Passion to Passive: Passive Income Guide For Creatives

Say "yes" to more income EACH MONTH!

Passion to Passive income guide will help you earn passive income from products you put little no effort towards! You don't have to be a guru, expert, or design savvy. You just need valuable knowledge and experience! Everyone has that, right?


Passive income will allow you to earn money on a consistent basis so you can:

  • spend more time with your family
  • give more time to your clients
  • invest money back into your business
  • focus on more ways to bring in more money for your family


Earn on autopilot with this 60-page guide. Learn creative ways to monetize your knowledge and talents with simple one-time creations that'll pay you money multiple times! It's jam packed with resources you'll need to automate your money paths! And, you'll have several resources for outsourcing parts of your development process. You can't beat that!


"With so many things running in my head, I knew I needed an action plan to tame my ideas. I've been following Natalie on Instagram for a while and she always provides incredible content and value. So, when she released "Passion to Passive" digital guide, it was a no-brainer.  This guide walks you through an actionable blueprint, not some fluff. After reading it, I was able to brainstorm products to sell. I'm happy to say that few products I will be releasing in the upcoming year are a direct result of implementing what's been taught in "Passion to Passive" and I've only scratched the surface. I love the fact that I can always go back to it, rinse, repeat the process and create another source of income. Don't hesitate to invest in yourself if you want to see a difference in your business and bank account. "Passion to Passive" will motivate you to do just that."




  • Exactly what passive income is
  • How to discover products that fit your skill
  • How to research and plan for implementation of your products
  • How to design and outsource before launching
  • Which payment systems and tools you'll need
  • How to brand and market your products
  • How to resolve possible challenges that come with marketing and earning passive income




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