How to Skyrocket Your Income As A Creative

Creatives are multi passionate individuals. They have so many talents that they can literally help thousands of people globally. I didn't find out how much money I've missed out on until I started this business one year ago. It has completely been a game changer in my life and has afforded me financial income that I did not have to work hard for. After implementing strategies that I've researched and tried, I've learned how to skyrocket my income as a creative entrepreneur an online business owner. I teach about scaling income a lot because it helps with personal and professional goals. It’s fulfilling and most importantly, it’s multi-purposeful.

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Not only do I want to help change the lives of others who are in the position I was in years ago, but I want to earn while doing it. I'm sure there are many of you who feel the same way. This cycle of helping others not only benefit us but it makes a difference in the lives of the families we help. If you are a creative and you are not earning at your highest potential by scaling your experience and knowledge into many different products, programs, and services, you are doing yourself and the world a disservice.

Strive to invest in brands and people so that you may gain knowledge and financial freedom to live a better life. I am doing all of these things I teach you. That's why I wanted to share three of the quickest ways I increased my income:

Selling merch

I use Printful for both of my brands! As many of you know, I own Strategist Cafe and a bridal beauty freelance business. I create and sell merch for both with absolutely NO inventory to deal with. You can start earning today for FREE! Use free design programs like Canva (for simple designs only). Please note that complex designs will be pixelated which means your print outcome will be poor. Design with care! You could also use Gimp (if you’re tech savvy or are somewhat familiar with Adobe). Printful gives you great options to start selling with:

Your store is super easy to set up. There are great instructional videos provided by the company. Best of all, it integrates with Shopify, Big Cartel, WooCommerce, and Storenvy and more! I use ShipStation to integrate with Squarespace, but whatever your brand needs, there is an option or solution for it.

At the time Printful doesn’t integrate with Etsy, Squarespace, and a few other brands, but don’t worry! Here are a few brands that integrate with ShipStation, so I am sure your platform is on the list:



The best thing about using Printful is that you don’t have to deal with paying fees right away. When someone orders, you can add credits to your account so processing is faster, but Printful will deduct their fees from the order. You never have to worry about payments. You just earn the profit!


How to get started:

  • Sign up for your Printful account. It’s free!

  • Download the design templates. Upload to Canva using custom dimensions.

  • Use the mockup generation.

  • Create a bomb marketing campaign.

  • Start making money.

Sell passive income products

If you haven’t capitalized off of your experience and skills yet, you are missing out! Those times when you’re too busy or swamped is the perfect time to send people to your passive income products. Passive income products are perfect for the people who can’t afford your services. They act as an aid or assistance for lower, practical-priced products that help them accomplish what they need to accomplish. With passive income products, you reach more people as your products are positioned to be accessed globally.


How to get started:

Take my passive income e-course that introduces you to the kinds of products to create, the tools and systems to use to sell your products and how to market them effectively. The course also has design tutorials for popular digital products and a marketing organizational kit to help get you coins today! If the course is not your thing, download my passive income guide for a lower investment. The guide is a mini version of the e-course and excludes the design tutorials and organizational kit.


Become an affiliate of the products and tools you buy and love

This year I decided to focus more on affiliate content and marketing to increase my passive income stream. When I decided to increase my affiliate marketing strategy, I saw a difference in my income immediately. And, it was with little to no effort! All I needed was the right tools to invest in, the right resource guides, and the right strategy. Earning online isn’t hard. You just need to have access to the right resources.

If you are a serial shopper, think about all the things you buy online. Think about the courses you take and the books you read. If you’ve invested in a product from a brand (and loved it), see if there is an affiliate program available for the product. Once you become an affiliate, you should write reviews for the product to educate/inform others about it. When the person purchases, you earn from it. Simple, right?  All you need to do is find affiliate programs for each product that you love so you can begin earning.


I highly encourage you to only promote things that you actually invest in and care about. Stay ethical and keep it genuine.


How to get started:

Join my affiliate program to market my passive income guide. It’s the perfect way to help spread the word about how creative entrepreneurs and online business owners can earn money online. It is the perfect way to earn easy money once you make a sale. Enjoy earning when I do!


Sign up for my passive income guide affiliate program here


Please note: If you are a Strategist Cafe student, email me when you sign up. Your payout is higher!

Or, sign up for Share-a-sale. This is an affiliate marketing website that houses several of our favorite brands who want content creators and bloggers to tell everyone how much we love their products! Signing up is absolutely free. Find brands that you love. Apply for their affiliate programs and start earning.


Get familiar with the Amazon Affiliate Ebook

This book helped me get my Amazon marketing game up. Many people know and trust Amazon. It’s a huge market place, so why not get a piece of the pie? This book will show you exactly what you need to do to earn as an Amazon Associate. The authors are mommy bloggers, but the strategies and information inside the book guides you to an excellent marketing strategy. You can’t go wrong here. Download your copy here. It comes with worksheets and prompts to help you start marketing immediately.

There’s no reason why you should not be earning today. If your sales are stagnant, start with the strategies in this blog post! If you want to start a business, these strategies are the quickest way to do so. If you are lost on ways to skyrocket your income, pick up one of the guides mentioned then earn your money back by joining the affiliate programs associated with the guides and market away! Keep this strategy going each time you invest in a tool, product, or resource to explode your income!

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