Top 3 Signs That Tell You When You Need to Rebrand Your Business

Rebranding is a great thing for businesses that want to move forward and embrace change. It's not a bad indication that your business is failing. It's simply a change in direction.

Top 3 Signs That Tell You When You Need to Rebrand Your Business

Some time ago I used to have an artist name called Natalie Uncut. I was a stylist who loved versatility with different hair textures and skin tones. I loved avant-garde styling [unusual ideas brought to life with hair styling], textured styles, vintage styling, formal styling, etc. I had been styling hair since about the 7th grade and decided to finally give myself a name when I ventured to a salon and placed my business on social media. When I first started out as a stylist, I was so excited! I created different hair texture marketing campaigns to drive more people to my chair in the salon. I had an idea for every area of salon service. You honestly couldn’t tell me nothing about where my business was going because I knew --at the time-- exactly where my business was going!

After some time, I grew tired of the same old routine of doing the same styles over and over again. I was also tired of going to the same place each week. I was learning what I didn’t like really quickly. Most importantly, I learned that my heart was in bridal and weddings because I was much happier to travel, be around a happy atmosphere all the time, not deal with the same people each week (not that it was a bad thing I loved most of my clients- it was the routine that I grew tired of) and do something completely different for each bride. I decided to niche my craft down to bridal to completely serve brides and their bridal parties only. At that point, I knew my name couldn’t be Natalie Uncut. After some time, it sounded like a “stage” name anyway if you know what I mean (but I won’t dive into that topic)!

Anyway, my business name changed to my full name, Natalie Greagor, and I added Bridal to the end of the name to focus on my niche. I knew I had to completely start over and rebrand myself as an artist because my audience changed. Also, the way I marketed to my target audience would change. I needed a new logo, new brand colors, and a new brand tone (without taking away from my personality) to fit the market and audience that I wanted to serve. Everything in my business had to change because I was evolving and focusing on one area of beauty. This change taught me 3 valuable lessons:

  • Change could happen even if you think you know exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life. And that is okay.
  • It’s okay to be confused for a short period because you learn what you don't like then you can narrow choices from there.
  • It’s also okay to adjust as you evolve as a person.

Sometimes as business owners we try to make things fit according to what we “think” we want. Things don’t always happen the way we plan. There are things we have to know in order to have our visions and brands align. Other times we try to figure things out as we go. This is never recommended since I am a strategy lover. But, I do get it. I get that you have to just go for it and learn and adjust along the way. Rebranding isn’t necessary all the time but in some circumstances, it’s non-negotiable. Here’s the top 3 signs that tell you when you need to rebrand your business:


You are attracting the wrong customers

It’s not always easy to figure out why business isn’t booming or why we keep getting customers that don’t represent our brand well. Rebranding doesn’t always mean that you change the look of your brand. Remember, branding is a crucial marketing formula that has many components so when you choose to rebrand, it could definitely be in a different area other than changing your brand identity. In this case, attracting the wrong customers means that you are most likely delivering the wrong brand message.

Let’s talk about your ideal clients really quick. Many business owners don’t know who their ideal clients are let alone their target audience. If you don’t know the buying habits of your ideal clients, their values or what they do for fun, you have some research to do my friend. All of these factors play a large role in how you market and deliver your message to them. Marketing doesn’t always have to be direct, it can happen anytime, anywhere, and through anyone. The goal is to drive your business in the right direction. Changing your brand message, statement and strategy will get your business in front of the right people.

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Your brand identity is boring and dated

Another reason to rebrand is that you’re not excited about the look of your business anymore. Let’s say you started your business about 6 years ago and you’ve become attracted to fancy hand lettering, objects and patterns. Your current brand fonts are all generic fonts that everyone has access to and you just want a new distinct look. Also, you don’t have a consistent brand color pattern and you’ve been choosing colors that appeal your personality for the day in your graphics. Basically, you’ve outgrown the look of your brand identity and you’re not excited about it anymore.

At this point, it’s confirmed that it’s time to freshen up the look of your business. It’s the perfect time to strategically put together a brand style for your business to attract your ideal clients and your target audience. It’s also a great time to re-introduce your new look to your loyal customers and to new people all over. Rebranding doesn’t represent a bad thing. Sometimes it’s necessary to grow your business. So, when you’ve become sick of the look of your business, just liven it up by rebranding! You can learn how to create a new brand color pattern, new font pairs for your brand, and authentic graphics for your new look by taking my Build a Stellar Brand Identity e-course. In the course, you’ll learn great techniques for design even if you are not a designer. Anyone can recreate their brand visuals with this course no matter what stage of branding you’re in! To take the course, click here.

P.S. Rebranding your brand identity is totally unnecessary every other year. Just putting that out there for those of you who do it. >>> I see ya! :)



New Line of Business, New Audience

There are two reasons why your audience would change under this sign to rebrand. Either you’ve changed the direction of your business or you’ve expanded your business. Let me explain.

I was unhappy with the routine as an in-salon stylist so I changed the area of business I was in. Notice that I didn’t change the industry. I just narrowed my niche down to bridal. Had I decided to expand where I was and go into other areas of beauty such as beauty photography or beauty management, I would probably consider rebranding because now I would be advertising to several different audiences. I would need to change my business name and change my marketing techniques.

The same goes with other businesses who want to expand their line of business. Businesses decide to rebrand because they’ve expanded what they are already doing to other areas or industries and their name and brand statement doesn’t fit anymore.

Here’s another example: The perfect business example is if a business begins to sell one product that focuses on one audience. Let’s say you have an oil painting business, Artist Supply Co., where you sell artist supplies. As you business grows and earns more income, you invest in a building that allows artists to showcase their work with the paint and supplies from your store. You’ve decided to move the artist supplies to the building as a part of the gallery so visiting artists can buy supplies when there are shows. Because you’ve opened up an art gallery and are now using your artist supply inventory as a retail section for your new art gallery, it’s time to change the name and get a new look. You wouldn’t want to name the art gallery Artist Supply Co. You’d want something to attract the right crowd which is new or established artists who paint and want to showcase their work at your events. Sure, you could keep the same name but most people would think it’s an art supply store and not a home for artist to network, meet and share their talents.

Rebranding is not a bad indication that your business is failing. It is a great indication that you are aware of trends, changes, and evolution within yourself and your brand and that you acknowledge that change needs to happen. As time goes by, stay alert. Pay attention to where you are in life and how well your business represents you. Make the necessary changes for your brand and watch the magic happen!