The Best Way To Resuscitate Your Brand Visuals

Brand visuals are like love at first sight. People are attracted to beautiful brands before they pay attention to anything else the brand does. It’s the content a brand creates that keep people around. It’s similar to a relationship. Two people are visually attracted to one another. They stay consistent and actionable to maintain a healthy relationship. It’s important to know that a pretty brand or attractive photos is only half the battle. While it not’s everything a brand needs, it is extremely important to get it right to attract the people you want.

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The goal is to have an authentic brand that aligns with yourself. When you think of branding, think about the nonverbal message you want to send to people when they find your brand online. What would be the first few words you’d want someone to say about your brand? If your brand visuals don’t align with what you want people to say about it, consider upgrading your brand visuals.

You don’t have to do a complete rebrand. You don’t need to change your brand color pattern. The simple solution is to create different designs and most importantly, add scene creator elements to your brand. If you don’t know what scene creator elements are, scene creator elements are top and front view objects that look real and 3D. They aren’t flat or animated. Most elements are created as packaged items with some optional isolated objects.

Many people use professional stock photos for their brand visuals. This is fine. It’s professional photography and many of the photos cost nothing. However, to really stand out, scene elements do the trick! After a while you’ll start recognizing where certain stock photos come from after seeing quite a few people use them. The key to epic branding is to stand out from the crowd. When people see a color, symbol, or element, they should think of your brand first!

Not only are brand visuals great for brand recognition, it represents your own personality as a person. This is also an important component of your brand. All of these areas connect to help people remember your brand based off of visuals alone.

Last year, when I decided to rebrand my business, I’ll admit that I didn’t take this business as serious as I needed to because I had different intentions for this brand when I started it. I just wanted to share my expertise in one digital space to avoid answering repetitive questions I’d get in my inbox.

I didn’t understand how others viewed me and how much I’d love creating content that helps online business owners. So, I took a more serious branding approach. I knew I didn’t want to look like anyone else’s brand online so I decided to find scene creator elements. I am so blessed to have found Custom Scene.

What I love most about Custom Scene is that their items are design ready because they come with PNG files that have transparent backgrounds. They are also customizable if you’re Photoshop savvy. There are many isolated items which are extremely inexpensive to purchase individually (many are just $1). With Custom Scene elements, you can literally design anything with the isolated items. For example, if you’re a food blogger, you can create amazing graphics with the food and drink elements.

If you’re a mommy blogger, you can definitely use the Baby Edition (one of my faves!)

If you’re a creative blogger, this is a planner edition created just for you!

Scene elements will definitely create an attractive brand for your business. If you’re in the middle of a rebrand or just want to add life to your brand visuals, Custom Scene is the best way to get it done. I love scene elements so much that I decided to show you a quick mini tutorial on how to design your brand visuals with Custom Scene. Marry your elements with Canva:


Purchase all elements here

It is cheaper to purchase editions, but isolated items are great as well. Visit the website to determine which elements you’ll need and download them. They will download in ZIP files.


Upload them into Canva using the PNG files

I always upload the high resolution PNG files for my visuals online.


Create a background

Use your primary brand color for a background, or choose a nice pattern that doesn’t conflict with the item you’re designing with. Play with different backgrounds to create a scroll-stopping image.


Add scene creator elements

I like to position the element on the outer corners of my design to create distinction for my brand. You can totally position your elements under an overlay like the photo below. Or, you can lay your elements on top of your design.



Download as a PNG file and schedule on social media or upload to your blog.

You can do a ton of things with these unique elements! If you’re still trying to figure out how to build a memorable brand, the first thing to do is make sure your visuals are on point. Stay away from popular photos and graphics. Create your own look with Custom Scene and Canva. You can’t go wrong! Whether you're an event planner, graphic designer, business coach, mommy blogger or any other creative, there are elements for you to spruce your brand visuals!

P.S. If you’re wondering what I’ve purchased, I have the Flower Edition and several isolated items from the Artist Edition, Feminine Edition, Designer Edition I and II. I will have the Party Edition and the Planner Edition sooner than later!