Top 5 Things Your Audience Wants To Know Before They Buy

Building a loyal audience is similar to dating. Think about it. Everyone is on a different level when they meet and with time, chemistry, similarities, and some differences, they create a strong union. With dating, some know what they want, others don’t, and some know what they want but are skeptical. Prospects and leads are just the same.


When people find you and stick around, there is something about you that is intriguing or interesting. They may not be sure of an immediate benefit when they come into contact with your brand. Because you know this, they need to be courted, informed, and educated about your services and products before they buy anything from you.


Thing is, your audience is thinking of one, if not all, of these things:


Who they are giving their money to [who are you?]

First of all, who the heck are you? Investing in a business is a big deal. People work hard for their money and make sacrifices for their family when they invest in their future. Bottom line is, they want to see who they are giving their money to. Your audience wants to know who you are and where you come from. They need to know what qualifies you to get the job done.


Your solution: Share your story, why you started, and how you will dominate your industry one project, post, design, service, product, etc. at a time. Don’t hide behind pretty pictures. Share an experience one caption or blog post at a time. Share your story with your email list. Share YOU.


If your product/service will take them to the next level

Results for you and/or your clients are a must. But, what if you don’t have anything to show just yet? Budding entrepreneurs are intimidated by this key point. I get it. When you’re just starting out, you want clients to hire you; you want customers to do business with you. You’re thinking, “I don’t have reviews yet, so what do I show people?”


Good news! There is a way to get to your customers when you don’t have results to show yet.


Your solution: Create mock-up presentations or show them a how-to that is live or pre-recorded. The content you create has everything to do with what your audience thinks about you! On the same token, the content you create attracts the audience who thinks that you can take the next level. That’s why I created the Sales Journey Playbook. It was designed to help you understand what to create to attract the right audience.


If your product/service price, quality, and value match

Pricing your content too low can cause an adverse effect on your sales. Been there, done that! Aim too high and people either think there is a lot of value behind your price or they think you’re downright delusional. Either way, too low is a no-go! The thought-process behind higher prices is that there is a lot of value and this product/service needs to be taken seriously.


In additional to getting the price is right, you must match your price with the value. Are you giving more than expected or does your audience have to squeeze every little penny out of their pockets to get the next steps?


Your solution: Research! Research your market to see what other similar products are priced. Time yourself as you create or obtain products. This means start your clock to see how much work you’re actually putting in. If you own a product based business, you need to determine costs. How long does it take to receive a shipment? Are there any upfront costs? How much is packaging? Make sure you include your skills and time as well. Finally, price your items according to its worth. Don’t underprice because you need cash and don’t overprice because you’re hungry for more money. Be fair and keep it honest.



If you really know what you’re talking about

Regurgitating information is a trend for the inexperienced business owner. Teaching from education and, most importantly, experience will help you present yourself as an expert in your niche. When you teach online or present your products to the market, you must be ready to answer any and every question without hesitation especially questions you don’t know the answer to. Remember, transparency is key. If you don’t know the answer, say that and attempt to direct the inquirer to the right place. You must be able to provide resolution to problems your clients have. You must provide convenience for customers and be about what you say you’re about.


Your solution: More research! Get well-versed in your industry and niche. Take some classes and hire a coach to make sure you maintain clarity and are up-to-date with the trends in your market.



If they believe they can apply what you teach

Will you make this journey applicable and will your audience leave with the same level of confidence they came there with? Your answers should be yes, my content will be relevant, and no, their confidence will be higher. It’s one thing to have all the knowledge in your head, it’s another thing to fail at teaching your knowledge. Your delivery has to be appropriate for the stage your audience is on.


Your resolution: Understand how to group your audience in stages. There’s three of them. I wrote about those stages here. Share the right information, in the right format according to their stage. That’s exactly what I do to customize content for my audience before I take them on a journey.


Each key point mentioned here all works towards building trust. If you are able to answer all of these questions, you’re on a great path to earning more sales. Now you just need a strategy in place to close the deal!


Remember: The only way to get your audience to purchase is to get them to trust you.


How can you get your audience to trust you?

Trust can be built by several things such as valuable information about your products, legitimate presentation (website, email, marketing, etc.), social proof (reviews), and reports. All in all, it begins with the type of content you post.


As soon as your audience connects well with your content, create another area of business to take them to their next stage in your sales journey. There is a simple 4-step process that I use every time I want to create content. There are 4 simple questions that I ask myself to develop a customized process, learn more about my strategies with my Sales Journey Playbook.


If you’re stuck with grouping your audience, creating relevant content, or creating a sales journey that ends with conversions, my playbook is for you!


Once your audience builds some kind of rapport, interest, and trust with you, they are more than likely to do business with you!


Recap: Before your audience engages and does business with your brand, they need to travel down a few stages because they are naturally skeptical. These stages are apart of a buying process or sales journey. The ultimate goal is to develop trust and/or curiosity with your audience. You can do that by consistently publishing valuable information and having a deal closer strategy that yields results!.