Why Learning From Emerging Influencers Is Best

As new entrepreneurs begin to grow their business, they may feel overwhelmed when trying to learn all of the tips they hear. They may feel overwhelmed from all of the content they consume. Most new entrepreneurs are running their business alone. They don’t have assistants or interns to help them with email marketing, creating blog posts, scheduling content, creating graphics, and tech set up. It’s all on them.

Why Learning From Emerging Influencers Is Best

Because they are sponges that try to soak up all the content they can, they run into influencers in their industry that make success look easy. It can be a bit intimidating. It can also be discouraging. When I first started my business, I got caught up in the “earn 10k months within 6 months” stuff and got a reality check fast. I didn’t realize I was in school full time plus had a 9 to 5. About 3 months in, I realized that I was missing steps that influencers skipped when participating in their webinars and workshops and buying their products. Although I learned plenty from bloggers who’s been in the game for 6 years, I still needed steps that helped me get unstuck from where I was as a newbie in my industry.

I know that other new businesses feel the same way. We appreciate the knowledge and expertise from top influencers, but we are still stuck because we have more steps to take than we know about or when we reach a certain point. I’ve found it’s easier to learn from a peer who is a few stages ahead of you versus learning from someone who’s many years ahead and teaches several steps ahead of where you are with your business.


Here’s why:


Peers explain solutions clearer

If a peer a few stages ahead of you has surpassed a place where you are currently stuck, it is much easier to understand what they did to create a solution to their problem. You can also easily understand why they did it before you get the solution to your problem. I am not saying that big influencers can’t and don’t answer questions that are asked, but a lot of their content goes over new entrepreneurs heads because they teach at the level they are on; and rightfully so.

Since they have grown to 20,000 subscribers in their email, it’s easier to get lost in teaching at a certain level at what they see fit for the audience that they need and want to attract. No shame in that, right? They have the right to do that as they have been in business for a long time and they have to grow. They teach advanced techniques and tips to groups of people at a time, but the new entrepreneurs may not have a clue as to what they should do for their next steps. They may not understand the terminology and they may not understand how to get unstuck.

What I am saying is that there’s a gap between where the starting or emerging business owner is and the level of where some of the influencers teach.


Peers speak your language

It’s so easy to think that your audience always knows what you are talking about especially if you use a term or phrase frequently. These terms or phrases are normal to us, but they may not be to others. The same thing happens with influencers who are light years ahead of us. Learning from peers who are steps ahead will be much easier. They teach in a way that you can understand them. Small tips and hacks that peers use to successfully run their business can help us tremendously. Most influencers use terminology that beginners or emergers don’t understand or need at the time they engage with their free and/or paid content.

Here’s an example: An influencer may discuss sales funnels. They may explain what a sales funnel is and how businesses use them to grow their audience. As a new business owner, it’s important to understand and use them in your business. But, you may not have tools and resources to create a successful sales funnel at that particular time. So, that leaves gaps or questions for you from what you learn when or if an influencer doesn’t have time to elaborate.

If you are reading this and is currently thinking, “what the heck is a sales funnel?”, in short, it is a path that takes leads or potential customers to a paid product or more paid products. Let’s consider retail sales funnels. A customer may start with a free discount to purchase products for their first purchase. They will give an email in exchange for a code. The business will build a rapport with them by sending consistent emails for inspiration and private sales. The customer then buys more products for the company during private sales sent to their inbox. The company has earned more sales.

As you see, it all started with an email in exchange for a discount code. It lead with several other emails to build trust and a rapport. Some of the emails contained codes to buy more.


Moving along...


Peers can relate to your struggles in real time

There’s nothing like talking to someone who is on the level that you are on. I am talking about the same roller coaster of emotion, the same struggles, the same mindset. It’s a total relief. Whoever said that working for yourself means that you’ll never work a day in your life didn’t mention that you have to work all of you ass off plus half of another ass you didn’t know you had. Running a business is not for the lazy. It’s freaking hard, but worth it!

Top Influencers have definitely made every mistake that you can think of. That’s what makes their processes and systems work. We love them for making those mistakes first so we can learn from them. However, a peer is right there to help you get through your tough times. A peer will listen to you bitch and cry then tell you to get your shit together. A peer can be there to give you realistic feedback on products or services you launch and promote. Influencers who have larger audiences can’t cater to everyone. That’s why most teach masses of people rather than work with several individual clients.

Learning from business owners who have made every mistake in the world is definitely helpful, but it’s better to learn little tidbits from emerging influencers when you are just starting out. You can learn from both of course, but you will be better off finding a business bestie and growing a relationship with them so you can get unstuck, learn little tips and hacks, and grow your business together. No shade to the influencers who are many years ahead. We love them. Sometimes we feel gaps in information and we need someone a few stages ahead to listen and help us get through.