The Single Most Important Thing Your Brand Must Have

Over the past years, I have seen people blossom with their businesses. They know how to keep up with the trends. They know how to maximize a moment when there's a celebrity announcement that the internet loves. They know exactly what their target audience needs and wants. They know what they like because they have mastered the practice of asking them and delivering what they want. The one thing I’ve noticed about every successful business owner is that they branded themselves. They didn’t leave people out on their journey as they grew. They didn’t leave a large mystery about their struggles and how they got to the lifestyle they're in now. They shared their journey and connected with their audience along the way.

The Single Most Important Thing Your Brand Must Have

After watching so many people create these epic brands, it taught me long ago to follow their footsteps but in my own way. I begin to watch every move they made and how they made it. This was not about copying what they were doing. It was about understanding their strategy. I am a person of strategy. I don’t move unintentionally. I consider all outcomes before I make a decision. I look at who I will affect when I make my decision too. So, looking at their strategies and comparing it to what I know would work for me and my audience was key. I learned the most important thing to include when developing my brand was: ME. I knew I could not leave my story out. The same goes for you!


The single most important thing your brand must have is YOU.


Every business must have a story. It must share its history of how it started and where it is going. Personal branding is more important because people need to know who you are, where you come from, what’s your journey and how you can help them accomplish their goals, especially if you have a more personable business such as coaching, consulting or anything of that nature. Too many people focus on getting money, which is totally the point for a better life, but they create a business strictly about that and it leaves a bad taste in its customer’s mouth. Don’t get me wrong. Some customers like to get their products/services and go on about their day, but trust me, many people love to see who’s running the show.

People who do an awesome job at sharing their story grow a larger following and a better rapport with their audience. Here are 3 things from your story that you should share:


Your work history and experience (where you come from)

Many times we come from dead end jobs that served us no good besides a way to pay the bills. Many of us hated our jobs or if we still work, we don’t like to work for other people but at these jobs we’ve had (or still have), we've acquired new skills and experiences. Regardless of how we felt about the job, we learned a thing or two that helps us build our businesses today. It could be policies and procedures. It could be how a company marketed their products/services. Or, if we’ve only ever worked for ourselves, we could definitely tell you what didn’t work and how we learned from that. We’ve learned so many things while trying to get to the places we need and want to be. Everyone has a story. Share these things with your audience.


Your struggle or journey to create the business you have (how you got here)

This kind of ties with the last point but the difference here is the actual work and downfalls you experienced while building your brand. The mistakes you made and how you’ve overcome setbacks are a great way to connect emotionally with your audience. We are not perfect and we will never be. Someone in your audience may have the perception that success can come quickly. It can, but for most of us, it doesn’t and we have to put in hard work for our business. We have to bump our heads a few times to get it right. Sharing the struggle and journey of creating a business such as finding the perfect team, location, accountant, products, systems, etc will help you share and connect with your audience on an emotional level.  


Your what now? (where are you going)

After you’ve shared your work experience and journey to start your business, don’t stop sharing! By now, you’ve got people to engage with you and relate to you. They are excited about what you have planned next! Share your monthly, quarterly and yearly goals. Stay transparent with your audience. If you were able to meet a goal, share the things you did to accomplish your goal. If you did not meet a goal, share that as well plus why you didn’t accomplish your goal and what you are going to do differently. When I connect with a brand I LOVE (not like) I look for their journey for inspiration and I stick with them to see how they are doing, what they are doing and what they plan to do. Your what now should be loud and clear and most of all inspiring!

Keep those three things in mind and your story will flow naturally as you grow with your audience. Remember people connect and identify with humans not robots. Even the most luxurious brands build relationships with their customers on a one-on-one basis. The customers learn more about these brands as they share where they’ve been and where they are going.

How have you connected with your audience? Has sharing your story been beneficial to you and them? Please leave your comment below. I would love to hear!