (you can’t capture leads with the free version)! It’s everything and more to help you build your email list. Once you see how easy it is to create and build your email list, the investment will be more than worth it.