How to Use Facebook Groups To Create Content

I was sleeping on Facebook groups for the longest. Keeping up with so many social media platforms seemed overwhelming, so I avoided them altogether. I joined Facebook groups with the intention of being consistently active, but that never happened. I began to pay attention to the groups I joined after reading ways to increase blog traffic. So many blogs discuss the benefits of Facebook groups so I thought I’d give my groups more attention. This was the best decision!

How to Use Facebook Groups To Create Content

Normally, Facebook groups have daily prompts to keep members engaged. This was perfect as I began to learn what days are extremely important for me to be present. Most of the time, I join Facebook groups to either learn more about my target audience or increase my knowledge and skill in certain areas of business.

There are many people from all over the world in these groups and they are on different levels in business. When members of my audience have problems that I can easily solve, it becomes easier to return to those groups. Not only does it allow me to show my expertise, it helps me learn more about the people I serve.

In a short time, I began to gain content ideas from these groups based on conversations within prompts or individual threads. I've developed a strategy to create many content ideas from this platform alone. First, there’s one ground rule to follow when joining different groups for this to truly be effective.




The purpose of being active in Facebook groups is broad. Joining them will allow you to support others, network for collaborations, research, and grow traffic for your brand.

The best Facebook groups to be in are the ones that consist of your ideal clients/buyers and ones that consist of business owners who are where you want to be. When you're consistently active in Facebook groups, you stay visible. To stay active, I  recommend creating a Facebook group tracker for the groups you join. Note daily prompts, if any, to stay on track. Joining too many Facebook groups can be overwhelming, so make sure you stay organized.

Here’s a new tracker I started to give you idea:


Please note: Some of the groups are new and don't have a schedule yet. The areas that say "none" aren't literal.

Please note: Some of the groups are new and don't have a schedule yet. The areas that say "none" aren't literal.

You can get the most out of groups by:


Asking a question

Asking a question can work for you or against you. Depending on the kinds of questions you ask, it will create a perception of the type of group you're asking. Your questions can either position you as the go-to entrepreneur, an influence or authority. Or, it can position you as a person who needs help, a peer or opportunity. Whichever way you ask, use answers and conversations to your advantage.


Answering a question

This is the easiest way to get noticed and stay active. Answering questions, even if only prompts, will get you in front of a broader audience. Successfully answering questions will invite others to learn more about you and your business. It'll also invite possible opportunities in the future.



When you identify a struggle your audience has, give tips and strategies to help them solve the problem. Again, this will put you in a position of influence. You can also share tools and resources to establish your position in groups.

After you've established consistent activity within all the groups you've joined, research them to create content for your brand.


Here's the research hack:


Use the Group’s search field to research old threads

Use the search field inside of your Facebook groups to learn more about your target audience. This strategy is great for understanding questions or problems that your audience has. It will help you create content, products, and/or services that solve their problems.

For example, if you're niche is passive income, you’ll most likely join groups that are passive income related. Some groups will consist of leads who want to earn passive income. Use single words or key phrases that your target audience would discuss for research within the group.

How to Use Facebook Groups To Create Content

In the example above, one person needs help with the delivery method of her challenge. Content created for this can be a tool to help me automation for new challenge sign ups. Different types of content can consist of social media tips, blog posts, resource library content, and so much more!

The other person needs hacks and tips for burnout. There are so many ideas that come to mind for burning management. Sounds like a sweet blog post or live Periscope to me! You get my drift here.

Use your results to write content ideas for your brand to help answer questions and solve problems for your target audience. Be sure to distribute content in different formats such as written, audio, or video content. Make sure you create content for paid products as well. Research all  the Facebook groups you join that relate to your brand and start a "content creation idea" archive.


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Creating content on a consistent basis is a struggle for many people. For some, blogging is one of the most daunting tasks to complete on a consistent basis. Researching and keeping a long list of ideas to pull from is key.

You can also create content ideas from other social platforms, blog posts, and more! I teach step-by-step strategies for content creation in my e-course, Content Overdose 2.0. After the course:

  • You’ll attract your ideal clients and create loyalists for your brand!

  • You'll know how to find content ideas online to educate and entice your audience.

  • You'll know how to distribute the content you create in different formats.

  • You'll know how to re-purpose your old content.

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Facebook groups are such a great platform to build your brand’s image and influence. If you’ve joined Facebook groups and aren’t using them to research your target audience and create content, you’re doing your brand a disservice. Get in groups that serve you. Stay visible. Research to create targeted content. Build your influence.

What other strategies do you use to create content from social platforms? What are other benefits you’ve experienced from Facebook groups?