Top 3 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make On Instagram

When I started my instagram page for the Cafe, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I knew what I wanted to post and I knew I wanted to post with intention. I must admit that I have always been the type of business owner to show my expertise using content but I wasn’t optimizing all of the perks and functions that Instagram has because I simply didn’t know about them. I didn’t know the terminology or technical term for the type of marketing I was implementing, but I did know that the kinds of content I posted was needed by new and emerging creative business owners.

Top 3 Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make On Instagram

The more I researched the vets or successful accounts who shared tips and how to’s, the more I applied what I learned and read to my own Instagram account. I started my Instagram account in October of 2015. Within 5 months, I was able to grow my account to a little over 1,000 followers. To some this may not be much, but it means a lot to me because I avoided the advice of following everyone who follows me or who likes my content. I wanted my community to be authentically interested in the content I posted.

Instagram has proven to be one of the most influential platforms to grow your business. It’s so visual and addictive to the people who uses it everyday. If our target audience mostly hangs out on Instagram, it’s definitely the place to be. Some of us are new to social media and we find ourselves being inconsistent or blind to the strategies we need to use to grow our business.

When you are just starting your business, it’s similar to starting a new job. People have to warm up to you as you do them. You have to prove that you are worthy of the position you’ve been given in order to get a raise or a good review from your managers. It’s the same thing on Instagram. Instagram is a highly visual platform. You can use it for business purposes to increase brand awareness and sales. You also can use it to build relationships with your audience. Here are the top 3 mistakes newbies make when they start their Instagram account:


Becoming discouraged because of the lack of engagement

Becoming discouraged is common in business. Many of us have questioned if what we were doing was the right thing at some point. This is normal but here’s the thing, it breathes inconsistency. We all start from zero. The cure for this discouragement is to stay the course. Being discouraged is one thing but being discouraged and stopping because you feel stuck is another thing. Actually, it’s a serious thing. The idea of creating an Instagram account for your business is to get in front of the right people and allow people to get to know you and your brand.

People will watch you for a long time before they start engaging and converting to loyal customers. You can’t stop posting because of this. My question is, what’s the race for? Respect the process and remain consistent. If you don’t post consistently on Instagram, your followers may forget about you. It’s like having to introduce yourself all over again. This is one mistake many of us make when we are starting out. We want the likes, comments, and conversions right away, but we have to consistently present valuable content to our audience. The engagements will come. Just don’t stop posting!


Posting randomness and Irrelevant content

Oh my! Randomness on a business page can give the wrong impression but don’t worry, I have a cure for this too! New business pages should be consistent from the beginning. I’m talking consistent branding, consistent products and services, and consistent content that’s useful. Consistent branding allows your audience to quickly remember your brand. They would be able to identify your brand by your brand fonts, colors, and voice. Work on building a stellar brand identity to help build your instagram account from the beginning of your journey. Consistent products and services are important because your audience will receive a clear brand message. They will know exactly what you do and what your business has to offer. If your business has separate business concepts that cater to completely different audiences, create separate business pages. For example, diet programs and waist shapers share the same audience. However, waist shapers and auto services don’t share the same audience so these two business concepts need separate pages. Instagram allows you to link up to 5 different accounts. Create separate accounts to cater to a specific audience and simply toggle between each account.

Useful content is essential to building authority, increasing engagement, and increasing sales. Avoid posting random photos that don’t align with your brand. All of your post should be intentionally geared towards the clients and businesses you want to work with. Building a content strategy is important. It will help guide you to an easier work week and workload. 

Create exceptional content that is useful and make more of it by re purposing it to optimize your content strategy and reach. Re-purposing content will help you keep a consistent online presence and it is exactly what I teach in my e-course, Content Overdose. Creating and maximizing your content will be the best decision you’ve ever made. Level up your content game by signing up here.


Not Using Hashtags

New businesses open everyday so it’s our duty to stay visible and relevant on our social platforms. So many people are new to social media and they don’t know the power of hashtags. I’ve seen a TON of awesome businesses online that have excellent pictures, products and services. I get a little sad or disappointed when these businesses don’t use hashtags at all. Instagram allows you to use 30 hashtags. Be sure to use all 30 or a majority of them.

Think about what your ideal customers like and would probably search for online. Do the research. Type in keywords and phrases in the search field to see how many people are using the hashtag you are researching. If the number is high in usage, like 300,000 or more, avoid using this hashtag because your photo would most likely get lost immediately in a hashtag that has 300,001+ photos or more.  Using hashtags effects your search-ability. Once you find a hashtag that meets the criteria mentioned, use those search keywords or phrases to maximize visibility. 

The best way to stay relevant and consistent on Instagram is to post useful relevant content. Post content that excites your audience! The challenge most new and emerging entrepreneurs face is creating consistent content for their accounts. Here’s 30 ideas to help you create content for your brand across your digital spaces. Apply the cures to these mistakes to your accounts to strengthen your content strategies immediately and re-purpose your content to maintain your online presence