My Top 5 Highest Converting Blog Posts

There is a huge price to pay when you don't pay attention to your business analytics. You miss placing an opt-in on your most popular blog before it goes viral. You miss repurposing the types of content your audience loves best. You miss creating a paid product for your highest converting free content. Not paying attention fast enough can cost you. That’s why it is important to know your numbers.

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But, you can't improve what you can or will not measure. (Tweet that!)


Your audience will tell you what they like and don't like by reacting and engaging with your content. If you aren't getting much engagement, remember that lack of engagement are results to use whether or not you like what you see or hear.


If you haven't been keeping up with the analytics of your blog posts, it's time. The blog posts with the highest traffic and shares need more attention from you. It sucks when a brand shares your content and you miss including things in your post to boost engagement and sales. It has happened to me before.


Over the past few months, I've been watching which posts convert the most to email sign ups, sales, and engagement (comments and shares) and decided to analyze a few things to help me understand what to create more of. And of course you’re invited to join that’s why I wrote this blog!


One effective strategy that works for me is to keep an updated share count on my most popular blog posts for Strategist Café. I've composed a list of my top 5 highest converting posts to analyze why my content converts on autopilot:


How to know when your content is connecting [Subject: Content Marketing]


We all like reassurance. We want to know that something we are doing is right and working. A lot of questions I receive are somewhat repetitive when it comes to content creation and brand presentation online. “Does my page represent what I am actually trying to build?” is one question I get all the time. There are many ways to confirm that your audience is connecting with your content. Of all the ways, I've shared a few in this post.

How to turn a blog post into an ebook [Subject: Passive Income]


I decided to write this blog my first year blogging because I know many people could benefit from passive income. The easiest way to earn passive income is through digital products. One of the easiest things to create is an ebook. So, I decided to write about repurposing a blog into an ebook with a few how-to screenshots. Read it here after you finish this post. Let's keep going.




5 things I do to increase my blog traffic [Subjects: Content Marketing + Marketing strategies]

One key way to maintain a successful blog and consistent traffic is to promote your blog posts on a consistent basis. So many people stop promoting their blog posts after a while. There will always be new people in your audience so you should definitely tell them about your older posts no matter when you wrote them (if they are still relevant and useful). You can read this post here.



 Top 5 things small business owners should focus on for success [Subject: Business]


If you fell into the whole you can be 6-figure successful within six months jazz that is happening online today. Welcome to the club! You’ve made it. Not saying that it’s impossible, but it doesn’t happen as often as people think it does. This blog post focuses on foundational thought process that new business owners and perhaps seasoned business owners who are comfortable need to hear. Most people skip research and learn avoidable mistakes that could have been prevented. Read the top 5 things you need to be focusing on here.



Top 5 things your audience should know before they buy [Subject: Business]


Many of us market to the wrong audience when we start our business. We think we should be marketing to any and everybody. We aren’t intentional with our posting times, captions, or engagement strategies. As a consumer and business owner, I knew it would be helpful to create the thought process of a potential buyer. There are many questions our content should answer before you ask for a sale. This blog post explains exactly what the ideal buyer is thinking when they are introduced to your brand and when you promote your products or services online.



Now that we know what my top converting posts are, let’s look into what we can find through analyzing the content. 


Questions that should be asked during the analytical thought process:

  • What consistencies are present within each piece of content?

  • Where did you promote the blog post?

  • What were the main topics of each of these posts?



Now let's quickly dig into each point:


What consistencies are present within each piece of content?

One thing I've noticed is that all of these posts create curiosity. Curiosity creates click-worthy content.  Also, the #5 is consistent. 5 key points means that there is enough information for my audience to consume and they like it.


Pro tip: If you wonder what kinds of content your audience likes from your brand? Check those analytics. Pay attention to consistencies in titles and topics when you create and promote content your content.


Where did you promote?

You need to know where your traffic is coming from. You can learn this by looking at your website’s analytics, your share tool analytics (if you’re using a third party like Shareaholic or Sumome), or your Google analytics if you have that installed on your website.

Understanding where most of your traffic comes from will help you learn where to promote your content and what kinds of content to promote in that space. Again, your audience will always tell you what they like by what they engage with. 


Main topics of each of these posts?

Each topic that my audience likes heavily built curiosity. Because money provides more freedom and everyone wants to earn it more without doing much, passive income strategies is a great topic to help people increase their income stream. Also, making sure you are on the right track as a business owner is helpful with understanding that you as well as others are confirmed that your strategies will work.

Not to mention, everyone loves to know why something isn't working. Negative emotion is the strongest emotion so highlighting why something isn't working for your audience is click-worthy as well. Great posts that convert start with a bomb headline, graphics and captions (Tweet that, too!).



What’s next?

Now that you know consistencies within your blog, where to promote your content, and what to talk about, you can create more of what your audience likes. So here is your homework, find your most popular content. It could be blog posts, social media content or email newsletter content.

Next, learn your consistencies from engagement, page views, comments, and more and make more of it!


How do you measure content engagement or consistencies? Leave a comment below.